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From Ego to Ergo: Using Influence In Design


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We love stories, recognise patterns in a fraction of a second and have a set of highly developed social behaviours. Mike will be running through a collection of these hard-wired influence points and exploring how they can be used in the design of products, interfaces and experiences.

Published in: Technology, Education
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From Ego to Ergo: Using Influence In Design

  1. 1. From Ego to Ergo Using Influence in Design Mike Stenhouse / Trampoline Systems / Donotremove
  2. 2. Guy at Etech who experimented with conversation in public Blank piece of paper and a pen This need to express ourselves goes back for ever
  3. 3. Has taken various forms... Ancient Greeks in Egypt Victorians EVERYWHERE
  4. 4. Social Conversational Compulsive Completely unnecessary