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Cloud: It's More Than Just Virtual Machines


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One of the aspects of Cloud Service providers to look at is the additional, value-add services that they provide beyond just virtual machines managed outside your data center. Windows Azure offers a cornucopia of options for services that can help you secure your applications, provide communication foundations and use in your solutions. The presentation will provide an overview of several of these options, including: Windows Azure Access Control Services (ACS), Service Bus Brokered Messaging, Service Bus Caching and Windows Azure Storage.

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Cloud: It's More Than Just Virtual Machines

  1. 1. The Cloud: It’s More Than Just Virtual Machines http://mvwood.comImage: @mikewo on Twitter
  2. 2. Images: Gizmodo
  3. 3. Image by toolstop
  4. 4. Application building blocksImage: Windows Azure Training Kit -
  5. 5. In 2011 it was reported that the CERN Large Hadron Collider generated 40 TB each second during an experiment. A Boeing jet engine can produce 10 TB every 30 minutes. That’s 640 TB for a four engine plane crossing the Atlantic. There are thousands of flights every day. How much data do you have? How fast is it growing?Image: Lucas Film
  6. 6. Older Data
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  8. 8. Image: Windows Azure Training Kit -
  9. 9. RelayClient Service
  10. 10. Service Bus Or Storage QueueClient Service
  11. 11. DMZADFS V2 Internal AD Box
  12. 12. Windows AzureActive Directory DMZ ADFS V2 Internal AD Box
  13. 13. Windows AzureActive Directory
  14. 14. Shared Cache DB
  15. 15. Cache CacheDB
  16. 16. Image by Microsoft -
  17. 17. Image by Microsoft -
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