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Watt Belt - Opportunity execution presentation


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Watt Belt - Opportunity execution presentation

  1. 1. WattBeltFashion forward mobile charging right on your hip!December 13, 2012
  2. 2. What is Watt Belt?For smartphone users who are frustrated by the limitedbattery life of todays devices, the "Watt" is a stylish beltwith an integrated ultra thin lithium polymer battery thatprovides backup power for your devices in a convenientfashion.Our product isnt an inconvenient/unfashionable batterybrick that you have to remember to carry around. Its areliable source of power youll never be without.
  3. 3. Marketing StrategyOnline● Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo!● Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and other (Twitter).● % off of next purchase / referral discounts.Partnerships● Leverage retail relationships to promote the product.● Partner with other companies that produce complementary products for cross selling opportunities.Public Relations● Identify key people who would promote the product through their media channels.
  4. 4. Sales StrategyDirect Sales● From website (● Boutique retailers● Fashion, technology● Examples: Hammacher SchlemmerWholesale● Resell to larger vendors / retailers
  5. 5. Key PartnershipsInitial Partnerships● Use Google Advertising and Facebook.Ramp-up Partnership● Select retailers located at large malls.Suppliers● Leverage off-shore suppliers for materials.
  6. 6. Distribution StrategyDirect Sales & Distribution● Initially - Individual shipping from production facility (basement, garage, warehouse,etc.)● Future - Expand network based on demand
  7. 7. Cost AnalysisBill of Materials (BOM) to outlineCustom PCB (printed circuit board) for charging/boosting/safety - $2Ultra-thin Li-Poly rechargeable battery - $2.22Pre-stamped leather - $3Battery sleeve - $0.50Custom nickel/chrome plated belt buckle - $3Charging cable - $0.25Other wire - $0.10TOTAL = $11.07/unitOverhead (development, manufacturing, facility, distribution) - TBD
  8. 8. Revenue ModelUnit Cost = 25% $11.07Profit Margin = 25% $11.07Retail cost = 50% $22.14Retail price = 100% ~$45.00
  9. 9. Risks● Overcoming health fears ○ Ensure product wont overheat/cause burns ○ Convince customers it is safe to use● Projection ○ Fad or here to stay ○ Being surpassed by quicker, more prevalent competitors● Quality & Manufacturing ○ Tooling costs are high even for first prototype battery ○ Grow too fast & the quality may be affected ○ Too slow and customers may lose interest
  10. 10. FundingBootstrap to startAs a next step, private funding via:Friends and familyKickstarter or alternativeAngel InvestorVenture CapitalIPO