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Surveillance Presentation


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Add IP based surveillance systems to your business data network. Protect your business assets much as you would protect your business data

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Surveillance Presentation

  1. 1. Considering a Surveillance* System? *More Commonly Referred to as: Security Cameras
  2. 2. Maybe you have experienced a “situation”
  3. 3. Or you just want to prevent one from happening or be ready when one does…
  4. 4. You would like to investigate more about having a surveillance system to protect your assets or your employees
  5. 5. But you aren’t sure who to ask or where to turn
  6. 6. There are recent innovations with surveillance systems…
  7. 7. they cost much less, are easier to install, and can now be added to your data network
  8. 8. You trust us to protect your business data… Let us share how we can protect your other business assets
  9. 9. IP-Based Surveillance Systems from Combined Systems Technology
  10. 10. Contact us today for a confidential discussion on providing surveillance for your operations. 515-473-6163