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  1. 1. Michael Baird CLIP Coordinator [email_address] Western Oregon University
  2. 2. Michael Baird Overall Project Goals address IL outcomes (AA/OT requirements) embed IL into class curricula flexible, relevant interest , community of support, sustainability
  3. 3. Michael Baird Current Content Quizzes Guidance Use Suggestions CLIP FAQ Developing a Topic What is a Library Database? Generating Search Terms Evaluating Internet Sources APA/MLA Style Aids and more…. Tutorials Discussion Points
  4. 4. Michael Baird CLIP Tutorial Visits 2009-2010 Academic Year 3,591 visits in US 1,366 visits in Oregon 384 visits internationally WA: 295 CA: 245 MI: 178 NY: 145 TX: 123 Oregon, 09/21/09 – 06/11/10 by geography:
  5. 5. Michael Baird Current Grant Cycle Priorities CLIP promotion, increase CLIP visibility in the Oregon community Create, edit, maintain CLIP materials geared towards students: tutorials, aids, quizzes CLIP partnerships, work with a small group of Oregon community colleges to create customized context for CLIP in WR curriculum
  6. 6. Michael Baird Questions before part 2?
  7. 7. Michael Baird So how do I use it?
  8. 8. What is a library database? Evaluating Internet Sources Michael Baird IL outcome mapping
  9. 9. Michael Baird Uses What is a library database? Websites Course guides, LibGuides LMS Class assignment
  10. 10. Michael Baird Future: CLIP workshops
  11. 11. / Michael Baird [email_address] Presentation available at: Michael Baird 503.838.8657