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Elevate to Trusted Advisor in UX


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Corporations are at all levels of adopting UX into their environment. From the newbies to the skilled, they’re constantly faced with challenges on understanding their users, how to engage them and to properly build with a “user first” mentality. Meanwhile, agencies and UXers are hired in to help, regardless of what level of UX maturation the company is in.

In this talk, we’ll walk through essential strategies and tools necessary to succeed, thrive and lead corporations to internal UX adoption. Michael will share his and other UX leaders real life examples of working with companies, up to the Fortune 50, where these tools help earn the title of Trusted Advisor in the field of UX. It takes a village, corporate village, united with UX leaders to align user wishes with solutions being created.

If you’ve been thrown into the corporate vortex and need tips on how to increase internal UX adoption, attend this talk to learn proven strategies on how to become the UX trusted advisor.

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Elevate to Trusted Advisor in UX

  1. 1. Elevate to September 2016 Trusted Advisor in UX Michael Vaughn Director of Digital Experience
  2. 2. A UX Journey in a Corporate Vortex
  3. 3. Setting Yourself Apart and Make a Difference
  4. 4. Six Common Challenges and How to Overcome Just Fix the UI Leadership Heavy Environment Too Many Style Guies Misunderstanding CX and UX Changing a “We Can’t” Mentality Strong Willed Front End Dev
  5. 5. I Just Wanna Be Pretty!!
  6. 6. I Just Wanna Be Pretty!!
  7. 7. Challenge UX is not just UI Typically lead by the development team either new to UX or doesn’t see the value Client hoping for a “quick” and inexpensive fix
  8. 8. How To Overcome Clearly Define Goals and Objectives Prior to Kickoff
  9. 9. How To Overcome Educate and Inform about User Experience High level process overview Bottom line value
  10. 10. How To Overcome Do a UX Project Pilot Find someone within the client’s organization to sponsor Collaborate with business/product/marketing/development
  11. 11. The Broken Experience
  12. 12. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen!
  13. 13. Challenge Everyone has an opinion and is strong willed Leaders are constantly changing their mind There’s no clear defined direction
  14. 14. How To Overcome Determine who is the Coach, Influencer, Champion and Enemy (Ideally prior to kickoff)
  15. 15. How To OvercomeFind a sponsor (champion) and adopt a plan
  16. 16. Titles Don’t Always Align with Roles
  17. 17. Don’t Move My Cheese!! Fun times with Front End Dev
  18. 18. Challenge Strong opinions of UI elements and/or tools They’re misinformed of what UX is and the value Fear of change and doing things differently
  19. 19. How To Overcome Get the front end development team involved in the beginning
  20. 20. How To OvercomeEducate and inform of UX best practices
  21. 21. How To Overcome Keep reinforcing the message that the solution is about the user
  22. 22. The $36,000 Line Break
  23. 23. Style Guides, We’ve Got Plenty!!
  24. 24. Challenge They’re multiple versions, often outdated No governance in place Style guides don’t align with corporate image
  25. 25. How To OvercomeCatalogue and build a matrices of all guides
  26. 26. How To OvercomeWork on getting approval for a governance
  27. 27.
  28. 28. UX CX
  29. 29. Challenge A misunderstanding of “What is UX” In the midst of a corporate identity issue There’s disparity between departments
  30. 30. How To Overcome Level set goals and objectives, take a step back and recommend a digital strategy session
  31. 31. How To Overcome Work with key stakeholders and build a roadmap. If needed, do this during the current project but incorporate the long tail approach
  32. 32. Converting from We Can’t to We Will
  33. 33. Challenge Morale might be down Lazy, sedentary people Negative mentality
  34. 34. How To OvercomeBuild a tribe
  35. 35. How To OvercomeGet some short wins and evangelize
  36. 36. How To OvercomeDevelop a plan collaboratively with team
  37. 37. “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination to win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” - Vince Lombardi
  38. 38. Power Moves
  39. 39. Consultant or Contractor?
  40. 40. Be a UX Maverick! 2015
  41. 41. Use a Defined Understanding Design Brief Template (DU)
  42. 42. Know When to Hold ‘Em, Fold ‘Em, Walk Away and To Run! - Kenny Rogers
  43. 43. Recap on How to Overcome Challenges
  44. 44. Convert “Just Fix the UI” Mentality Clearly Define Goals & Objectives Educate & Inform About UX Do a UX Project Pilot Overcome Having Too Many Leaders Determine the: Coach/Influencer/Champion/Enemy Find a Sponsor & Adopt a Plan Achieve Synergy with Dev Get Them Involved in the Beginning Educate & Inform about UX Keep Reinforcing - User Comes First Unify and Simplify Style Guide Catalogue and Do Gap Analysis Build a Matrices Get Approval on Governance Convert a We Can’t Mentality Build a Tribe Get Some Short Wins & Evangelize Develop a Plan Collaboratively With Team Clarify and Drive CX with UX Level Set Goals & Objectives Work with Key Stakeholders Build a Roadmap Elevate to Trusted Advisor in User Experience
  45. 45. Close Q A Slide “Lead with a Servant Heart” Brian Sullivan @BrianKSullivan
  46. 46. - Nick Finck @NickF “If we believe UX is a role & not a field, we are limiting the potential for many roles.
  47. 47. The Six Core Disciplines of User Experience - Nick Finck User Research Content Strategy Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual Design Usability Evaluation @NickF “If we believe UX is a role & not a field, we are limiting the potential for many roles. My old model still holds true”
  48. 48. Thanks! Any Questions? Michael Vaughn Director of Digital Experience @mcvaughn /michaelcvaughn