Assignment 1 proposal


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Assignment 1 proposal

  1. 1. Unit 4, 5 and 65 Assignment 1: ProposalI am a creative media student and for this assignment I’ve got to create a promo video on a subjectat the college, as a creative media student I’ll be making a promo video on that subject. I’ve lookedat different types of promo video for Cheadle and Marple sixth form college and other colleges arethe UK see what their style was, how they did etc. as I said when I was looking for I saw different hadones where student where talking into the camera about how good the course that they were doingwas good and how the teachers are good as well, the other type I saw was people smiling having agood time at the college as some music was playing in the background and there was one which hada voice over and the video was all animated. I looked at different types of promo video for thecollege so it can help when it comes to my time making a promo video. When making a promo videoI must take the different application and the technology that goes in making a promo video.Promotion material can be done in many ways from a promotional video being put on the internetor a video being put on DVD or even done in a presentation. The most important thing to thinkabout when creating a promotional video is who the target is audience is and what the promotionalvideo is about and what it is promoting. Once they both have been done then working on thepromotional video is about. I will be doing a promo video for Creative Media, in the promotionalvideo I will be showing the different types of stuff that people will be doing on this course, andshowing other student talking about the course and students that have already done the course andseeing where they are now because of it. So the target audience will be set for people who arestarting college and thinking of going to college, so this will be set round 16 + as that the age thatpeople leave school and go to college, also it not making them want to go to college it’s in awaymaking them wanting to do that course at the college that is being promoted in the video. The targetaudience is important when creating anything as it the age group or the group of people that it’sbeen set around e.g. as my promotional video is set for 16+ then I’ll try and make it fun, funny andattractive as that will attract more of that age group more than if it was for the age group 40+ theymight not find it appealing to them, also as they are at that age then it can also be sensible, cleanetc. and get then wanting this course. So the target audience is important because once you knowthe target audience so you can set what your creating around it and make it suitable for them.Application is thing such as a WWW (World Wide Web) or DVD menu and even presentation. Promovideo uses the internet to promote what they are promoting because it get it out there quicker thananything can and everybody will be able to see the video within the same day it was released, butthere are a few good and bad problems when it comes to stuff like this on the internet, as I saidbefore that once the video is released then people will be able to see all around the world on thesame day it was put on to the internet , by saying that some people may not have access to theinternet which would mean they would not be able to see the video so not everyone will be able tosee the video. The other points for putting this on the web is that the video will be viral, which willbe a good things because people will be talking about it to their friends and family, sharing it onFacebook which more people will be able to see the video, it going viral is like it being a virus andpeople will not be able to get it out of their head and can’t stop thinking about it, sharing it will bewhat I am looking for as it’s getting around on the internet. It’s not just Facebook that people cansee it or share it on there is also Twitter which most people love to use so putting it up on that as
  2. 2. well which will have more of an impact as well as putting it on Facebook. But having its plus sidethere are bad side to it. The internet can be a fun place where people can play games, watch videos,talk with friends on social networks etc. the bad side is that the internet can create problems forpeople as it can set a virus on the person computer if the click on something which is not right andthen it can mess up that person computer. Also another problem with the internet is the socialnetwork mostly likely Facebook that people can access other people information if the liked thepromo video I that I have created or if a Facebook page was created for what the video wasprompting then other random people can click on anyone’s Facebook page and see all of theirinformation and even people can create random Facebook profile and then add random people butthey could be lying about who they really are which and end up with bad thing happening withpeople information and also their safety. Also for those who have slow connecting then it may take along time for the video to load up and then it may take even longer for the video to completelyupload and time that comes round the person who is waiting may not be interested in watching thevideo. Also even though the internet has its good point it also has its bad points.The other type of platform is DVD; DVD is another way to promote as it can hold a lot of stuff on theDVD disk. Also as the video is on a disk and it can have more added on to it to help the promotionthat the video is promoting, people can stand in the streets and hand them out to people that arewalking past as this will get them more of an audienceand will help to promote the promotion aswell. On the DVD you can do more to it than you could of other stuff, you can create a DVD menu forpeople to navigate around which give them the feel of it being interactive. DVD menus can be funand interactive going from menu to menu finding new thing on it. DVD can hold up to 4.7 GB of stuffwhich they can put quite a lot on to the DVD. The alternative to DVD is blu ray disk which can sort ahell of lot on it twice as a normal DVD would. A blu ray disk has up to 25GB free on the disk which isway you’ll find that there are more stuff on a blu ray than on a normal disk. That is why you’ll seemore features on a blu ray disk than on a normal DVD disk. Presentation can be done in manydifferent ways; mostly they are people standing up in front of a group of people and then speakingwith a power point behind which is moving from slide to slide with a bit of animation on will a fewbullet points. The other way is still someone standing up in front of a group of people and instead ofhaving a power point the could have just a piece of paper with what going to be said in thepresentation, presentation can also help promote thing in fact that what they are most of the time,showing them the idea of what is being promoted, with a few pictures and clips of what’s beingpromoted as well to win people over.The technology behind the promotion video will be thing such as compression, digital file formats,data transfer rate, file size media player etc. digital file format is what then video will be played orwhat will it be suited to be played in so the video runs right through without any errors, the differentfile formats for videos will be wmv, wmp andavi etc. which will carry the video formats, the mostcommon one which will be used for a video format will be the avi as most time it will automaticallybe put into this format but you can change them. Some formats won’t work in other e.g. DivX thistype of video format will not work if you tried opening it up in Window movie player. Depending onwhat the video is so say if it’s a HD video then it will work in DivX but it can be converted into other
  3. 3. files by using conversion software. Also it’s depending on what computer you use as a MAC isdifferent from and normal computer so it will be able to hold better high standard videos as MACuses AIFF. Different types of images also have different types of file formats they have Jpeg, GIF, andPNG and there are loads mores, this is the same as the video format depending on what the imagebackground is then it will be placed into a file format. So a HD images will have a different formatthan a normal image. Most images are placed into a Jpeg file as this is the most common one.Data transfer rate allows people to transfer data form one place to another place, there are manyways that this can be done. Some people can transfer the data through email; these will be like worddocuments or images as email can only handle small files size to send or transfer so you will not beable to send something like an 8 minutes HD video as the file will be too big for what emails canhold. The other way transferring data is by using a memory stickTask 2: Client briefs: Task 2Before working with your client, you need to have an understanding of what the requirements are ofworking to a brief. You will have to write a illustrated report which shows your understanding of thefollowing, Structure of briefs: contractual; negotiated; formal; informal; commission; tender; cooperative brief;Competition, Show examples of the above types of brief within your reportClient’s briefs are done so that the client knows what’s going on if the product or the creative idea ofthis. There are rules in a brief in which people who are taking on a product and turning it intosomething for example the promotion video that I am creating for the college they will have stuffthat they would like to see and also they may want thing included in the video as well. Also it anoutline of what’s going to happen in the video for example what going to happen in the video,what’s it promoting, the style, the target audience. This helps with the actual creation by followingthose rules and also it keep the client and the creator together and the client can keep an eye on theproduct and also they know what’s going on in the creation. Also this means that while the creationis going ahead the client can have meetings with the creator very week or so, so they know how theproduction is going or if there are any problems with the film etc. this keep a tight bound betweenthe creator and the client. There are many different types of briefs t can be done between the clientand the creator or person. Is a contractual, where the client and the person have a contract singabout the brief that they had looked and that both parties are happy with the brief they both sign itoff and then everything move forward, the type is a negotiated brief this is where both the clientand person come to some arraignment with the brief as they both talk about it and then agree, theother type is a formal brief, a formal brief is where both parties sit down and looked at the briefgoing through the brief knowing what’s going to happen and also the client putting down strict rulesabout what they what or what the person must follow when creating it. Informal brief is where bothparties talking about the brief but giving a bit more freedom to the person but also still following therules of the client. Commission is where the video that was created is commissioned on a boardcasted channel, is one will be a brief with the broad casting channel so the person will have to followthe brief down to the last bit as the it will has what they want and also what suitable for theirchannel. The other type of briefs is a cooperative brief which is discussed between two or morepeople who are talking and agreeing with the brief, this could be the same people from, thecompany working on it or different but it two or more people working together on the brief.Competition briefs are a little different from what most are as they are on websites or could be
  4. 4. printed out, it will have a layout on what the competition is and also what is required on the videoand a set of rules.ContractualA contractual brief is strictly between the client and the worker. A contractual brief outlines theduties and what is required of the worker from the client. It will have everything that the worker willneed to know on it, what is required, payment, outline etc. but before the contractual brief is singedand then done with both the client and the worker must first sit down and both agree on what onthe contractual brief, in some cases in media a contractual brief will outline the product that theyhave created and it will have what they want on it and then the director will look at and he/she canchose accept it or not. But sometimes they can sit down and have some stuff changed if they don’tlike what’s on the brief and then once that is all done it gets signed and then works get under way.This is an example of an contractual between a client and a worker Here it’s explaining about the contract with the date and saying who it’s between This is the part of the contract where both parties agree on the contract together, both parties will look at this and if both accept this and happy with it then they can move on from the contract and sign it Here it’s explaining what the worker will be doing, what his/her title will and the place that they will be working at Here at the bottom of the contract are the benefitsas it shows the payment that the worker will be getting if he/her accepts the job Once this is looked at and they are both happy with it gets singed and then an agreementbetween both employee and client is done and both parties mustdone what’s done in the contract or they will be going against which is not good. But in the creativemedia world the contract are kinder the same but there are parts where they are different formnormal ones. On a creative media one is has what the client want’s in the (video) that the director iscreating so they still have a say and also they may even do check-up to see how it’s all going.
  5. 5. here is a quick look at another contract, this is what a producer contract look like, it has all the information on it, that the clients requires form the producer for them to sign it they both would have looked at it and the agreed on it and then signed it. Here is all the information from the client to the employee stating what they would like to see, budget etc. on it outlining what they are looking for here are both parties singed named, this is stating that they both agree with what’s on the contract and accept it and that the employee will follow what is said in this contract as well CommissionCommission briefs is between the TV station and the employee, this is from a TV show which will beshown on the channel, this will have rules which the employee will have to follow in order for themto get there show commissioned on the board casting channel, it will say on the brief the budget,what the show will be about etc. so the employee knows what he or she is doing and making sure they are doing it right and following the brief so the client is happy with what’s happening with the product. Commission briefs are mostly for show, radio station etc. which then will be bored casted to the public for their entertainment. Here is an example of a commission brief
  6. 6. Competition