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Industries that benefit from outsourced data entry services


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Data entry is a long and time-consuming process, but now with huge development in a technical field it has resolved this difficulty. In this Presentation, will give you the industrial benefits and key performance of data management, data entry and data mining services to different types of industries. To know more watch this presentation.

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Industries that benefit from outsourced data entry services

  2. 2. CONTENT Demand in Industry Key performance of data entry services  Different Industries for data entry process Benefits of outsourcing your data entry services Contact us P R E S E N T A T I O N O U T L I N E
  3. 3. In today's world to gain a competitive edge in your domain the significance of business data is increasing. The detailed and accurate information is becoming a utmost requirement of every business to improve the business value.  DEMAND IN INDUSTRY
  4. 4. DATA MANAGEMENT BROADLY DIVIDES INTO Data Entry Data Mining Data Analysis Forms Processing Transcription Processing
  5. 5. KEY PERFORMANCE OF DATA ENTRY SERVICES  Online Data Entry Offline Data Entry Image Data Entry Accounting Data Entry Insurance Data Entry Data Mining
  6. 6. Data entry that is maintained with the help of technology and is stored in the database, is known as online data entry. This usually in trend and mostly preferred by every firm. ONLINE DATA ENTRY
  7. 7. Offline data entry is preferred to the primary task, that means there should be no use of technology that is computers. This type of data entry is mostly outsourced by the firms, as it is a time-consuming process. OFFLINE DATA ENTRY
  8. 8. IMAGE DATA ENTRY Image data entry and tagging is very important and helpful tool for organizations. This helps the businesses to timely access their image files for sorting, cataloging, and management, without concerning about the image size.
  9. 9. ACCOUNTING DATA ENTRY Data Entry is now in trend, every firm does his data entry work very accurately with the help of advanced technology. The accounting data entry has also come up with new software and methods, that has reduced the workload to a greater extent.
  10. 10. INSURANCE DATAENTRY Data entry in insurance industry plays a vital role. It helps in maintaining the claims, policies, documentation, etc. very accurately and enables the firm to use this entry for any situation, that might come up in future 
  11. 11. DATAMINING Support to extract new and purposeful facts from the compiled data, to deal for the predictive analysis of business success. Assist yourself for the future analysis by figuring out the best and worst from the data.
  12. 12. Different Industries for data entry process Enlisted are various types of data entry services we provide to our clients across the globe. ECommerce Data Entry Legal Data Entry Real-Estate Data Entry Medical Data Entry Restaurant Data Entry
  13. 13. ECOMMERCE PRODUCT DATA ENTRY E commerce data entry is a time-consuming process, and it is growing at an incredible step. Every established firm and industry need data entry services and every successful eCommerce online store requires an efficient product management system. So that’s the reason data entry is a necessity for every e commerce firm.
  14. 14. LEGAL DATA ENTRY Data entry in the legal industry is a very confidential thing, and it requires a special concern. It is a crucial task that includes cases, dates, document review, etc. This is a time-consuming process and needs a lot of caution with every minute entry and changes that occur.
  15. 15. In the real estate business, the whole firm is based on data entry. Data entry here in plays a very vital role, the data that they maintain is useful for their future analysis and competing with the upcoming trends. This helps them to meet the customer requirements that are essential for the growth of the business. REAL ESTATE DATA ENTRY
  16. 16. MEDICAL DATA ENTRY Data entry in the healthcare industry is very important and these records can help the firm for future problems, that might occur. To avoid such situations, proper maintenance of data entry is essential for them. Medical data entry is very time consuming as there are different departments and so is the different data entries and verifying everything minutely is not an easy job.
  17. 17. RESTAURANT DATA ENTRY The Restaurant business has a huge impact of data entry on day-to-day activity, that is essential to maintain. It becomes very difficult for them to concentrate on their core tasks that are more important. Handling such entries very minutely is required to maintain the efficiency in business.
  18. 18. BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING YOUR DATA ENTRY SERVICES Cost Saving Advantage Over Your Competitors Quality Services Fast Services Effective Customer Support
  19. 19. COST SAVING Hiring the services of data entry administrators to work in-house, is much costlier than to outsource. You can save your cash and use it for different reasons, that can be beneficial for you, by outsourcing your data entry services at a very affordable price.
  20. 20. ADVANTAGEOVER YOURCOMPETITORS On outsourcing, your substitute will be free from the tedious data entry work and will have the capacity to center their inventive personalities on core business tasks. It will help you to bring efficiency in your business and give you the advantage over your competitors.
  21. 21. QUALITY SERVICES Companies that give data entry services believe in quality service and follows industry guidelines. They will give you exact data to utilize that will prominently be useful in accelerating the decision making procedure.
  22. 22. Outsourcing companies will help you in reducing your workload at a quick pace. They will maintain all your data entry work accurately and briefly within the stipulated time. FAST SERVICES
  23. 23. EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Once you are free from the workload, you and your team can focus more on the client’s requirements. You will see the difference in your business once you outsource the project.
  24. 24. WHY US? 9 years of global experience Services to over 300 global customers Fortune 500 clients 99% success rate in project management
  25. 25. Feel Free to With Questions +1 646 688 2821 https://www.cogneesol. com/data-entry-services