User interface zeitgeist 2012


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User interface zeitgeist 2012

  1. 1. User Interfaces Zeitgeist 2012 Edition
  2. 2. A Brief History of User Interfaces CLI GUI NUI XUI?Command line Graphical user Natural user interfaces interfaces interfaces You are here.
  3. 3. Shifting paradigms. OBJECTS Touchscreen Graphic Natural User Interfaces User Interfaces Speech! Point Click Scroll Free form Icons:
  4. 4.“The content is the interface.” —
  5. 5. ENGAGE INFORM ATTRACT m m 5 0, 1,5m3 Design for the “Zones of Engagement”
  6. 6. Guidelines for creating NUIs — Physical, Direct, Gestural CONTEXT VALUE RESTRAINTS Currently, most NUI Try to think beyond Human physique creates applications are public, novelty approaches, how the boundaries to whatso privacy and discretion can you offer true value you can do, NUIs should should be kept in mind. to the users with your always respect basicApplications should add business goals in mind. ergonimics (e.g. avoid to your comms Give them an experience Gorilla Arm). ecosystem, not be one- to remember and offs. recommend. KEYWORDS KEYWORDS KEYWORDS Spatial, holistic, Engagement, Simplicity, usability, security conversion ergonomy
  7. 7. “Any sufficientlyadvancedtechnology isindistinguishablefrom magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke
  8. 8. Leap Motion Jinni Puppet Parade VMotion iBar
  9. 9. Nissan Pathfinder 2013 MSPixelSense UMA Skin Shop-perception Fitnect
  10. 10. How can Luxus help? Ideation UX Development & & & Concept Design QA We develop innovative The actual user To create the best holistic ideas based on our experience that the end solutions we offer aclients’ business needs to users will interact with integrated development guarantee results that will be created using model using agile also affect the bottom tried and tested design methods, ensuring the line instead of nice one- methods and bringing the best tech results whilst offs without real value. best from both UX and keeping the end user in visual design. mind throughout.
  11. 11. KIITOS!