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Active insight behavioral targeting for targeted marketing short


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ActiveInsight SaaS provides Targeted Marketing, REal-time Sales Intelligence and Autoamtic Lead Generaion and Qualification.

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  • Interesting enough for me to go and have a look at your website although I wasn't clear once I got there exactly how the software works. Does it only work on traffic on your website or is it also useful for analysing online trends, and what users are doing on other sites. Just finished a video on targeted marketing on our website
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Active insight behavioral targeting for targeted marketing short

  1. 1. SaaS Edition Targeted Marketing Sales Intelligence Automatic Lead Generation and Qualification
  2. 2. Background  Organizations invest significantly to improve their online presence and drive more traffic to their websites  Web design, blogging and SEO investments increase BUT  Web analytics tools only provide general trends and statistics  Detailed visitor behavior and demographics are overlooked  Generating and qualifying leads takes a lot of time, effort and money  critical Sales Intelligence is missing  Presenting the right message to the right person at the right time is almost impossible
  3. 3. ActiveInsight  ActiveInsight provides targeted marketing, real-time sales intelligence and automatic lead generation and qualification to specific visitors based on their behavior  ActiveInsight can detect and react to specific visitors scenarios based on the visitor’s:  Geographical location and Organization  Search terms used and Referring sites  Online Behavior (page clicks), # of Pages in visit, # of Previous visits and more  Various combinations of multiple parameters & Auto scoring
  4. 4. Smart Reactions > More Leads > More Sales Reacting to relevant visitors based on their location, organization or interest in your products can "hook" them in and • Convert anonymous visitors into leads • Create new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities • Improve service and bottom line sales ActiveInsight Service analyzes and reacts to visitor scenarios according to your business goals and specifications.
  5. 5. Hit the Iron while its hot! • Get real-time sales intelligence of your web site’s visitors • Define automatic visitor reactions easily • See who’s hot and who’s not • Target the right message to the right visitor at the right time • Empower your sales team with accurate customer data • Turn your online visitors into leads and improve sales
  6. 6. Thank you Contact us > and start reacting!