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Crowds and Creativity


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A talk I gave the Adobe Play + Work workshop (Plerk), on Dec 6th, 2008.

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  • This shows cover two topics that are of great importance across many industries. Thanks.
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  • hey there -- to me the Cambrian House problem was trying to crowdsource the end-to-end startup process...there's definitely room for involvement in crowds in idea generation, vetting, feedback on prototypes, and more, but trying to have the whole process offloaded to the crowd is practically impossible. From interviews with the Cambrian House folks, they spent a lot of time working on the companies that were generated by the crowd, rather than working on Cambrian House itself.
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  • One of the the not-so-successful ones listed on slide 22 looks like Cambrian House. Is that right? What was the primary problem with this crowdsourcing concept, in your analysis? Lack of Conceptual Integrity? Asking too much?
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Crowds and Creativity

  1. Crowds & Creativity Mike Krieger Stanford HCI Group Adobe Plerk Workshop
  2. Big Picture How can we tap into the creative potential of online crowds?
  3. Big Picture Outline 1. C urrent projects How can we tap into 2. When do crowds the creative potential ma ke sense for a of online crowds? project? 3. How can we design for better collaboration & creativity? (4 principles)
  4. Wisdom of ...or tyranny the crowd... of the m asses?
  5. Positive traits diversity of background, expertise, thoughts, ideas power in numbers “collective intelligence” validation & feedback
  6. Successful Projects
  7. Evaluating Scenarios 6
  8. Evaluating Scenarios 6
  9. Evaluating Scenarios 6
  10. 7
  11. 7
  12. 7
  13. “Persona lly I think the Reactions idea fr om storyboard g. one is m ore compellin “Personally I prefer the idea The re ason for this is of storyboard one. This is that I would be ding out because the user freely in terested in fin ation walks around the museum as inte resting inform work they would traditionally, yet about a piece of art at automatically receive info or a par ticular artist th about exhibits - a virtual I couldn't just get at the guide without user input. museum . The map of Much more impressive.” th e museum is an get som ething that I c at the museum on a pie ce of paper that to be does n't require me pulling out my phone and wast ing the battery to get t o an exhibit.”
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  18. Phil’s in the Coffee Shop! -6FFL8'<:@21'4F1598':6='9:49':68'B5612H'68'2145I3':4762G'4'J@K11C
  19. Hi Phil! -6FF'H1J6H18'9@'H5@<'62'42H':471'4'J@K11'A69:'%:6FC
  20. ! Price Latte #8':1'129158'9:1'8:@<?':68'<:@21'4F1598':6='9@'9:1'H43L8'8<1J64F'@K158C
  21. Why sucessful? fun activities hidden ambitions small, parallelized tasks encouraging experimentation & iteration right representation
  22. Not-so- successful ones
  23. Why not sucessful? lack of conceptual integrity lack of constructive behavior asking too much, or in the wrong way
  24. 9 guidelines 1. When diversity 6. Lea rn from hacks, matters mods, re-use from crowd 2. Small chunks/ delegate-able 7. Enable novel actions knowledge discovery 3. Easy verification 8. Maintain vision & 4. Fun activity, or des ign consistency hidden ambition 9 . Not just about 5. Better than lowering costs computers at performing a task
  25. Designing for crowd creativity to let them run wild, you need careful design & constraints
  26. Project: Crowd Brai nstorming
  27. In brainstorming, constructive “yes, ideation is and...” critical
  28. Current systems look like Digg...
  29. Current systems look like Digg...
  30. S o folks act like they’re on Digg (no constructive ideation)
  31. Our project: Ideas2Ideas
  32. Our project: Ideas2Ideas
  33. Our project: Ideas2Ideas Dell IdeaStorm Clone Non-building ideas 35 52 Ideas2Ideas Constructive ideas 43 25 !2 test of independence = 10.8776, p < 0.001
  34. 2 design principles 1. the value of designing for constructive ideation 2. reducing staleness by visualizing “long tail” of crowd contributions
  35. Project 2 Not just building off ideas, but others’ work as well
  36. Project 2 Not just building off ideas, but others’ work as well Wi kiTasks
  37. Question How does the Wikipedia crowd of editors organize their actions (to-dos), on a personal and site-wide level?
  38. Insights 1. Bottom-up 4 . Disconnect structure between ind ividual & site- 2. Existing system wide goals doesn’t encourage “next action” thinking 5. La ck of support for contextual 3. Lack of triage discovery
  39. WikiTasks Prototype
  40. WikiTasks Prototype
  41. Findings Lowers barriers to participation Encourages collaborative task- making 70% of completed actions originated from someone else
  42. design principles 1. Contextual display 2. Sliding scale of of task and work part icipation and information alongside bottom-up crowd’s work creation
  43. wrapping it up 1. strong potential for creative crowds 2. but need to consider right applications for crowds 3. and keep design principles in mind when building “crowd-powered” sites
  44. thanks! Scott Klemmer & Joel Brandt for guidance and feedback C ollaborators & Wikipedia participants Eve ryone here for participating