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Most of the developers are giving emphasis on JAVA and desire to make their career in java as flourishing because JAVA has gained more importance at this stage and many companies are building their project based on JAVA. You can discover many comprehensive projects on platform of JAVA.

It can be used in many more applications like mobiles, games designed based on JAVA, Client side web server applications.

J2eeonlinetraining is a sole of H2KIFOYS that examined present needs of JAVA and their respective basic advantages. We are committed to provide java online training with latest updates. Our instructors demonstrate java class that is easy to understand and gain a practical knowledge.

Feel free to ask any queries in the middle of class, our instructors are extract your queries and they get back to you with accurate solutions. Technical issues can be resolved instantly by H2kinfosys Team.

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Features of J2eeonlinetraining:

• We ensure 100% job placement after completion of the course.
• Once you enroll, you’ll be eligible for a life time membership with access to all our live classes.
• Live Instructor Led classes are held from your desktop.
• Unlimited access to all recorded sessions, available after every live class.
• 24/7 Cloud Test Lab Facility for Testing.
• We offer our students to repeat the courses at no cost.
• We offer flexible schedule: both weekday and weekend batches.
• We can help in resume preparations at the end of the training, and we will market your resume.
• We have ‘Mock Interview' classes to assist students to manage real time interview questions.

Contact US:
US: 770-777-1269.
UK: 020 3371 7615.

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JAVA Online Training and Placement Assistance

  1. 1. Welcome To JAVA Online Training Website Email ID Call us US: 770-777-1269 UK: 020 3371 7615
  2. 2. About us: • H2KINFOSYS is a global services organization that has intensified in providing high-quality JAVA Online Training to all the students and major corporate employees across the globe. • Our main focus is building world class competencies, strength, knowledge, practical awareness, and effectiveness. Our instructors compile latest statistics and principles of JAVA up to date to deliver at the time of training session. • Our trainer delivers in depth JAVA online classes in such a way that is easy to understand to everyone, who can intend to improve his technical skills. We initiate video classes of JAVA extensively to get the clear structure and technical skills awareness.
  3. 3. JAVA Online Training Course Highlights: Module – 1 Core Java, JDBC • Session – 1 Java Platform Versions. JDK Architecture. Object Oriented Programming. • Session – 2 Java Data types. Control Statements. • Session – 3 Classes and Objects. Constructors and Overloading.
  4. 4. Online JAVA Training • Session – 4 Inheritance, super and final keywords. • Session – 5 Polymorphism. Method Overriding. • Session – 6 Interfaces and Packages. • Session – 7 Exception Handling. Custom Exceptions Creation.
  5. 5. JAVA Online Training and Placement Assistance • Session – 8 Threads. Producer Consumer Problem. • Session – 9 IO Streams. Serialization. • Session – 10 Generics. Collection Framework. • Session – 11 SQL Overview, MySQL Setup. JDBC Architecture, Driver Types. Retrieve Data using JDBC from Database.
  6. 6. JAVA Online Training and Placement Assistance In USA • Module – 2 J2EE Concepts, Servlets, JSP, EL Expressions • Session – 12 J2EE Architecture. Install TomCat Server. Tomcat hierarchy and Web Application Hierarchy. • Session -13 Servlets, Servlet Life Cycle. Servlet Config and Context.
  7. 7. J2ee Online Training • Session – 14 Servlet Filters and Listeners. Session Management. • Session – 15 JSP Technology, JSP vs Servlets. JSP Tags , Implicit Objects. • Session – 16 EL Expressions. JSTL and Custom Tags. • Session – 17 Mini MVC Example for Registration Project.
  8. 8. JAVA Training • Module – 3 XML, Struts MVC Framework • Session– 18 XML, XSD, DTD. XML Parsing. • Session– 19 Struts Architecture, MVC Overview. Action Servlet. Request Processor. • Session– 20 Using Struts Tag libraries. Data passing from JSP to Controller. • Session– 21 Struts Config xml file. Validation plug-in.
  9. 9. Online JAVA Training • Module – 4 Hibernate ORM Technology • Session– 22 Hibernate Overview. JDBC vs ORM. Hibernate Configuration. • Session– 23 Hibernate hbm and Config xml file. Read and save data using hibernate Objects. • Session– 24 Using HQL Hibernate Mapping and Examples.
  10. 10. JAVA Online Training – 100% Job Oriented • Module – 5 Spring Framework • Session– 25 Spring Overview. Spring vs Struts. Spring beans Configuration. • Session- 26 Spring Config xml file. Dependency Injection. Write Spring MVC Applications. • Session- 27 Spring Controller. Spring framework handler configuration. View Resolvers.
  11. 11. Job Oriented JAVA Online Training • Module – 6 Web Services, Design Patterns • Session– 28 Web Services Architecture. WSDL, SOAP and HTTP. • Session– 29 Configure Web Services. Testing web services using JMeter. • Session– 30 Design Patterns Overview. Singleton, DAO, MVC, Façade, Business Delegate.
  12. 12. J2ee Training In USA • Module – 7 JMS, JNDI, EJB, Ant, Ajax • Session– 31 EJB Architecture. Types of beans, MDB and Session beans. • Session– 32 JNDI Overview. Directory Service. JNDI looup and examples. • Session– 33 JMS Architecture. Configuring Topic and Queue on Application Server. • Sessions -34 Log4j Configuration. Ajax Overview, Ajax Framework.
  13. 13. JAVA Training • Module – 8 JUnit Application Servers, CVS, • Session – 35 Junit Testing, writing a test case Test Suite, Test Runners. • Session – 36 Application Servers. CVS Source Control. Debugging Java Application.
  14. 14. Powered By US: 770-777-1269 UK: 020 3371 7615 REQUEST FOR FREE DEMO