Assignment 3 unit 32task 2For this unit I had to create an ident for a new channel and then show it to people and then get...
stopping, letting them watch it and then they could have their say on the ident. All these way areways to get the ident ou...
Facebook I looked at it and thought that’s right I could of explained what was happening in the videoa lot better. “really...
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  1. 1. Assignment 3 unit 32task 2For this unit I had to create an ident for a new channel and then show it to people and then getfeedback from them. The channel is a sit com type channel and through that I made a live actioncomedy ident which I was appropriate for the channel. The channel is centred on comedy sitcoms soI just made my ident to fit that purpose which I think it has, but it’s not for me to fully decided if theident fits the propose but the public.Getting feedback is really important to the product because people can say what they liked or hateabout that product which will make you go back and then change it or do it again and then making ita lot better than it was. Feedback can also help for future project, once I got feedback from thisident then I would know that it would be that I would need to do in order to make it better so when Icreate another ident for the channel then I know how I could improve on that ident making it a lotbetter. There is no point getting the feedback from people and then not doing anything with it andthen I would make the same mistake again so I would really listen and take on board all the feedbackwhich I get back so I can improve on it.Once it was all filmed and then put together it then had to been shown to people, to see what theythought about it, what they liked or didn’t like etc. there are many ways in which I would go aboutshowing this to the public and getting feedback from them. The best way is online and by this ismean putting the ident onto YouTube so people could look at it, and if it was in High Def then theycould get the best picture out of it. Once they watched it on YouTube then they could leave acomment on the bottom and also if they liked it they could share the ident to their friends but shareit through Facebook or Twitter and then they could watch it and then leave feedback on it as welland then they could share it with their friends.The other and best way is social network, we already know that other people could share it, but I’mtalking about putting it on my personal Facebook page so I could get direct feedback of people oncethey had watch. Also on Facebook I could send it in inbox to my friends and family asking them ifthey could watch this and then give me some feedback on it saying what they would change etc.Once that is done then it could be posted straight on to my Facebook wall where anyone can seeand then leave something in the comment box and once they have put something in the commentbox I would know about as soon as because it will update for me. Twitter is another good way toshow the ident because that way they would be able to see straight away, toughs who are myfriends on it, and then they could leave feedback on that and just like Facebook they could thenshare it with their friends which would get me more feedback on the ident. Also posting the ident onto a college website, or college link, which will have the like to the ident and then they would be ableto watch it and then comment on it or having it on the college website, or college link, with thevideo and then sending that link out to people through social network tec. So they could go on tothat link and then watch then video and then giving feedback on itThere are other ways than online to get feedback from people and one way is by screen the ident tothe class and then hand out a questionnaire about it so I know what they think and then at the endof the ident I would then collect them in or by screening it to the class and then still handing outquestionnaire and also having a little Q&A so they can going more in depth with their opinion whichwould help me so I know what I could do to make it better. Other than doing that with a class I couldgo out on the streets with a portable video player and then showing it to people, who wouldn’t mind
  2. 2. stopping, letting them watch it and then they could have their say on the ident. All these way areways to get the ident out there to the people and getting feedback on it so I know how I couldimprove on it if I was to do it again. Out of all these ideas on getting the ident out there to people Idid some of these so I could get feedback.The way I actually got feedback on my ident was by a screening in the class and also putting theident on the internet. First I uploaded the ident to YouTube, as this was going to be the main sourceof my ident. Once it was on YouTube I then made a bit of a deal about it by putting it on myFacebook page so people would be able to see it and the comment on it as soon as they saw it. ThenI went onto my Twitter account and then put the ident video on to my Twitter page so people couldwatch, but there was more that I could do so then I decided to send it through email to my friendsand family to make sure they could see the ident and also be able to comment on it. I also tagged afew friend on to the video so as soon as they went on to their Facebook profile it would be therewaiting for them.There was also a screening in class which the class all had a questionnaire about the ident and thenthe ident would play and once it was over they would take a few minutes to answer thequestionnaire and then I would then collect them in and have a look at them. Also my tutor put theident on to a college link which then I would send to people so they could look at the ident. I did allof this because the more feedback I got the better the result would be on the ident.The first feedback that I looked at was the class questionnaires. There was about ten of them, I wentthrough each one of them reading what they had put down and the feedback was great the classreally liked my ident and they got what I was doing with it, the purpose of the ident was to entertain,be funny or bring a smile to people faces and hoping they would forget while representing thechannel grind and by the feedback that was giving back from the questionnaires they got that. Butnothing can be 100% perfect there was some negative feedback, which I welcome because thosemean I can improve on the ident. I look at some of the negative feedback which there wasn’t much. Itook them in and by this I knew how I could make the ident a lot better. I then looked back on myident thinking myself that they are right I could do that and this to make it a lot better. the most wasthat it was short in telling the story in the ident, the reason it was short because I didn’t wasn’t tobore people with a long ident but I’m happy to know that they would like to see a longer version ofthe ident.As I said I got a lot of feedback form the questionnaires and here are some of them.” I thought thatthe real life video rather than cartoon or animated was a great choice” this feedback was goodbecause I did decided to do a live action over animation because it was different to do. “I liked theway it changed as soon as the girl ran away fitted perfect” I was happy with this because it was whatI wanted people to know that bam it all changed when she ran away. The other feedback form thequestionnaire is pretty much the same but there are one or two negative comments in about theident.Once I looked over the class’squestionnaires I then went online and had a look at YouTube, Twitterand Facebook at the feedback that had been left for me. The feedback was mixed on this onebetween good and bad, there wasn’t as much bad feedback. But I take all feedback into mind. Therewere few and here are some “the ident was really good, it was funny and the music goes good withthe ident but I think the story of the ident could be better explained”. This was on feedback form
  3. 3. Facebook I looked at it and thought that’s right I could of explained what was happening in the videoa lot better. “really great was funny but the title at the end lets it down a bit” with this one I agree Icould of done a lot better with the text but as of the time limit I had to just have it as a fade on andoff and if I was to do the ident again then I would make sure that the title would do something cool.Other feedbacks where pretty much the same. As I was going through them I was happy to see thatpeople did like the video and would only have little areas of the video to be changed in order tomake it better. I looked at the video on YouTube itself and I saw that a few people had watched theident and there was some feedback there for me to look at saying what I could do to make the videobetter and I went through each one and with them I agreed with what they were saying. Then Ichecked Twitter and saw a few but there wasn’t as much feedback on Twitter compared toFacebook and YouTube.The feedback that I got back was very helpful and helped me to understand what was wrong if it orhow I could make that ident a lot better and if I was to change or go back over the ident then I wouldtake all these feedback in and follow what they say and try and make the ident better than what it is.My over view of the ident is that I didn’t think that the ident was good and that the music all wentwell and I liked some of the shots that I got from filming it but there would be so much that I woulddo to improve on it and make it a lot better .e.g. when the title “The Grid” appears on the ident it’sjust a fade in and out text, which is really boring and the one thing that I would and which has beensaid in the questionnaires is making the title do something a lot more exciting and doing somethingcool. I would change the music to make it something better, in the feedback questionnaires peoplesaid that the music went well with the video, but I personally think there could be better to put thevideo up against. The overview is that I do like the ident and both actors who helped me with theident did such a good job. As the ident fits all purpose to what the grid is meant be it’s really good..