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PPC Meetup Presentation

  1. 1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Best Practices and Advanced Tactics
  2. 2. Agenda1. Campaign Structure 7. Display Campaigns2. Keyword Optimization 8. Remarketing Campaigns3. Bid Optimization 9. Modified Broad Match4. Ad Optimization 10. Ad Extensions5. Quality Scores 11. Product Extensions6. Google Analytics 12. Social Extensions
  3. 3. Campaign Structure
  4. 4. Eye - Shadow Eye - Liner Eye - MascaraLip - Lipstick Lip - Gloss Lip - LinerFace - Powder Face - FoundationMineral - Powder Mineral - ShadowMulti – Lip/Eye Liner Multi – Lipstick/BlushSkin – Face Wash Skin – MoisturizerBrush – Blush Brush – ConcealerNails – Polish Nails – RemoverFragrance – Brand A Fragrance – Brand B
  5. 5. Brush – BlushBrush – Concealer Brush CategoriesEye – LinerEye – Mascara Eye CategoriesEye – ShadowFace – FoundationFace - Powder Face CategoriesFragrance – Brand AFragrance – Brand B Fragrance CategoriesLip – GlossLip – Liner Lip CategoriesLip – LipstickMineral – Blush Mineral CategoriesMineral – PowderMulti – Lip/Eye Liner Multi CategoriesMulti – Lipstick/BlushNails – Polish Nail CategoriesNails – RemoverSkin – Face WashSkin - Moisturizer Skin Categories
  6. 6. Ad Group KeywordsEye – Shadow - General Best eye shadow Mac creamy eye shadows Best eye shadow for brown eyesEye – Shadow – Metallic Gold eye shadow Metallic sparkle shadow Silver glitter eye shadowEye – Shadow - Neutral Beige shadow palette Brown shadow for green eyes Nude color eye shadow
  7. 7. With Google’s automatic bidding system your ads are automatically shown to get the most number of clicks within the capabilities of your daily budget. You will have no control of ad position, will not show at all times of the day (will run out of budget quickly), and tend to get lower quality leads. All automated bids are set at the adgroup level – no keyword specific bids are available. Google’s only recommendation around these issues is to increase your budget.
  8. 8. You will have more control over position and budgetallocation if you bid at the keyword level. Just click it. Click it good.
  9. 9. KW level landingpages are great if you have a lot of products, and want to keep them in category ad groups instead of product- specific ad groups. Be sure to includedynamic kw insertion for more targeted ads and better CTR.
  10. 10. {keyword:pet supplies} {Keyword:Pet supplies} {KeyWord:Pet Supplies} {KEYWORD:PET SUPPLIES}
  11. 11. How Google determines who shows up for each search query, and in what position at what price.• The historical clickthrough rate (CTR) of the keyword and the matched ad on the Google domain• Your account history, which is measured by the CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account• The historical CTR of the display URLs in the ad group• The quality of your landing page• The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group• The relevance of the keyword and the matched ad to the search query• Your accounts performance in the geographical region where the ad will be shown• Other relevance factors Gee, thanks Google.
  12. 12. Use it or lose it, dude. Provides crucial information regarding paid and organic search such as geographiclocations and other demographics, keyword and product-level revenue, average order values, and much MUCH more. Now in REAL TIME.
  13. 13. Example of a Display Network Ad Targets by: Site context (relevance to keywords and themes you target) Placements (sites you specify you would like your ads to show on) Tip – Display ads are pretty and entertaining, therefore are clicked morefrequently = expensive. Beware of running Display Network on a tight budget.
  14. 14. Funnel Stage Action to Take Conversion Funnel If they landed on… Brand Awareness Homepage Show ads with only a logo & name Some interior Interest Show ads with specific pages products Evaluation Product/Specif Show ads that answer a ic pages question (awards, warranties) Decision Shopping Cart Show ads with promotions & discounts Purchase Confirmation Show ads with similar or related Page products
  15. 15. Simple Mathematics All Visitors – Action Visitors = Remarketing Combo To retrieve code for placement, click Manage Lists
  16. 16. The broad match modifier is an AdWords targeting feature that lets youcreate keywords which have greater reach than phrase match, and more control than broad match. Will include: Common misspellings Singular/Plural Variations Abbreviations/Acronyms Roots/Stemming (floor, flooring) Synonyms And related searches