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Social Media Design Process explained


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This presentation details the (SMDP) Social Media Design Process. The social media design process is way for organizations to design projects in social media.

The presentation explains the process and all of its components.

It is a great presentation for anyone that wants to learn more about how to begin projects in social media.

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Social Media Design Process explained

  1. A quick “jargon free” way of understanding social media projects. Social Media Design Process (SMDP) By Michael J Lis owner SPECK Media
  2. <ul><li>Just what is social media? </li></ul>Why I created this deck? Social Media is an umbrella term that defines various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. It’s a fancy way to describe the zillions of conversation people are having online 24/7 Taken from “What the Fuck is Social Media” by Marta Kagan But, if you don’t know that by now then maybe this isn’t the right deck for you. In this deck, I’m talking about about how we apply a process to social media projects and initiatives.
  3. <ul><li>Having a process isn’t overrated </li></ul>Following a process to do something is the best way to ensure that results are true to form and delivery is efficient. Over the course of nine months of delivering social media projects for Fortune 500 companies, SPECK Media’s process has become very clear. Today it is what my firm uses on every project we embark on. My hope is that this deck gives you or your organization a deeper insight into the components of the process and how it works. There is still so much out there to be learned about social media, my hope is that we continue to explore new ways to reach business goals through social media. Why do you need a design process? A more important question is: How do you get from point A to point B using social media? Why I created this deck?
  4. (SMDP) Social Media Design Process Simple, yet effective Social Media projects don’t need to be complex. During my years in consulting I’ve always stressed simple terms and definitions to explain the complicated. A process model should follow the same rules, which are: Be easy to understand and be actionable. The process that SPECK Media uses is just that: a simple way of listening, identifying, scanning, planning and implementing. Social Media Design Process (SMDP) Many organizations struggle to understand social media and how to design projects that involve it. Our process allows for and easy way to understand the key social media methods and how to implement a project.
  5. Let’s take a look at some of the components of the Social Media Design Process (SMDP).
  6. Social Landscape There are many ways to dissect and categorize the social media universe, Brian Solis of FutureWorks has designed a model which shows a cross section of many popular social media sites and channels designating their purpose among users. Component #1 Social Media Universe The social media universe consists of all the social media channels, website, applications and devices (online & offline) these are places where people can communicate with each other socially. This is where the conversation begins. (SMDP) Components
  7. Forrester’s Social Media Ladder of Involvement Forrester outlined the main behaviors that users do when engaging in social networking. A primary tool for identifying how a social profile will interact with the ladder Component #2 Social Profile A social profile is a composite understanding of customers and users. Social profiles consist of traits and characteristics. They allow us to understand how a type of profile behaves and interacts with others in the social media universe. Much like user personas, social profiles are the key building blocks of a social media strategy. (SMDP) Components
  8. Component #3 Social Media Strategy A social media strategy defines the goals and objectives for organizations looking to partake in social media. A social media strategy can be compared to a blueprint for success. It outlines the game plan, the tactics and the channels that will be used throughout each social media initiative. (SMDP) Components Examples of strategy A social media strategy is usually far reaching and defines a strategy over the course of 6 to 12 months. The strategy contains examples of how goals are attained and a roadmap of when each social media tactic is designed and implemented in order to meet those goals.
  9. Component #4 Social Media Game Plan A social media game plan is way to guide each individual social media tactic. Think of a game plan like a football game plan, In order to defeat your opponent on Sunday you need a game plan for success. A social media game plan is no different, it sets a plan for each social media tactic identifying: the who, the why and the outcome. The game plan also outlines the purpose behind a tactic. Constant revision and analysis of a game plan is important in order to make sure a tactic stays on course. Social Media Game Plan Generate Franchise Leads Market Store Openings Engage Brand Awareness (SMDP) Components Example of a game plan A game plan is a smaller version of a strategy. The game plan helps and organization with planning around a specific social media tactic. It’s purpose is to visually identify how to approach a social media tactic.
  10. Component #5 Social Media Tactic Tactics are what we use to get the job done. A social media tactic is any method for completing our game plan and reaching the goal of our strategy. For example: A tactic might be to build a wiki website so that customers could add their thoughts and ideas to product co-creation. Another tactic might be to create a iPhone application so that customers share thoughts on a company’s product. Social Media Tactic (SMDP) Components Examples of tactics Below are some familiar tactics. At SPECK Media we design and build out the blueprint for a tactic. For example, if you choose a Twitter account we outline exactly what it should look like as well as what your organization should be tweeting about, right down to how many times per month.
  11. Component #6 Social Media Channel Tactics reside in social media channels, these are places where customers, users and anyone else is participating in the ongoing conversation. Example: A blog “Cheap Travel Options” is a channel. A fan page on Facebook for Gen Y moms is a channel. There’s more channels out there then we can count Social Media Channel (SMDP) Components Examples of Channels Channels can be very specific or broad. They are also categorized by the process that the user performs. Other times they are categorized by the ROI for marketers. Both of these categories are important for choosing the right channels for tactics.
  12. Applying the Process The process has 4 steps 1. First, we identify a social profile(s) for your customers: These profiles tell us more about who your customers are, their met & unmet needs and how they use social media channels. 2. We then scan both your organization and industry within the social media universe and design a social media strategy that encompasses a business goal, marketing initiative or brand objective. 3. Next, we identify social media tactics that best fit the strategy. We create a social media game plan around each tactic so that we can measure and determine if the tactics we chose are working with our overall strategy. 4. Finally, we implement the chosen tactics into various social media channels. Social Media Universe Social Media Channel Social Media Tactic Social Media Game Plan Social Profile
  13. <ul><li>Why not start the conversation? </li></ul>Thanks for listening The right process makes social media easier, so why not start the conversation for your organization? We suggest the following: Social Scan Social Media Game Plan Session A comprehensive audit of your organization’s social media universe and profiles, along with an in-depth analysis of how your industry and business could benefit from using social media. A three hour session with us where we listen and game plan a solution around your business goal or marketing objective using social media. Email us today or go to our website for more information To schedule a Scan or a Session email us at: [email_address] See more information at: Or see what our CEO has to say at: