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PageLines is the Best WordPress Theme Framework


Published on PageLines is the best WordPress theme framework for designers, developers, and bloggers. WordPress Theme Frameworks give you a great canvas to lay your design on and this deck covers why PageLines is the Best WordPress Theme Framework.

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PageLines is the Best WordPress Theme Framework

  1. 1. PageLines 2.0 Presented by:Mike Zielonka of Tuna Traffic
  2. 2. About Me!Mike Zielonka of Tuna Traffic @mikezielonka
  3. 3. Frameworks Defined“A Theme framework is a Themedesigned to be a flexible foundation forquicker WordPress development, usuallyserving as a robust Parent Theme forChild Themes. Some Theme frameworkscan also make theme development moreaccessible, removing the need forprogramming or design knowledge withoptions pages.”
  4. 4. Why a Framework?• Increase Designing Speed• Writing Code Is Complex & Takes Time• Consistency When Supporting Multiple Sites• “If it ain’t broke...don’t fix it..just tweak it”
  5. 5. What is PageLines?
  6. 6. PageLines WordCamp Gift: 25% Off PageLines 2.0
  7. 7. PageLines Team on 2.0
  8. 8. Professional &  Plug/Play Self  DesignSkills  Needed Hard  to   Easy  to   Customize Customize
  9. 9. Professional &  Plug/Play Self  Design CODINGSkills  Needed Hard  to   Easy  to   Customize Customize
  10. 10. Professional &  Plug/Play Self  Design CODING WYSIWYGSkills  Needed Hard  to   Easy  to   Customize Customize
  11. 11. Professional &  Plug/Play THEMES Self  Design CODING WYSIWYGSkills  Needed Hard  to   Easy  to   Customize Customize
  12. 12. Professional &  Plug/Play THEMES Self  Design CODING WYSIWYGSkills  Needed Hard  to   Easy  to   Customize Customize
  13. 13. PageLines Advantages• Only Framework with a Store (custom sections, themes, & plugins)• One of the Few Responsive Frameworks• One of the Few Frameworks w/ Drag and Drop• Way, Way More Page by Page Control• Cloning of Sections• Better & Smarter Options & Control
  14. 14. Advanced Features• MediaWiki & Vanilla Forums Integration• API for LESS CSS• HTML5 & CSS3 w/ Backwards Compatibility• Almost 200 of Hooks, Actions, & Filters• Special Pages Handling• Selective Script Loading• Full Auto Upgrades direct from PageLines (includes sections, plugins, and child themes)• Full Twitter Bootstrap Integration (Coming Soon in 2.2)
  15. 15. PageLines Drag and Drop
  16. 16. PageLines Drag and Drop
  17. 17. PageLines Drag and Drop
  18. 18. Why use PageLines (in WordPress)?
  19. 19. Regular
  20. 20. Hard  to  customize Customize  through  hard  coding Regular  Theme
  21. 21. Hard  to  customize Hard  to  maintain Customize  through  hard  coding Add  functionality  through  hard  coding Regular  Theme
  22. 22. PageLines Store• Sections• Themes• Plugins
  23. 23. Introduction to Sections
  24. 24. What are sections?
  25. 25. What are sections? branding carousel content sidebar footer
  26. 26. What are sections? brandingoptions carousel content sidebar footer
  27. 27. What are sections? brandingoptions carouselcolors content sidebar footer
  28. 28. What are sections? brandingoptions carouselcolorsscripts content sidebar footer
  29. 29. What are sections? brandingoptions carouselcolorsscriptsqueries content sidebar footer
  30. 30. Examples of Sections• Boxes • Post Loop• SoapBox • Full Width Sidebar• Banners • Secondary Nav• Feature Slider • Pricing• Sidebar • Testimonials• Carousel • Portfolio• Callout • FAQs Reader• Highlights • YouTube & Vimeo• Branding • Facebook & Twitter• Navigation • Flash Container• Twitter Bar • Much Much More
  31. 31. Special Pages• Examples of Special Pages You Can Customize: • Blog Page • Archive Page • Category Page • Search Results • Tag Listing • Author Posts • 404 Page
  32. 32. Support• 30-day Money Back Guarantee• 18 hours of Support Coverage per Day• Ticket Support• PageLines Pros for Advanced Customization