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RAML 1.0 Release


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Version 1.0 of RAML, the RESTful API Modeling Language has been released, making code reuse, models, and covering the full API/ Software Life cycles even easier! With RAML 1.0 you can truly design, build, test, documenting, and share your API.

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RAML 1.0 Release

  1. 1. Write once. Use many. Creative laziness encouraged.
  2. 2. RAML 1.0 RC RELEASED!!!
  3. 3. WHAT’S NEW
  4. 4. Data Models complex schemas and examples become simply typed models that can be used for code generation, clear interpretation, example generation, and yes – even multi-format schema generation. OR
  5. 5. Data Models data models are easily pulled in to other models, used as schemas/ examples, and can even be stored in libraries and namespaced!
  6. 6. Libraries resourceTypes, traits, schemas, examples, data types (models), and more can all be stored in libraries, which can then be pulled into the RAML spec in a namespaced format – letting you reuse what you want, and ignore what you don’t.
  7. 7. Overlays your API doesn’t just live in one environment, so neither should your design, documentation, or tests. Overlays let you “extend” your RAML spec for your development, QA, and production environments. Original Spec Overlay setting Production Values
  8. 8. Annotations vendor extensions shouldn’t be a pain, and in RAML – they’re just “new” properties in your spec. Plus you can use libraries and overlays to keep annotations separate from your main spec, meaning they are only visible to the vendor you want using them, and out of the way of your developers/ tech writers/ CEO!
  9. 9. And a lot more…
  10. 10. Plus+
  11. 11. API Workbench a brand new IDE to design APIs online AND offline, built on top of GitHub’s Atom project, meaning collaboration and versioning have never been easier! Finally, a tool for developers to design APIs with!
  12. 12. And a brand new site + project directory
  13. 13. Projects Viewed Over 17,000 Every Day!!!
  14. 14. @ramlapi