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  1. 1. DiaryI am now going to start to put together my college promotion video with the footage that I havegotten so far. First I opened up Adobe Premiere Element 10, the first thing that I did so I wouldn’t belooking through loads and loads of footage is I made two folders, as that all I need for now until I getmore footage. I clicked on this which then put in a folder for me then I double clicked on it so Icould rename it and give it more of a better name so they footage that I wanted to find would bemore easier to find. I did this for a second time.It then places the folders in this table,this table is where all media goes, itmakes sure sense to add folders, nowit’s time to add the footage and placethem in the correct folder. First I’ll putthe interview with the Uni student infirst, so I am going to click on thefolder.Which them takes me here, now Iam going to add the footage buyclicking on the ‘get media’ iconwhich is at the top and in the middleof the three icon. Once I clicked onthat it will then take me into myfolders where I can then find thefootage that I want adding.
  2. 2. once I found it I then highlight itand then click on open.Then this loading bar appearswhich mean it’s place thefootage in.Now the table is filled up with the footage that Ihad gotten.I then dragged the footage that I will cut and changed into the timeline waiting for me to startcutting and change them around.I imported the college clips in the same way as the interview clips, and the I dragged the clips that Iwanted from the clips, once it was in the time line I then cut the bits that I didn’t want from the clipby clicking on this cuts the bit that I didn’t want and then I just deleted it. But if I wanted to usethat clip again then I would just put that clip into the timeline and thenI would just use the bits that Iwant. But then once I got the first clip done and sorted to how I liked it. I then put in the other clip
  3. 3. that I then cut that down to how I wanted it to be again and now I am going to put in a slidetransition in between both of those clipstogether and make them look good when they go betweeneach other. First I click on Edit which then changes what I could click on.Then I clicked on transition, and thenunder it has the clips that I selected so Iknow what clip it is that I am goingtransition, as you can see I have quite alot of different effects, I looked throughthe different affects to find the one thatI wanted. This is theone in which I wanted to use for thefirst transition once I have found theone that I wanted I have clicked on itthe then dragged it from transition andinto the time line.But when you drag it into the timeline, you don’t place it on the clip itself you put it in the box inbetween here and then it will make the two slide transition together towards the end of the first clipand at the start of the next clip. I then put in more clips and did the same, cut the clips to make themsorter and more usable. Then I put slide transition in between the two new clips and then I did thesame thing as I did before by placing the transition in the box in the middle box and then once thatdone it then worked. Once I did that, I did the same thing over again until I was happy with what Iwas getting from these clips.
  4. 4. This is now what my time line looks like with the clips added in, so far I’ve cut it down it will be about21 second but even that is still too long for different shots of the college. I would find the end of thestart if the clips and cut it down by using to make it short. I did a few more times so that eachclip I was putting in was nice and short, as I want the video to only be about a minute or two so it’squick and gets to the point. I also decided to change the style of the interviews as I can’t get theother shot to work so it’ll be the one shot which will be cut down.On one of the clips I’ve got to turn up there sound as it’s a little tooquiet, first I am going to select the clip that needed to be turned upThen I clicked on the speaker whichis above the clips and then a dropdown menu appeared, now that thedrop menu appeared I am nowgoing to click on the Audio Mix, asit’s the audio I want turning up.Then I clicked on the audio mixThen this came up, I e levelled everythingso that the audio for that clip would bethe only one that would be able to beheard. I made sure that Audio was thehighest, because the sound is comingfrom audio 1, so making sure that was thehighest was the main thing. Once I wasdone with that I then clicked the closebutton and now that clip should be loaderthan it was before.Now that’s done I am now going to need to put two clips over each other so that it will give a voiceover effecton the video. The way I am going to is to pick the clip that I want and then I’ll just drag itover.
  5. 5. Then I just put the clip into videoand audio 2 and now when thatplays it will be that clip showingbut video and audio 1 sound thatyou’ll be able to hearNow that the video is done I am now going to put in some music to go with the video, I got the videoand converted from Youtube.I went in to get media, and thenthis came up and now I am goingto click on files and folders,because that’s where the music isbased in a folder in my documents.Then this came up, now I will findthe music, which is in this folder,now that I’ve found the music I amgoing to double click on it
  6. 6. which now the music is sorted into the table where I get allmy videos. Now that is in I am going to drag the music fromthere and then place it into soundtrack.now the music is in the soundtrackand plays when the video starts toplay.Now I am going to export the video. First I am going into Share.Then this came up, now Iam going to click onExport to computer as Iwant it on my computerso I can find it. then Iclicked on it
  7. 7. Then this came up, I put it on HD, as that what I filmed in and then I am going to give it a title andthen save it my work document so I can find it when I need to. Once I’ve sorted all that out I thenpressed on saveThen this came up, thisnow mean that my videois being exported to thefolder where I told it togoNow it’s saved in my work space so I’ll be able to find it when I need to.