Seminar presentation 05042011_v7_with_cl


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ASG Corporate Presentation with Cloud Factory

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Seminar presentation 05042011_v7_with_cl

  1. 1. Managing Cloud Complexity Through Enterprise Orchestration<br />Introducing 21st Century<br /> Infrastructure Management<br />Enabling Governance and Risk Management of all IT Assets and Business Processes to Assure Compliance<br />
  2. 2. What Drives ASG Products<br />(Presentations, seminars and meetings)<br />
  3. 3. ASG Product Areas Expanded<br />Cloud Cockpit <br />Performance Management<br />ITOMS<br />Infrastructure & Operations<br />Management Suite<br />COMS<br />Cloud<br />Orchestration<br />Management<br />Suite<br />DIMS<br />Data & Information<br />Management<br />Suite<br />Cloud Application on Demand<br />Operations Management<br />EAMS<br />Foundation<br />Technology<br />Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning<br />Infrastructure Management<br />Cloud-in-a-Box<br />Information and Document Management<br />APM<br />Application Portfolio Management<br />AMS<br />Application Management Suite<br />Metadata Management<br />Application Mainframe Management<br />
  4. 4. ASG Cloud Driven Enterprise<br />Infrastructure – Server - Application on Demand<br />ASG - visionapp<br />
  5. 5. ASG CloudFactory Base Modules<br />Frontend<br />Backend<br />Control<br /><ul><li>Browser-based Web 2.0 webtop (user work-place)
  6. 6. Access to all services, content and applications (catalog)
  7. 7. Published, web, streamed, local, virtual apps
  8. 8. User Self-Service
  9. 9. Single Sign-On
  10. 10. Dynamic user access and management (authentication and authorization)
  11. 11. Automated Design, creation and deployment of Cloud-infrastructures
  12. 12. Lifecycle Management of “Cloud Releases”
  13. 13. Role-based System-Management for Server and Clients
  14. 14. Packaging of applications for usage in virtualized environments
  15. 15. “Bare Metal” Deployment of Server-Farms
  16. 16. Fully automated managment of resources in a centralized cloud infrastructure
  17. 17. Provisioning and usage-based billing of resources
  18. 18. Design, Definition and Reporting of Cloud Services
  19. 19. Workflow-Management for all resource deployments of all processes
  20. 20. Backend Integration </li></li></ul><li>ASG – visionapp<br />A Phased Approach Assures Success<br />Cloud Factory Initial Assessment (High Level Business Case)<br />Phase1 <br /><ul><li>Cloud Factory ”big picture” assessment
  21. 21. Analyse projects & programs in flight & planned
  22. 22. High Level delivery architecture assessment
  23. 23. Creation & validation of high-level target architecture scenarios
  24. 24. Creation of business case scenarios for target architectures, delta cost analysis
  25. 25. Duration: ca. 4 weeks, fixed price</li></ul>Phase2<br /><ul><li>Create detailed Vision Scope for target architecture
  26. 26. Detailed data analysis (Cloud Factory detail assessment)
  27. 27. Develop High-Level target architecture & delivery approach, map to Cloud Factory modules
  28. 28. Prepare work packages & delivery structure (project planning)
  29. 29. Create SOR (Statement of Requirement)</li></ul>Planning & Validation<br />Cloud Factory Business Case updated<br />Phase 3<br /><ul><li>Delivery detail planning
  30. 30. Create FHLDs - Functional High Level Designs
  31. 31. Create DLDs - Detailed Level Designs</li></ul>Design<br />Phase 4 <br /><ul><li> Integration, User acceptance testing
  32. 32. Operational acceptance testing
  33. 33. Build guides, operational guides
  34. 34. Build
  35. 35. Pilot & rollout, Transformation support services</li></ul>Implementation<br />
  36. 36. ASG – visionapp Benefits<br />Maximize utilization and minimize operational costs by consolidation of systems and services into a cloud services architecture.<br />Provide abstraction of applications and operating systems from hardware by use of centralized cloud delivery platforms, virtualization and application access portals.<br />Drive down your CAPEX and OPEX costs with standardization and rationalization.<br />Reduce staff cost by automation of service requests and administration. <br />Improve speed to market, consistency & reliability with user self service provisioning.<br />
  37. 37. ASG - visionapp CloudFactory – Results<br /><ul><li>6 of the 10 largest banks in Germany and a leading UK retail bank use our CloudFactory based architecture, solutions & products across 250,000+ private cloud users
  38. 38. Savings of >500M US$ in the last 3 years for our clients
  39. 39. Global Player with presence in 50+ countries and 130k employees
  40. 40. Desktop Transformation Program - 70,000 seats, 1,600 servers
  41. 41. Consolidation of 9,000 servers and applications</li></ul>>250M US$ Savings<br />>20,000 cloud platform customers under service<br /><ul><li>Leading global Telco with >180k staff
  42. 42. Public Cloud Services Platform for > 20k SMB customers with monthly growth of >1k customers
  43. 43. Private Cloud platform for >30k users and all stores across Germany </li></ul>Private Cloud Platform for global desktops<br /><ul><li>Private Cloud platform replacing managed desktops services for ca. 37k users
  44. 44. Delivery a >40% TCO reduction</li></li></ul><li>Enterprise Automation Management Suite Overview<br />Multiple Data via Portlet Views<br />Composite Views<br />Dashboard Views<br />Configuration<br />Views<br />Other Sources (Scorecards)<br />Other Sources<br />(Internet)<br />Other Sources<br />(BI Tools)<br />EAMS Foundation Technology<br />Scorecards/KPIs<br />Non-Configuration<br />Information Via<br />ASG’s Federation Portal<br />EAMS Foundation Technology<br />BTAM<br />Presentation<br />Manager<br />BTAM<br />Analytics<br />BTAM<br />Manager<br />BTAM<br />Presentation<br />Manager<br />ASG’s<br />metaData Business Asset<br />Repository<br />BTAM<br />Manager<br />BTAM<br />Analytics<br />ASG’s<br />metaData Business Asset<br />Repository<br />Federation Adapters<br />Federation Adapters<br />Data Managers – tools, tool managers, logs, files, etc.<br />Applications<br />Tools<br />Application<br />Suites<br />Data Sources<br />Unstructured Data Sources (Word, Excel)<br />
  45. 45. EAMS Manages the Cloud <br />and ASG’s Global IT Environment<br />Refined layer of <br />IT Services & Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Virtualization
  46. 46. Enterprise
  47. 47. Corp. Portal
  48. 48. Help Desk
  49. 49. Unified Threat Mgmt
  50. 50. Mainframe
  51. 51. Automation
  52. 52. End User Experience
  53. 53. Network, Internet, FTP…</li></ul>3 – Everything becomes visible, the good, the bad and the ugly<br />1 - Real-time view of Business Services<br />2 – Detection and repair times dramatically reduced<br />Business Value <br />
  54. 54. ASG - visionapp in the New<br />World of Virtualized Distribution<br />