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Open thinking sales mastery


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Open thinking sales mastery

  1. 1. World Class Academy of Excellence presents:Don’t Miss This Kung Fu Sales MasteryPowerfulEventWorkshop InDubai if you An Attitudinal Approachor your team to Generating Revenue Through Peoplewill be aimingfor more in2013!‘Transformyour SalesPotential inthese TwoActionPacked Days’
  2. 2. Sales Mastery: The Martial Art of Communication “Results are always the Join us for this powerful workshop on product of action, we transform them into opportunities. We then the best of sales communication move our delegates marry the ancient wisdom with toward the most practices around the globe. If you are considering boosting your today. . positive action strategy” qualifications and career in selling to Your attendance will expose you a vast other people, this is the bulls-eye array of topics, including Measuring your workshop. Sales ‘IQ’, Communication for a purpose, Winners do not simply have You will discover what hundreds of attracting more cooperation from your targets and goals… thousands of sales people and team, arousing engagement in the work managers and have known for years, place, Kung Fu Listening, Closing the Big ‘They Have Big Dreams!’ the best practices in communications deals though polishing your presentation can help you become the best sales skills, introduction to world famous sales master. models, including this Micro-Class to enrich your understanding of how climb We will explore the wisdom of the the ten rings of the dragon, the keys to Shaolin Monks who developed Kung selling anything. Fu as a martial art, and learn how to break the bricks that keep you from connecting to others as a leader in sales. Transform the adversity that life sends us and flip it on its back, and2
  3. 3. Kung Fu Sales LeadershipWorkshopsThe objective of any company today is creatingmore value for their clients and in doing so, to enjoya return to their own bottom line.How companies achieve this is through theirpositioning and strategy so that a transaction cantake place.Although on line sales are growing worldwide, 90%of revenues that companies depend upon arethrough a customer facing representative beingtrusted by the client to exchange the goods of theircompany with the money of the client.No matter what words we use, this is selling. Weare all selling everyday. Not only in the frontlines, but we are using selling techniques to getthings done in our every day lives both in “There is power in taking any action to move youbusiness and in our personal lives. closer to your goals. Professionals realize that no Partnering as a delegate in this workshop will elevate your selling one is coming to their rescue, and therefore take skills instantly to take you from where you are now, to unstoppable. initiatives to sharpen their skills. Kung Fu Sales Mastery provides a synthesis of techniques and attitudes from that have sold millions.” Facilitator, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Advisor and Chief Inspirational Officer of, Michael J. Tolan, shares his 25 years of experience in building successful sales teams in 15 countries around the world. You will be exposed to the most compelling reasons to achieve more success than ever before, and receive the tools to reach your targets and have the courage to ‘Dream Bigger’ than ever before.3
  4. 4. The art of persuasion can be mastered, just as the ancient art of Kung Fu can be mastered through dedication, focus, training for particular techniques, and practice. Persuasive communication, or selling, is a process that can be learned, repeated and polished. The process starts with the right mind set, a belief that possibilities can be influenced by our attitudes that drive our behaviors, which in turn, light the next step of the way, available just when we4 need it.
  5. 5. It would be virtually impossible to light a campfire with wet matches. Think of attitude in this way. ‘Dare to Dream’ When we can experience this Kung Fu Communications will frustration of trying to light the Strengthen competencies in all facets wood, which will cook our food, of selling anything. although we may be very  Climb the master ladder of motivated to eat, our resource or success during this workshop to spark is not available when we master: need it. Now let us experience an attitude  Lead Generation transformed and ready. Ready to  Meeting and Rapport Building strike, like a warrior in waiting,  Listening Skills ready to seize victory. Who will be  Discovering the Clients Real successful? The one who is not Needs prepared, who has not protected  Presenting with Passion and their matches from the cold, the damp, or life’s circumstances? Purpose In Kung Fu, preparation is king.  Empathy for your Customer This is why years of training and  Using Sales Mastery IQ re-training for readiness pay off at  Overcoming Hurdles and that one single moment where Objections attitude combined with skill and  Closing the Sale with Ease practice emerges victoriously for the master.  Out Thinking the Competition  Adding Value & Referrals5
  6. 6. These are some of the many elements of the process that are mastered in Kung Fu Selling. Discover the secret steps to slay the DragonJust as Kung Fu Masters use tools, weaponry to assist them in battle, so too must the communicator of today be trainedin using tools to achieve success in the battlefield every day. The Kung Fu master must overcome warriors whodisagree or attack, the communicator of today must use the techniques of word construction to overcome objections andrebuild the road to positive results. This powerful workshop is an effective refresher for seasoned professionals and well structured tutorial for the newlyinitiated. Join us on the journey; take advantage of challenging the Kung Fu skill that lies dormant within each of us. Sales Leadership is a much-used term today to describe a variety of concepts, however Kung Fu Communications forLeaders blends the best practices for inspirational selling.The workshop shares its core practices witheach participant in a fast moving , interactive,intensive accelerated workshop.If you have decided to attend KungFu Sales Mastery, you have decided toraise your own bar of excellence and excelin your career through becoming theexample of a great leader in the salesindustry. World Class Academy of Excellence@OpenThinking LLC Building 19, S08, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai , UAE Visit: London.Bangalore.Dubai.Beirut.Malta. Events Hotline +91 9035273477 +447024066849