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Music video storyboard media


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Music video storyboard media

  1. 1. Music Video StoryboardMike Turner, Felicity Hamnett and Jordan Kierans
  2. 2. Shot 1:Montage of low angle mid-shots of Jordan lay across bench (asleep) -after a night of heavy drinking. Plastic bag full of empty bottles, one bottle in characters hand.
  3. 3. Shot 2:High angle, over the left shoulder shot of Jordan reflecting onevents from previous night. Looks dazed and confused – hungover.
  4. 4. Shot 3:Jordan looks at his empty bottle in low angle mid shot and throws itaway – during which the camera angle edits to an over the shoulder shot to catch the bottle as it lands on the floor.
  5. 5. Shot 4:Felicity enters the scene in a long shot/ 2 shot of the pair. Jordan is ‘sick’ asshe walks past which sparks a negative reaction from the girl. i.e. Face pull.She then walks out of the scene in a mid shot of the 2.
  6. 6. Shot 3:The camera returns to the mid shot low angle of Jordan then pans right into the next scene...
  7. 7. ...where Jordan is sat onthe swings of an empty Shot 5:park, playing with hisphone.
  8. 8. Shot 6:The camera then editsto an over the shouldershot of Jordanmessaging someone.This will be the firstimpression we get ofwhy he looksdepressed/felt the needto get a hangover. Hetexts a girl (his ex) thenwalks out of theshot, with the swing stillswinging naturally.
  9. 9. Shot 7: Long Shot flashback of the couple walking to a spot they used to go to while they were together. They approach the camera. Black and white colour.
  10. 10. Shot 8: Jordan walks down the path in LS towards the camera. Other camera angles to be used here include tracking shot, low angle shot and a pan left as he walks by - (edited at a later date).
  11. 11. Shot 9: Jordan commits suicide due to depression after his ex fails to show up where they arranged to meet. Thus will be in long shot. The camera will pan up to the sky, then pan down and Jordan will have gone.
  12. 12. Shot 10: Felicity turns up (late) for her meeting with Jordan. She messagesTrees. him asking where he is – unaware of what he has just done. This is an over the shoulder shot that pans... > Cliff Edge
  13. 13. Shot 11: ...over the cliff edge where Jordan is still on the floor. The camera zooms in from long shot, misses him and the song/video finishes. Cliff