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Physics Learning goal 9

Physics Learning Goal 9

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Physics Learning goal 9

  1. 1. { Double-Slit Interference By Mike Yoon Physics 101 203 14334149
  2. 2.  Early 19th century, Thomas Young performed an experiment that proved light has wave properties. History
  3. 3. Visual representation of the experiment
  4. 4.  The waves in the picture represent the peak of a wave.  When these peaks overlap another peak, the wave is exactly in phase.  The straight lines in the picture represent bright spots due to the constructive interference from the peaks and valleys overlapping.
  5. 5.  Since the waves from the two slits are from the same light source, the waves are exactly in sync but comes out in different holes.  Therefore only a phase difference differs from these two waves.
  6. 6.  The constructive interference occurs when dsin(theta) = m times wavelength  The destructive interference occurs when dsin(theta) = (m+ ½) times wavelength  Where m is an interger  d is the distance between two slits.  Theta is the angle that the bright spot appears on the screen.
  7. 7.  6s2OlKzKQ&spfreload=10 Great youtube video on Double-Slit Interference
  8. 8.  1. The distance between the two slits are 2.56 x 10^-5 m, the wave length is 550 nm while m is 1. Find the angle of the constructive and destructive points. Practice problems
  9. 9.  Theta = 0.021486 rad Answers