How To Build An Audience On Google+


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In this presentation, you'll learn how to best utilize Google+ to build engagement and an active audience.

We first dissect the myths surrounding the social network and then dive into the good stuff.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way shape or form associated with Google.

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How To Build An Audience On Google+

  1. 1. How To Build An Audience On Google+ By Mike Stenger
  2. 2. Common Myths“Google+ is a ghost town”. Wrong. As of June 27th, 2012 there are 250 Millionusers, 150 Million log-in minimum once per month, 75 Million daily.“Nobody is engaging.” Wrong. While there are active people, also inactivepeople. Circle too many inactive people and you’ll easily get no engagement.“Google+ is only for geeks and the tech savvy.” Wrong. People from all walksof life and industries are using it on a daily basis.January 19th, 2012, did a quick survey asking how many hours per day peopleuse Google+. The results were pretty astonishing… | @MikeStenger | |
  3. 3. A whopping 60% out of 116 people who responded, said they spend fourhours or more per day on Google+.Interestingly, only 14% said they spent at least 1 hour per day.Many people are using Google+, it’s all a matter of finding the right audience foryour niche. | @MikeStenger | |
  4. 4. How Do You Find People?First, who is your target audience?Secondly, what are your goals? What’s your strategy? Jumping right in withoutboth is like going off a diving board and not knowing how to swim.Many dive into Google+ without either and eventually left with nothing to showfor it. Focus creates results.Put in place the building blocks first. Also, make sure your profile is filled outeffectively. Look at top users in your niche for best tips. | @MikeStenger | |
  5. 5. Search Is Your Best FriendUsing the built-in search, you can find people that you’re looking for. Stay awayfrom suggested users list. Mostly broadcasters, not engagers. | @MikeStenger | |
  6. 6. Search Is Your Best FriendWhen you search for a particular keyword or phrase, there’s a box that says“Everything”. Clicking that will give you a number of options.To simply view posts, click “Google+ posts”. To find specific people, click“People and pages”.If people have the keyword or phrase in their about section, they will show up.Quick tip: Click-through to their profile to make sure their content is relevantand are actually active. | @MikeStenger | |
  7. 7. Shared CirclesSimilar to Twitter lists, shared circles are a group of people that you can add toa new or existing circle with one click.Easily one of the best ways for finding targeted people to connect with.For a very comprehensive and categorized list of shared circles, go and search for “Shared Circles List”.Quick Tip: Add a shared circle to a new circle first. Then, once you’vedetermined it’s worth keeping, you can add to an existing. | @MikeStenger | |
  8. 8. You’re Following People. Now What?Everything starts with great content. Scott Stratten says it best: “People don’tshare meh. People share awesome.” Bland and boring, people will move on.Several ways of sharing great content.1) Thoughts around a topic in your niche. Incorporating the use of bold anditalicizing text. To bold, surround a word or words with the * symbol. To italicize,surround with the _ symbol. | @MikeStenger | |
  9. 9. You’re Following People. Now What?2) Incorporating the use of images/video. Google+, like Facebook with theEdgeRank algorithm, gives more weight to rich media. | @MikeStenger | |
  10. 10. You’re Following People. Now What?3) Combination of the first two. This could also include sharing a new blog postwith a relevant image. | @MikeStenger | |
  11. 11. You’re Following People. Now What?4) Sharing other people’s posts. Should already have high quality people inyour circles. | @MikeStenger | |
  12. 12. You’re Following People. Now What?Should you post to circles, specific circles or public? All depends.99% of what I post is public. Leads to more people seeing it.If content you want seen only by specific group, then circles is better.Can tag people in posts and when you choose who/what to share with. Makesure it’s relevant, not overdone, or you’ll be marked as a spammer.To reply to people in comments, type the + symbol followed by their name or ifusing Google Chrome, install the “Replies and More” extension. | @MikeStenger | |
  13. 13. Beyond BroadcastingAnyone can post great content. That alone is not enough to build engagement.Ask questions, start a dialogue. Open ended questions work best. “How are youbenefiting from XYZ?” “What’s your biggest tip to _____?”Use bold and italics to draw attention to questions. Don’t overdo it. You’ll looklike a spammer.Jump in the stream several times per day and interact on other’s content. Thisdrives interaction back to your content.Goes without saying, but don’t spam or be a jerk. People will uncircle or blockyou fast. | @MikeStenger | |
  14. 14. Utilizing HangoutsHangouts are the breakout feature of Google+. Group video chat with up to 10people total. Can invite specific people, circles, or allow anyone to join.Chat box inside the hangout and numerous apps that bring added functionalityto a conversation. Share/edit docs, play games, watch videos together, etc. | @MikeStenger | |
  15. 15. Utilizing HangoutsGreat way to meet new people and/or build existing relationships. Video is nextclosest thing to meeting in real life. Builds deeper connections.Very easy setup. Have a webcam and mic? You’re set. No additional software.Use for brainstorming sessions, general conversation, focus groups, customerQ&A, and the list goes on.Engage in real time. Through video. With multiple people. For free.Better quality than Skype. Also works great 1-on-1. Again, no monthly cost. | @MikeStenger | |
  16. 16. Hangouts On AirMost underrated tool of any social network. Same as hangouts, but the abilityto broadcast and stream live on Google+ and Youtube.Connects to your Youtube account so video already there. No rendering oruploading. Few clicks and done. | @MikeStenger | |
  17. 17. Hangouts On AirGreat way to create content based around a specific topic. Since the video isalready on Youtube, easily embed on your blog or website.Basic editing functions, though Youtube allows you to download video. Can editand then re-upload. Make sure original video is changed to “unlisted”. | @MikeStenger | |
  18. 18. Random TipsExtension for Google Chrome called “DoShare” that schedules posts onGoogle+. Don’t overuse it, make sure to interact on a daily, consistent basis.Need to clean up your Circles? Chrome extension “Uncircle Inactives+” helpsremove any inactive people.Use hash tags here and there. Helps more people to discover your content.Again, dont overdo it.Take advantage of the cover photo. The dimensions are 940x180. Also, makesure your about section is filled out, yet quick and to the point. Utilize rich textand hyperlinks to bring attention/make more interesting. | @MikeStenger | |
  19. 19. In ConclusionCircle relevant people through the use of search and shared circles.Post high quality content. Use images and rich text where applicable. Sharepublic, unless you only want it seen by a select few. Or if it’s private.Ask open ended questions, start and build a dialogue.Interact on other’s content. Add value to the conversation, not take away from it.Invest daily. Don’t have to spend hours. Utilize Hangouts to build better/morerelationships and Hangouts On Air to create more high quality content.Rinse and repeat. | @MikeStenger | |
  20. 20. Found This Helpful?You may also enjoy “The 4 Pillars To Social Media Success”. Simply click hereand enter your email to get instant access!Have any questions? Send an email to mike[at]mikestenger[dot]com and I’ll getback to you ASAP.Let’s make sure to connect!