Kendo UI - Mikita Manko at Mobile Optimized


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Kendo UI - Mikita Manko at Mobile Optimized

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Kendo UI - Mikita Manko at Mobile Optimized

  1. 1. Kendo UIMikita Manko
  2. 2. Mikita Manko / Никита Манькоsr. software engineer @
  3. 3. Mikita Manko / Никита Манькоsr. software engineer @ EPAMSome words about myself:High load projectSimple codeJavaScript & .Net
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Problems:•  So many devices•  So few developers for each platform
  6. 6. Your startup is a new cool game, soYou need to hire•  IOS developer•  Android developer•  WP developer (ok you don’t need him)•  Web developer•  …
  7. 7. Your startup is new indie gameYou need to learn•  IOS SDK•  Android SDK•  WP SDK (ok you don’t need it)•  Web•  …
  8. 8. Did you know?That even low-level C++ developer…… wrote some code on JavaScript.
  9. 9. problems•  So many devices•  So few developers for each platformfact•  So many web developers
  10. 10. First steps – it was 2005 year…PhoneGap:•  Transforms html, css, js to native apps•  Supports IOS, Android, WP, blackberry,bada, symbian, hp web OS•  Access to basic/native functionality•  Possible offline usage•  Developers – any web developer
  11. 11. Your startup is new cool gameYou need to hire•  Web developer•  May be one more web developer
  12. 12. PhoneGapexamples
  13. 13. PhoneGap - problems•  Performance (native languages are muchfaster)•  Non-multi threaded (thanks, JavaScript)•  Advanced native API is unavailable•  Native graphics•  Libraries count
  14. 14. PhoneGap•  It’s still cool•  It is the future•  Do you remember java/c#? (very slowlylanguages with very stupid garbagecollector)
  15. 15. PhoneGapBut it is terrible…
  16. 16. PhoneGap – it’s awesomeHtml5, JavaScript, css3Kendo UIPhoneGapNative App
  17. 17. What is kendo?One more bootstrap?•  It’s boilerplate solutions (js app)•  It’s native-like styles and behaviorEverything you need:•  UI widgets•  Data Source•  Templates•  Drag n Drop
  18. 18. Kendo UI - platforms•  IOS•  Android•  Blackberry•  Windows Phone
  19. 19. Kendo UI – suddenly it’s not free•  From 200$ for just Mobile edition•  to 700-1000$ for Web, Mobile, DataVizedition with server wrappers (ASP.NET, JSP,PHP)•  trial 30 days
  20. 20. Kendo UI – Demo: features•  Dojo• features• api reference• labs (good point to start)•• webinars• cordova for WP
  21. 21. Kendo – more then UIFramework:•  DataSource (local/ or server-side operations,sorting, paging, filtering, grouping andaggregations)•  Templates•  Drag n Drop
  22. 22. Kendo - PerformanceiOS JavaScript performance is pretty shoddy when compared withmodern desktop browsers (canvas + flying objects).
  23. 23. Kendo – CSS3 Transitions•  Kendo UI makes use of CSS 3 for transitions wheneverpossible and degrades to jQuery / JavaScript transitions forweaker browsers•  performance clearly will vary from device to device
  24. 24. Kendo – in depth•  performance clearly will vary from device to device•  Android problem (In Android 4.x Google introduced OpenGLhardware acceleration in the native browser renderingroutines.) – could be turned off in phonegap app•
  25. 25. •  High-level•  One more abstraction•  XNA failed =(•  What next? Drag n drop?
  26. 26. Mikita Manko / Никита Манькоsr. software engineer @
  27. 27. Slide with no useful information at allJust the last slide, I have no idea why it was created,and it was awkward moment when I created it anddecided to keep staying to keep saying… never mind.