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2013 inpower programs


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2013 inpower programs

  1. 1. World Class Academy of Excellence@OpenThinking LLC Bespoke Program Guide Facilitator and Corporate Coach Michael J. Tolan Nothing says success better that results that have been created time and time again. Michael J. Tolan has for the past two decades enabled people to get more out of themselves. From starting his first businesses as a young man, he went on to create his own organizations in more that 15 countries employing hundreds of cross tiered staff that he trained within his own organizations. His seminars and workshops on getting the best out of people have been attended by thousands of people. His message is delivered as a facilitator, not as a typical trainer, but After a stellar twenty-five moreover as someone who walked the walk successfully year career as an time and time again. From starting one organization with entrepreneur, Michael J, Tolan heads the World 2 employees to building it to over 800 people in under Class Academy of three years, his passion has always been to empower Excellence. others to get more of themselves.“Our Passion is Today he heads the World Class Academy ofhelping others to theirinternal and often Michael Tolan has delivered programs, seminars andhidden gifts to workshops to small to medium size companies as well as large organizations such as Telecoms, Utilities andmake contributions Logistical operators within the Mena Region.that matter.”
  2. 2. Advanced Leadership Communications This leadership development program This is adopts the principals of combined the renowned by Leadership Challenge communication strategies program, authored by that empower intelligence Kouzes and Posner. for leaders while using This program is well Dale Carnegie suited for organizations methodology to blend that wish to embrace these two schools into one best practices in solid and lasting program leadership today. The for advanced leadership purpose of the communications. Advanced workshop is to deeply The Leadership Challenge Leadership imbed the foundational is one of the most widely pillars of a provenCommunications leadership model that effective and utilized programs in the US, with has been adopted by clients such as Microsoft, leading Fortune 500 GE, Aramco, as well as Companies, NGO’s and thousands of medium to Governmental small business units that institutions. understand the core Over 2,000,000 copies of ethics and values of The Leadership exemplary leadership. Challenge have been The Facilitator blends sold worldwide. these disciplines and The facilitation of this adapts them to the Mena workshop guides region for practical participants through the application. The take how and why of great away is building lasting leadership with an best practices in everyday assortment of role-plays, thinking and behaviors as interactive games, role models of great academic content to leadership. fuel the fire of leadership in everyone. Public Workshop fees per person: 3,500 -5,500 AED
  3. 3. Negotiate Your Future with Leverage Value Exchange Workshop Negotiate Your Future, Navigate with Leverage Negotiating your Future allows eachNegotiating is something everyone does every day.We all have want and needs, just as organizations. delegate to instantlyWhy are good negotiation skills important for personal understand andand professional life? predict barriers andSimply, these skills help us understand the paradigm of obstacles whilethe See-Saw of exchanging value. deploying intelligentValue can be in many forms such as time, costs, and empathy toquality. maximize results.Good negotiators understand that in order to achievetheir desired outcome, they must be constantly Two-Day Publicnegotiating hurdles, people, and challenges in orderto maintain focus and achieve the desired outcome. Workshop: 3,500 AEDUsing the See-Saw as the driving visual for thisworkshop, the delegates are put through a series ofscenarios and tasked with understanding the outcomefrom the other persons point of view. They explore newtools and triggers that can make their own pathsmoother and getting the most out of people andcircumstances around them.Splitting the difference is not the way forward, as mostpeople choose to do.
  4. 4. Super-Vision for Supervisors Organizations around the world are grappling everyday with the task of getting the most out of their employees, projects and partners. In order to oversee critical processes in people, a deeper understanding of what makes people want to do something is paramount to harmonious attainment of the task at hand. WCA believes that people will do just about anything that you ask them to do, when they are giving enough reasons to do so. Ancient models of using the Carrot and the Stick are today be exchanged by inspirational communication, in others words, catching people doing something right. This positive re-enforcement technique is the greatest tool a supervisor of projects and people can learn and utilize in their day-to- day environments. Understanding the process of the task to be supervises today requires Super- Vision, to get the best out of people in the workplace, to use encouragement and approval to stimulate ingenuity, loyalty and team work to create a feel good atmosphere where the subordinates look forward to coming to their office. This communications workshop for supervisors, which is one of the many hats of managing today, deploys the delegate back into the“Super Outcomes erupt work arena with new tools to guide thefrom those who employees to have a desire to perform theirempower others by best, with verification strategies and testSharing their Vision” driving delegation imbedded in this workshop. 2-Day Workshop – Public 3,500 AED per person
  5. 5. and begin to share withSpeak Like a Star purpose and passion. A deeper look into this unveils pre-learned experiences of feeling incompetent, of making mistakes in public and being judged by others. Speak Like a Star digs deep into the personalities of each delegate and provokes each person at their own level to open upSpeak Like a Star is aprogram that invitesdelegates to understandthat greatcommunication skillsarmed with confidenceand humanity are thequalities that we all “Enabling others torespect in a storyteller. Miracle breakthroughs are over come their fears often experienced in thisEveryone has a story and replace it with workshop after eachinside him or her, a story to solid confidence is delegate has goneshare. through a series of role the take away Star plays, mini-presentations,No one was born to be a Power Delivers” spontaneous talks thatgreat speaker or improve the level ofpresenter, but today confidence whilemore and more reaching their audienceorganizations are with heart.compelled to have aprofessional 2 Day Workshop: Public:spokesperson to 3,500 AEDrepresent their product,brand or service.Understanding thatwhen asking 100 peoplewhat are their 5 biggestfears, speaking in publiccome in as one of these 5for more than 75% ofpeople.
  6. 6. themselves as today. Mission I’m Possible The workshop is created This event is a to set the stage for cornerstone of mind set positive change through change for positive altering the perceptions empowerment. that hold people back. This one or two day event The first day of presenting is pure passion and fire to this material charges the unleash the old believes audiences to drop old that hold people back excuses and accept from reaching their responsibility to potential. understand what is holding them back from The methodology is reaching their full presented by using potential. inspirational real life examples, helping the The delegates are given“Mind Sets for Positive Change delegates to understand tools to allow them to use Happen Here at Mission I’m what is really holding other words that “But” I Possible Events” them back from being Can’t” more that who they see Or “yes, but my situation is different”. Once these brick walls of believe are shattered, the workshop takes them forward to explore new possibilities, new goals, new achievements in their personal life and careers that will drive them forward with a new positive perspective. Half Day Workshop: AED 1,200 per person
  7. 7. The Entrepreneur In You Innovation in the Workplace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magine Better, Bigger, "4/)664%3$(&)%*+/)-03+E+ Brighter, Bolder, Braver #$(,4"+2")6+68+ Breakthroughs 4F.4"&4%/4;+/)G5)">4"*+ $%3+/)6.4(&()"*+()+ ).4"$(4+6)"4+422&/&4%(08;+ /"4$(&%#+7$0-4+$%3+.-".)*4+ &%+(,4+3404#$(4*+2-(-"4+ /)%("&1-(&)%*9+H4GE%74%(+(,4+5,440+)2+04(,$"#8+$%3+"4.0$/4+&(+5&(,+$00)5&%#+&%%)7$(&)%+18+4%")00&%#+(,4+.4).04+5,)+$**-64+(,4&"+($*>+&*+6-%3$%4+&%()+)%4+(,$(+&*+46.)54"&%#+18+540/)6&%#+(,4+4%("4."4%4-"&$0+*.&"&(+()+14#&%+()+#")5+$%3+.")*.4"+474"8)%4+$")-%3+(,469+IG@$8+J)">*,).G+K-10&/L+M;NOO+++