The Life of Pie: Notes for slides


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The Life of Pie: Notes for slides

  1. 1. The Life of Pie Intro about me, my history, what we are talking about today Jan Martel - The Life of Pi Miko Coffey Independent Web & Social Software Consultant 1 Here is a pie chart Key Pie I have eaten Pie I have not yet eaten 2 1.7 billion people. Thatʼs now more than a quarter of all men, women & children on earth. more than 1/4 chart of the total global population is online Source: Nielsen / ComScore 3
  2. 2. World Internet Users World Internet Users March 2008 Sept 2009 And itʼs definitely not a US-focused place anymore... even less so 9.7% 1.4% 3.6% 3.6% 10.3% 3.9% 1.2% 3.3% now. 37.4% 42.6% 17.4% 14.6% 26.9% 24.1% Asia Asia Europe Europe North America North America Latin America/Caribbean Latin America/Caribbean Africa Africa Middle East Middle East Oceania/Australia Oceania/Australia Source: Nielsen 4 the ‘magic box’ Google has only been around for 10years, the commercial internet less than 20... so let’s look at the history of this magic box & how it has changed everything for business, from the 5 earliest days til today. This is Sally. She bakes pies Text 6
  3. 3. My name So around 10 years ago, Sally decided to get a website. is Sally, and I make pies. This is Ann. Ann likes pie. When she wanted pie, Ann likes pies. she asked Google, who looked at Sally’s website, pies? saw the word ‘pie’ and served it up to Ann. 7 But then someone else wanted a slice of the pie, and set up a website that said pie pie pie over & ! over again. But they had no actual pies. This pissed Ann off. hot pies, apple pies blueberry pies, pie, sexy pies, you want pies pie pies pie pie 8 Sally saw that she wasn’t selling any pies, so she went to the new website, paid them some money $ for an ad, and that’s how she reached Ann. hot pies, apple pies Sally’s Pies blueberry pies, pie, sexy pies, you want pies pie pies pie pie click here 9
  4. 4. But as time went on, more and more websites !!!! $ hot pie pies pie came into this market $ $ cherry pies pie $ $ tasty pie pies $ $ pies pie pie pie pie 10 RELEVANCE Text TRUST 11 Where can I get good Ann looked for another source she could trust to cherry pie? deliver relevant results: Yahoo. At this point in history, it was not a search engine, a directory • NOT a search ‘machine’ •Real HUMAN reviewers created by humans. 12
  5. 5. Yay! Yay! Google recognised that the concept could be Pie Sally makes 1 vote adapted and automated, by looking to the ‘pie community’ to help determine a website’s Reviews good pie. Yay! Pie For tasty 1 vote Loversʼ pie, Sally’s pie relevance. Forum is the best. Natʼl We know pie, 1 vote Pie Assoc and Sally’s pie Every link from a relevant is good. website to yours = Pie 1 vote of confidence in Like cherry 1 vote Pans R Us pie? Try Sally. Google 13 But as time went on, the marketplace became Help! crowded. Today there are 150 web pages for Sally every person on earth: billions of websites. So Sally’s signal was drowned in the noise. 14 AdWords This is when Google shook things up, by Pay per Click (PPC) introducing adwords. This meant anyone could pay to appear at the top of the heap. The effect of this cannot be underestimated. 15
  6. 6. Video: So here’s a video of John Batelle, founder of Wired Magazine, who will explain just what a Text massive impact this had on the world of business. Raw video material courtesy of BBC The Virtual Revolution Edited by Miko Coffey 16 $ So Sally was able to appear at the top... until $ $ everyone else started paying too, and Google Sally $ made a lot of money. $ $ $ 17 But the sad thing was that no matter how much she was willing to pay, no Sally’s Gourmet Pies one was clicking on her results. This is why AdWords had such an impact: it Hand-baked pie in these flavors: • Deluxe cherry pie • Amazing apple pie made people realise that their listing on Google was their only chance to • Perfect pumpkin pie Order your pie online make a good impression. So Sally’s website went from this, to this... This is Why choose Sally’s hand-baked gourmet pies? ... what search-engine optimisation is about... there’s more than this, but this SEO is the basis of SEO. results listing: results listing: Hand-baked Gourmet Pies Sally’s Pies Order Sally’s world-famous cherry pie, My name is Sally, and I make pies. amazing apple pie or pumpkin pie online. Hand-baked & delivered within 24 hours. 18
  7. 7. Source: ComScore Aug 2009 Why is SEO important? There are over 76 billion searches performed on Google every month 19 Monthly Google Searches And a portion of these are for your keywords. • hostels - 2,240,000 • auberges - 74,000 • hostel - 6,120,000 • auberge - 1,500,000 • albergues - 74,000 • jugendherbergen - 823,000 • albergue - 450,000 • jugendherberge - 135,000 20 Over £4.2 billion spent online every month Text Source: BBC Map courtesy of WikiMedia Commons 21
  8. 8. Hostel bookings So SEO is absolutely critical if you want to keep your slice of the pie. There’s only one pie, only a finite number of people who want to travel Key abroad & stay in hostels. And the HI competitors HI marketshare Hostelworld, are taking more & more of it. Hostelbookers, etc 22 HI & SEO • Some initial work done so far, but LOTS more to do • High priority as of right now • Dedicated resource: ‣ 2x new SEO staff + Miko + Federico (P/T) + Mktg Team / ASSD / others • Focused on tangible, measurable results 23 Team SEO • GOAL: By 2011, to increase the number of visits to coming from search engines by a minimum of 30% • Aggressive, holistic approach to SEO: cover all the major areas & cover them well • Strategy, tactical plan & measures of success • Official Kick-off Meeting: 23 Feb 24
  9. 9. Our SEO Approach SEO cycle 25 SEO: 2 Types • Natural search / organic search / unpaid search • Paid search / pay-per-click (PPC) 26 What determines a high rank in Google? CONTENT + LINKS Which do you think is more important to Google, Sally’s gourmet pies are ace. Pie Reviews content or links? Sally’s Gourmet Pies Hand-baked pie in these flavors: For tasty Pie • Deluxe cherry pie pie, Sally Loversʼ • Amazing apple pie hand-bakes Forum • Perfect pumpkin pie the best. Order your pie online We know pie, Natʼl Why choose Sally’s hand-baked gourmet pies? ... and Sally’s pie Pie is good. Assoc Hand-baked Gourmet Pies Order Sally’s world-famous cherry pie, amazing apple pie or pumpkin pie online. Like cherry Pie Hand-baked & delivered within 24 hours. pie? Try Sally’s Pans R gourmet pies. Us On-page SEO Off-page SEO 27
  10. 10. Google: 80% weight = links 20% weight = content Customers 100% content but if they never see your content.... Source: SEOmoz 28 As of Sep 2009 Text Source: SEOmoz 29 On-Page SEO CONTENT • Page title & description are like ‘free ads’ Sally’s Gourmet Pies • Must use the keywords Hand-baked pie in these flavors: • Deluxe cherry pie you are targeting • Amazing apple pie • Perfect pumpkin pie • Totally within HI’s Order your pie online control / remit Why choose Sally’s hand-baked pies? ... • Essential, not optional in competitive markets Hand-baked Gourmet Pies Order Sally’s world-famous cherry pie, • Must entice, must amazing apple pie or pumpkin pie online. Hand-baked & delivered within 24 hours. deliver 30
  11. 11. If I’m going to get 30% more traffic, these ‘free ads’ are going to have to work a lot harder. Does this inspire you to click? How about these? 31 and assuming you do click on the HI hostel link, does this deliver? You have SECONDS to make Text that first impression, like John Battelle said in the video... if your brand doesn’t deliver, it’s DEAD to me 32 Here you can see that it’s immediately clear where to click, and the meat of the content is in Text this white area, your eye is immediately drawn to it. 33
  12. 12. before I move on to the other part of creating high rankings on Google, want to mention the Search term (keyword): tsunami importance of keywords... tool to check the trends over time of various keywords typed into Google. for example 34 35 Search term: hostels Search term: travel 36
  13. 13. Singular word ‘hostel’ is fairly steady... perhaps this could indicate users are looking for a particular hostel rather than plural? Bottom shows how the ranking for your competition’s brand is steadily increasing, while 37 yours stays the same. Search term: cheap accommodation Search term: cheap hostels 38 Search term: best hostels But the term ‘best hostels’ is on an upward trend. Search term: best hostels London 39
  14. 14. Search term: boutique hostels Here’s where it starts to get really interesting. Search term: eco hostels 40 Search term: playa hostal Look at the seasonal spikes, and that they are consistent over time. Search term: plage auberge 41 Off-Page SEO LINKS • Of CRITICAL importance Sally’s • Links must be gourmet Pie Reviews RELEVANT pies are ace. • Should use the keywords Sally hand- Pie bakes the Loversʼ you are targeting tastiest pies. Forum • Links should be text We know pie, Natʼl Pie • Should point to the and Sally’s pie Assoc is good. relevant page Like cherry • Partially within YOUR pie? Try Sally’s Pie Pans R (NAs) control / remit cherry pies. Us 42
  15. 15. example of NA link to HI, no text, only image - Google can’t see this. Text 43 not just QUANTITY of links QUALITY (ie. 3,010,000 links - 1,933 sites linking in relevance) 128,000 links - 2,708 sites linking in 179,000 links - 2,106 sites linking in 74,100 links - 1,466 sites linking in 44 HI’s Global Network Where the heck is it online? 45
  16. 16. I hope I didn’t get too heated there, it’s not just NA links, other kinds of links too... something (sorry) I’ll touch on later... 46 YouTube ‘kitten surprise’ But for now, here’s a kitten. Everyone likes kittens Text 47 I’m buying Despite what Sally would like us to think, not every one is shopping for pies online. pies online! 48
  17. 17. I’m booking at Nor are they all shopping at! 49 So this 1.7 billion, what are they doing online? chart 1.7 billion Source: Nielsen 50 arguing When you have that many people coming together in the same space, even cyberspace, they will chatting networking do what humans do: laughing commenting And when you look at all of these words, this is exactly what you have been doing over the last few ranting days. Itʼs really no different to generation Y (who grew up with the web). Human beings are social helping each other raving beings, so itʼs no wonder the web today reflects that. sharing connecting joking meeting BEING SOCIAL 51
  18. 18. Roughly 1/3 of total internet users connect every day or every other day 625 million Universal McCann different waves of study age 16-54 use it on a daily basis Source: Universal McCann 52 Social Media Study • Universal McCann • 4 ‘Waves’ - 1 every 9 months since 2006 • Google: ‘Universal McCann Wave 4’ • Latest: Spring 2009 • Studied active internet users age 16-54 in 38 countries 53 © Universal McCann 54
  19. 19. Looks at how they use these social platforms, and considers how they may use them in future Social Bookmarking © Universal McCann 55 © Universal McCann 56 From an SEO perspective, these are the ones HI will be most interested in. Can someone tell me Social Bookmarking why? © Universal McCann 57
  20. 20. HI’s Social Media Plan • MAIN GOAL = SEO, build more links • Other benefits: ‣ Increased brand awareness ‣ Increased trust from customers ‣ Word-of-mouth marketing ‣ Better customer experience 58 Social bookmarking = the simplest form of social media Text 59 Text 60
  21. 21. What is a blog? remember 70% of the active internet users say INFORMATION CONVERSATION they read blogs. and when you look at Web Page Forum + Personal Editorial Message = Blog 61 Popular travel blog called ‘Go Backpacking’ Text 2010/01/04/pros-cons-backpacking-cuba/ 62 Scrolling down, we can see the pros... Text 63
  22. 22. ... and the cons. But here’s the bit that’s relevant to us Text 64 Here’s our opportunity: we can reply in the comments. And include a link. And anyone else Text who reads this in future can find out that there ARE hostels in Cuba. 65 We talked about social networks in Cairo, and I know many of you were there, may recall this slide it would be the 6th largest in the world. 185million members, 110million < are active on the site every month. Thatʼs a phenomenal retention rate. 185 million members 66
  23. 23. Top Ten Countries by Population - Year 2009 go back to MySpace, 185=total, only 110=active. Facebook only gives figures for < active users: those who login at least 1x per Over 350 million active users month 67 “Facebook’s audience is bigger than any TV network that has ever existed on the face of the earth” - Randall Rothenberg Head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 68 Search term: myspace Search term: facebook 69
  24. 24. 1.4 times More people in America have a Facebook page than own a pet. 1.4 times more people. Text 70 So what is a social network, what can you do on these sites? Well, theyʼre really like a kind of online personal assistant. More than 35 million users update their status each day More than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week Text Average user has 130 friends on the site, Average user sends 8 friend requests per month Average user clicks the Like button on 9 pieces of content each month Average user writes 25 comments on Facebook content each month 71 Total number of Facebook users, top 30 As of Dec 2009 countries. Text 72
  25. 25. But when you look at the stats per head of total population, the chart is different. Text 73 What do you do with your social profile page? © Universal McCann 74 75
  26. 26. Text 76 Travel Channel’s Facebook app/game, kidnap your friends to a city, the kidnapped friends Text have to visit to find clues on a cheat sheet for each city 77 Travel Channel’s ‘Kidnap’ Results • 3,110,299 monthly active users by Nov 2008 (6 months after launch) • #1 branded app on Facebook, #1 travel app • 55 million ‘kidnaps’ • 60,000 click-throughs per day • 7 page views per person 78
  27. 27. 30% of Facebook users surveyed said that they had given or were planning to give to this cause Text 79 Text 80 Video: Text Video courtesy of BBC The Virtual Revolution 81
  28. 28. Ushahidi is entirely open-source, created without pay by volunteers. You are free to Text download and install it, customise it, and use it for whatever you want. 82 At the top is the short text number that people can use to report incidents by SMS, the code was Text broadcast on radio & posters put up. Volunteers categorise the reports & geo-tag them on the map, then emergency services on 83 the ground use this info to identify where there is need for help. Here is just one category... if you click on this, you can see in near real-time on the map, the Text number of reported incidents... and when you click on one of these points... 84
  29. 29. ... you can see the actual SMS message reported, where and when it was made. It’s critical that Text these reports are easily & rapidly accessible to all emergency services, so having them in a single, open platform has been vital to saving 85 lives. This is when the power of the conversation economy can shape real ones. And now for something a bit more light- tweet hearted. When looking at future trends, here’s a statistic that is set to grow. Today, 1 in 5 out of all internet users use Twitter or another status update service Source: Pew Internet 86 What is Twitter? Twitter is one to watch in 2010, they may be at the beginning of their upward trend like • Micro-blogging Facebook. • 1-to-many instant updates • Only 140 characters (like an SMS message) • New kid on the block in social networking 87
  30. 30. Why Twitter? Unlike email, you can choose to receive the • Digital convergence: ‣ Can merge with Facebook Status Update messages if you want. Email shoves the message ‣ Can post to all major blog platforms into your inbox whether you want it or not. ‣ Widget-ised = feed into any website, social network, blog or RSS • FREE to ‘tweet’ via SMS • Brevity = quick, easy, no need to compose/format (unlike blogs or email) • Follow if you want: pull vs push 88 Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter 89 When you look at the top 30 search terms related to these 3, the vast majority are about 22 out of the top 30 Twitter. This is a good indication that people are wondering about it, that it’s at the early stages are about Twitter of growth that could potentially be massive. 90
  31. 31. and when you look at the chart individually, you can see it’s on the rise. I think this may be the beginning of a meteoric rise. 91 Twitter Lingo • tweet = a Twitter message • follow = subscribe to receive someone’s tweets • tweeples = Twitter audience • RT / re-tweet = copy & paste someone else’s tweet into your feed • @ = private message to a person on Twitter (eg. @mikosoft) • # = shorthand name for a subject on Twitter (eg. #WinterOlympics) • snurl tinyurl = web address shorteners 92 Text 93
  32. 32. You can also use the homepage to see what’s popular right now, or search for specific terms. Text 94 Here’s a real-time search for ‘hostels’ Text 95 Text 96
  33. 33. Text 97 2 examples of conversations between real customers and Text 98 Where were we? Text 99
  34. 34. Extreme example of Twitter + customer service Text 100 HI’s Social Media Actions • MONITOR key terms ‣ Brand-related ‣ Travel-related • LISTEN to what people are saying • Respond appropriately (including a link, of course!) • Incentivise ‘brand ambassadors’ to talk about us 101 Example Competitions Possible examples of incentives • Digg us or bookmark us in Delicious & win an iPod • Tweet about your favourite HI Hostel • Blog about your trip • Link to us in your Facebook status • Tag & links your photos or videos of an HI hostel 102
  35. 35. So you have to join the conversation... Join the conversation Your Customers You 103 If you want to enjoy your slice of the pie. Text 104 Thank You Twitter: mikosoft Presentation: 105