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Music & spirituality


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Jim Ellermeyer and the students discuss how music and spirituality are connected as they are joined by Ruthann Valentine, and treated to a musical treat from James Buckley.

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Music & spirituality

  1. 1. Music & Spirituality
  2. 2. Music ● Music can be medicinal and therapeutic to our minds & bodies ● Sounds carry energy, vibrations that affect us in different ways o Uplifting, calming, anxiety- provoking, etc.
  3. 3. Music ● We hear sounds with our ears ● We feel energy or intention behind the words & sounds in our bodies
  4. 4. Spirituality ● Spirituality often involves an encounter with God, or a higher power o During this encounter, a person’s soul becomes one with that power ● Music can have the same effect, where the person and music become one
  5. 5. Music & Spirituality ● Music can be a spiritual experience when the listener and the music become one o Musical encounters, like spiritual encounters, are different for each person  They may have completely different meanings and evoke different emotions
  6. 6. Parallels of Music & Spirituality 1. Listening, not hearing a. Listening requires a deeper level of awareness than simply hearing b. Listening to music is parallel with “hearing with understanding” in spirituality/religion
  7. 7. Parallels of Music & Spirituality 2. Interpretation from the reference point of the author a. Ex: Interpreting a passage from the Bible, and interpreting the meaning or message of a song 3. Inspiration 4. Worship a. Where music and spirituality combine