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Social Media for Small Businesses - Part 2


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Why online marketing demands a story rather than facts. How to build a "core story" for your business and translate it to different online platforms. How to build an online marketing funnel and flow system. This presentation was given at Renaissance Center in San Francisco in August, 2011, by online branding strategist Miki Johnson.

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Social Media for Small Businesses - Part 2

  1. 1. Social Mediafor Small BusinessesPart 2: Building an Online Strategy
  2. 2. What is a brand?“A brand is a promise. It is whatever people think,feel, trust, and believe you, your business, or yourproduct will give them if they buy from you.”
  3. 3. A trust economyThe edges between work and social life are blurring. People are shifting their socialnetwork into their work networks and vice versa—business associates and childhoodfriends, side by side. We prefer to buy from people that are like us.You like Batmanmovies? Me too! That may not always be enough to move a sale, but it shows yourhuman dimensions.When you enter a market, be a real person. Act like one, care like one, and feel likeone. Those subtle signals, verbal and non-verbal, help people figure out how to reactto you and see whether they should hand you any of their attention.The relationship comes before the sale, not the other way around. Make yourcustomers friends. Not in an ushy-gooshy “let’s all go out and get tattoos” way. But,care about these people. Treat them like what they are -- your gold.
  4. 4. Finding your core story
  5. 5. Why a story?Easy to remember and shareHuman’s crave stories (so does the press)It will make it easier for you to talk about yourselfA person is easier to trust than a business
  6. 6. Your core story in three sentencesWho you areWhy you started your businessWhat promise you’re making (how they will be affected)
  7. 7. What are you naturally?SharerConnectorReviewerEducatorComedian
  8. 8. Create a style sheetWhat you do and don’t sayHow you react to criticismHow you talk about your competitionHow you share your own accomplishmentsHow you talk to/about clients
  9. 9. Creating Your Marketing Funnel
  10. 10. What is a marketing funnel?Definition: A standardized process for identifying andmaking contact with a prospective client that servesto move them further down a contact “funnel”towards purchase and established customer loyalty.
  11. 11. Online Sales Funnel
  12. 12. More people Random search Facebook Twitter Blog Website EmailMore time Phone call Less time Purchase Review/Recommend Less people M
  13. 13. Organizations Search FacebookReview sites Twitter Blog Website About Contact Purchase Purchase site
  14. 14. Build your funnelOverall: From first touch to finalPlace each online forum on the funnelAlso create smaller funnels for each platformEstablish end goal for each platform, build strategy
  15. 15. create a customer profileWho are they?What do they do online?How will they find you? (Search, press,recommendations, org.)Write a story of how they move through your funnel
  16. 16. The Purchase Funnel (trust) Implementation ($1,000+) Consultation ($200/hour) Workshop ($250) Book ($25) White paper ($5)Cost Blog (free) More time Less time Client’s input
  17. 17. Assessingyour success
  18. 18. Why?Increase efficiency and prioritize resourcesSee who is talking about you and what they’re sayingImprove website and online platformsFind untapped markets
  19. 19. How?AnalyticsGoogle AlertsSearch Twitter/Facebook/YelpTrackable URLsGut reaction
  20. 20. What to look forTraffic sourcesExit pageBounce rateGeographyFunnel percentages
  21. 21. Miki johnsonMikiJohnson.commiki@mikijohnson.comGoogle me :)