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A2 research planning_2011-12


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A2 research planning_2011-12

  1. 1. My main portfolio project is: A film trailer with 2 ancillary projects: a film postera film magazine front cover
  2. 2.  Genre: Urban Drama and the title is RANSOM• and the target audience is black lower classmales from the urban community of London.
  3. 3.  We wanted to used the speed of editing of we used the soundtrack of inception. We put Kidulthood to make it more interesting for this in to combine to different genre and make the audience to watch and also allows it to something new and something that works build to a climax. By building to a climax it effectively, which also breaks the conventions makes the trailer reach a point where its of a urban trailer which commonly uses a more most exciting and then makes the audience urban soundtrack. Also we used the more engaged and wanting more and then soundtrack because it slowly reaches a climax, makes them want to watch the film. Also which correlates with our pace of editing. we used the same conventions of a urban Which goes with our idea of making the drama, such as clothing e.g. hoodies, audience build to a climax rather than begin on balaclavas etc., we done this because it a high because it goes with the traditional makes it more realistic because that is the ideology of having a beginning, a middle and a typical convention seen in urban life in end. London which makes it easy for the audience to relate without confusing them. we also used similar character types, which is the stereotypical look of a criminal in south London, which is a teenage black male, this again makes it more realistic because that is what is expected to be seen by residences in London.
  4. 4.  the target audience is… is black lower class males from the urban community ….. We came to that conclusion because we wanted to target a audience where we will be able to relate to because we know what we want and what looks good to our age group. Also we chose this target audience because will be able get more feed back because we’re more in contact to that social group
  5. 5.  Here is an image of how I imagine  Image of target audience a typical member of my target audience. Their characteristics are:A teen Fromblack themale under class part of London
  6. 6. What I learned from audience feedback about planning my main taskThrough different questionnaires and surveys directed to at our targetaudience we decide that urban drama will appeal to our target audiencemore because that is where their interest lies rather than other genres. This poll is a example of ways of how our audience responded to help add to the making of our trailer.
  7. 7. Through our audience feedback we decided to makea lot of changes. Firstly we wanted to create a trailerwhich broke conventions rather than one that usesthe typical conventions of a urban drama. Whentelling the audience about creating a trailer which haselements of a romance and a urban drama manydisagreed and believed a better production will bedone with just a genre of urban drama. Alsodetermining the ending of the film we left that for ourfeedback to decide, we first decided to end the trailerwith our main character tied up and about to burnt todeath but they decide they will prefer a ending whereit was less evident what will happen.
  8. 8.  Model 1  What I have learned
  9. 9.  Model 2  What I have learned
  10. 10.  My poster has a direct linked to my trailer because it has clips from the trailer and is used to give the audience of clues of what to expect. Also the clip chosen was is one of importance which then makes the audience want to watch the trailer because it’s the most exciting scene which, along with the trailer will make the audience want to watch the movie. The poster also uses a colour scheme which best show a film with themes of loneliness and abandonment.
  11. 11.  Model 1  What I have learned
  12. 12.  Model 1  What I have learned
  13. 13.  This magazine is displays different themes then the poster which shows there is another way the film may end which doesn’t give to much away. The poster displays signs that the main character will lose out to the evil character but the magazine gives signs that the main character will come on top. This is shown by the hero being in front of the villain. The colour scheme on the hand in this case shows colours of excitement and danger and this is done through bold colours e.g. red and black.
  14. 14. BEFORE AFTER