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Acceptable Assets for PPP


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This is a list of acceptable assets which may be used in a regulated leveraged asset program. Assets must be liquid or backed with full bank responsibility.

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Acceptable Assets for PPP

  1. 1. Acceptable Assets for Leverage Asset Program THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL OR SOLICIT. THIS IS PURELY INFORMATIONAL IN NATURE. THIS IS A PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAM FOR A VERY SPECIFIC KIND OF CLIENT WITH THE ELIGIBLE ASSSETS FOR CONSIDERATION. On assets such as stones or gold bullion that resides in a bank vault with a full bank responsibility Safe Keeping Receipt, the valuation of the assets must be in excess of 200- Million Euro or USD. Cash accounts must hold a MINIMUM of 150-Million Euro or USD. No other currencies. All assets remain in the Client’s accounts. As part of my role as Intake Officer, the process goes like this: Step 1. Introductory phone call between myself and the Principal Signatory over the assets as listed in the bank records. Step 2. If the conversation warrants it, a further engagement with the client begins with the submission of our specific KYC package and the SKR (all pages). Step 3. Once client completes, signs and returns directly these starting documents, they are reviewed within my office, then presented to the principal of the trade groups for further due diligence. Step 4. If client is authorized after compliance to go forward, a contract is created between the Principal and the Trade Group. Step 5. Once all IMF regulations have been complied with and the trade group has obtained its approval from the European Central Bank to provide a non-recourse trade credit line to the trade groups by showing the client’s assets, it then starts trading. The program runs for 1 year (40 Banking Weeks). Payout of profits is usually every ten business days, or at the agreement of the contract parties. A CAP on trade profits has been set by the IMF to no more than 70% per month. Offers of 100%, blah blah blah are fake and will never result in an actual trading program. IMF took over ALL trade programs in this arena years ago. I hope this helps you understand how we operate. Our traders are the only IMF-LICENSED traders allowed to operate these programs under IMF and World Bank regulations. With so many mis-informed “brokers”, the amount of bad information on the Internet drowns out the actual reality of these. I’m here to help if you have this client directly. I cannot work with daisy chains of more than one intermediary to the client. It never works out. Let me know if I may be of further assistance. Michael J. Weiner President/CEO PreConstruction Catalysts, Inc 202-657-6960 Skype: michael.j.weiner