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  1. 1. Theological education-at-a-distanceDeveloped/supported by the School of Theology, theUniversity of the SouthGroups in USA, Germany, Great Britain, NewZealand, Australia, Canada, moreWell over 70,000 people have participated in EFM, with20,000+ graduates
  2. 2. Seminar group – 6-12 participantsGroup mentor – trained by EFMMeet weekly for 9 months (Sept. – May/June)4 year program – students enroll 1 year at a time
  3. 3. Main Elements of EFM:StudyReflectionWorship
  4. 4. StudyWeekly assignmentsResource guide2-4 hours of prep per weekNeed The New Oxford Annotated Bible withthe Apocrypha
  5. 5. Reflection:Learning to think theologicallyStart with:•life experience•Belief•text from the Christiantradition•item from contemporaryculture
  6. 6. Worship:Regular worship and prayerto support groupPrayer book sources:compline, evening prayerAlternate approaches:examining Lord’sprayer, guidedmeditation, many more
  7. 7. Contents of the 4 years:Year 1: The Old TestamentYear 2: The New TestamentYear 3: Church HistoryYear 4: Theological Choices
  8. 8. Enrollment and TuitionTuition is $350 per year (Michigan is a sponsored diocese)Fees cover materials and honorarium for mentorWe will need minimum of 6 participants to be able to form agroupEnrollment will officially take place in August