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Religion Powerpoint for Final

  1. 1. Theology of the Body Final Review Mikey Jenia
  2. 2. He created man and woman
  3. 3. God gave Adam and Eve______________________, which is the ability to choose.
  4. 4. ______________________ is something like a lost inheritance.
  5. 5. ______________________ God created us with the ability to choose. This ability is necessary in order to be able to love.
  6. 6. The four relationships:
  7. 7. Holy men and women inspired by God to share their wisdom with others are called
  8. 8. Pope John Paul II spoke about the true meaning of who you are in a collection of talks called the
  9. 9. The more freedom you have, the more your______________________ depends on your own choices.
  10. 10. ______________________ refers to the reality that Jesus, who is fully God, became man.
  11. 11. On Wednesdays from 1979 to 1984 John Paul II gave talks about how the body reveals that human persons are created in the image of God with freedom for loving relationships.
  12. 12. In those speeches John Paul II asked and answered 2 important questions:
  13. 13. The Incarnation shows what humanity is supposed to
  14. 14. Christ came to reveal
  15. 15. The human body can______________________ without______________________
  16. 16. Our bodies allow us to see_______________________ things.
  17. 17. The human person is both_______________________ and_______________________
  18. 18. Your body is precious because of what it_______________________
  19. 19. Our bodies are the_______________________ that reflect the_______________________ of our souls.
  20. 20. Every_______________________ is unique and cannot ever be duplicated, which is why human life is sacred.
  21. 21. The_____________________ is the major teaching that the visible human body can reveal.
  22. 22. The_______________________ refers to our belief that Jesus, who is fully God, became man.
  23. 23. _______________________ is the term that we use to describe how after the Crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead.
  24. 24. _______________________ is the word which describes how after the Resurrection, Jesus literally went up to Heaven.
  25. 25. God was able to make visible his_______________________
  26. 26. _______________________ means you know the truth and strive to practice it.
  27. 27. _______________________ is a strong habit of doing good.
  28. 28. Practicing virtue makes us happy because it fulfills_______________________
  31. 31. Virtue’s enemy is_______________________
  32. 32. God empowers us with_______________________
  33. 33. ______________________ comes through the_______________________
  34. 34. Each gender’s unique, special characteristics bring out the best in the other. This is called__________________________
  35. 35. Sex is first about our ____________________________as men and women created in God’s ____________________________ and ____________________________
  36. 36. The body speaks a__________________________ that says something about the type of relationship two people share.
  37. 37. _______________________ is the urge to cover up or hide something personal from God, others, or ourselves.
  38. 38. Because of_______________________ we clothe ourselves, and this reminds us of something positive.
  39. 39. Our bodies are______________________________ and should be______________________________from anyone treating us like objects instead of persons with______________________________
  40. 40. _______________________ is not about the rules just for the sake of rules; it is about the very important goal of loving well.
  41. 41. _______________________is the tendency in all of us to sin.
  42. 42. _______________________ is really important if you want to practice chastity.
  43. 43. The opposite of love is_______________________
  44. 44. _______________________ is a vice that causes peopleto view others as objects for sexual use.
  45. 45. Love is a___________________________ just like any___________________________ love takes work,___________________________ and attention.
  46. 46. _______________________is to refrain from something.
  47. 47. God made people to be_______________________ and things to be_______________________
  48. 48. _________________________ sincerely wants what is pestfor other persons. This is called_________________________
  49. 49. Love also wants to be close to the person you are attracted to. This part of love is called_______________________
  50. 50. _______________________ is sex between a marriedperson and someone who is not his or her spouse.
  51. 51. _______________________ is when unmarried people have sex.
  52. 52. “______________________is not a luxury for a few, but a simple duty for you and me.” – Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcuta
  53. 53. The 3 vocations of the church are:
  54. 54. ________________________ is a sacramental holy bond, binding until death between a man and woman and God in which a couple becomes a sign of Christ and the Church
  55. 55. ________________________ is the sacrament received when a man enters the ordained life by being ordained a Priest, Deacon, or Bishop.
  56. 56. ________________________ is the process of listening to God in order to understandgradually his particular calling for you, then choosing to say “yes”.
  57. 57. ________________________ is the specific way in which God calls a person to live out their call to holiness in marriage, consecrated life, or ordained life.
  58. 58. Jesus called_______________________ of people to holiness with the words_______________________
  59. 59. Holy means_______________________ or_______________________
  60. 60. “Vocation” means_______________________