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Overview of technology and services provided by Straight Up Technologies

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Sut Overview

  1. 2. <ul><li>Agenda </li></ul><ul><li>Reel </li></ul><ul><li>About SUT </li></ul><ul><li>Disciplines </li></ul><ul><li>Portfolio </li></ul>
  2. 5. Straight Up Technologies (SUT) provides comprehensive networking services and monitoring support to the professional sport, entertainment and technology industries. Our goal is provide seamless and secure networking, utilizing the latest innovations in technology and ensuring optimum results to our clients.
  4. 10. SUT understands the importance of today’s global environment. Cisco’s newest technology platform, TelePresence, can provide your business or event with the in-person connectivity you need to collaborate within your enterprise or reach your audience. SUT engineers are trained to properly deploy the four critical elements of the TelePresence solution and guarantee their ongoing success throughout your event. These elements include: • Planning, Design and Implementation • Essential Operate Service • Select Operate Service • Remote Assistance Service
  5. 11. Having deployed numerous IP-based solutions for office environments, SUT understands the importance of centralizing your business voice, video and data applications to eliminate unnecessary latency in the workplace. Unified communications streamline your business processes by delivering real-time collaboration, whether you are instant messaging an in-house colleague or meeting with a client across the world via web conference. We utilize Cisco Systems products and applications from the following categories to build a Unified Communications environment: • IP Telephony • Communications Servers • Unified Communications Management Suite • Cisco WebEx
  6. 12. Wireless - SUT deploys reliable and secure wireless networks using next-generation 802.11n technology that provides extended wireless coverage and connectivity to autonomous or unified networks. Greater bandwidth speed and availability, enable SUT to implement a robust wireless solution, providing your environment with increased mobility. • Network Connectivity to hard wired locations • Isolated/Autonomous networks • Migration from autonomous wireless to WLAN • Controlled & Secure Guest Access Home - SUT deploys home networking solutions that give users the capability to perform formerly office-only functions within the convenience of their home using secure VPN technology. Our staff trains your satellite users how to effectively utilize hardware and applications and troubleshoots updated home solutions, including: • VoIP hardware and software • Cable, dsl, fiber modems • Hubs, routers, switches
  7. 13. Because we are responsible for the design, deployment and support of some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment and top global organizations, security is pivotal to our business. Our engineers hold security certifications and M.S. degrees in the latest security solutions, including RFID technology. In an age of increased exposure to security threats and cyber-vandalism, SUT stays ahead of the curve, deploying a multitude of solutions that create a defense against: • Data Loss • Malware • Identity Theft • Breach of Endpoint Security
  8. 14. SUT can centralize your data infrastructure utilizing Wide Area Application Services (WAAS). WAAS optimizes the performance of TCP-based applications operating in a Wide Area Network, while reducing infrastructure costs and simplifying remote data protection. If you are a business concerned about the remote storage of your confidential information or intellectual property, SUT can outfit your enterprise with a Centralized Data Inrastucture based upon the needs of your office headquarters and satellite operational facilities.
  9. 15. Our team of certified engineers can provide ongoing maintenance and global monitoring of your existing networking infrastructure, including voice/data troubleshooting and worldwide coverage alerting. We ensure your assets are protected through state-of-the-art security solutions and can monitor your network from anywhere in the world, improving business continuity with minimal turnover time. We tailor our services to accommodate your IT needs and create customized solutions based on your requirements, offering you an optimal solution at the best value.
  10. 16. Together with our partners we are able to provide your event attendees with your brand's message using cutting-edge technology via: • Creative/logistical Planning • Audio/Visual Implementation • Digital Signage • Unique Interactive Experiences • Motion Graphics • Video Editing • Visual Brand Support
  11. 17. With over 30 years combined entertainment expertise, SUT works closely with television networks, production studios, game developers, writers, directors, producers and set designers to develop, design and deploy: • Product integrations and placements for television • Product integrations and placements for film • Product integrations and placements for gaming • Interface design and realtime playback • On-set connectivity • Production office infrastructure, security, VOIP and monitoring • Unique Interactive Experiences • Branded content creation, hosting and streaming • Wireless apps
  12. 19. Las Vegas, NV. Straight Up Techologies (SUT) deployed a cohesive networking solution for Cisco Partner Summit 2007, a forum which enables Cisco partners to showcase their current services to potential customers.
  13. 20. San Jose, CA. As a Cisco Certified Partner, we have provided solutions for Cisco's annual global conference, C-Scape. In 2006, Straight Up Technologies installed and configured a wired/wireless infrastructure, which was supported and managed by our team of SUT engineers.
  14. 21. As a Certified Partner, Straight Up Technologies (SUT) has executed network operations on behalf of Cisco and it’s partnership with the National Basketball Association. For the second year (of three so far) SUT utilized Cisco Telepresence technology to create an immersive &quot;in-person&quot; experience during the 2009 NBA All-Star Weekend. The &quot;face-to-face&quot; experience included: Two Cisco TelePresence units at the Phoenix Convention Center and one at U.S. Airways Center for the All-Star Game activities. TelePresence was connected to the global exchange, which allowed press from France, China, and ESPN US to conduct live interviews with players at the venue. In addition to TelePresence, SUT implemented: the Cisco wireless press center for real-time and mobile media reporting.
  15. 22. Montreal, Quebec. Fans had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the NHL’s finest utilizing the Cisco TelePresence solution. Straight Up Technologies (SUT) created the ultimate fan experience by designing an interactive Cisco TelePresence booth which enabled players and coaches to answer questions from fans inside Montreal's Bell Centre arena from their locker room.
  16. 23. Since season four, Straight Up Technologies (SUT) has deployed the entirety of Cisco products featured on television, including Emmy winner 24 , now in it’s Eighth Season. Products featured regularly are IP Phone Telephony, Video Conferencing, Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco TelePresence. Recently, we designed a motion graphics integration for Cisco’s Unified Surveillance Manger.
  17. 24. For the 1000 th episode of America’s Most Wanted we helped created a program and an alliance between John Walsh and Company and the Cisco’s Digital Signage for Public Safety. On top of creating the integration program, we also designed the motion graphics sequence for televised playback.
  18. 25. <ul><li>Built the core network that was utilized for all mission critical data on the network including : </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Scottish Police CCTV </li></ul><ul><li>BBC and ABC raw video feeds </li></ul><ul><li>Attendee ticket purchase and validation through </li></ul><ul><li>Ticketmaster </li></ul><ul><li>Financial transactions for all onsite restaurants </li></ul><ul><li>Press and photo work areas </li></ul><ul><li>Digital Signage throughout the course </li></ul><ul><li>Official score reporting and recording through Unisys </li></ul><ul><li>Over 400 Cisco IP phones deployed throughout the course </li></ul>
  19. 26. <ul><li>Straight Up (SUT) is consulting on deployment architecture for Cisco/ESPN partnership to utilize Cisco TelePresence for broadcast interviews during the event. Preliminary support includes: </li></ul><ul><li>South Africa deployment </li></ul><ul><li>Reviewing all in country service provider capabilities </li></ul><ul><li>Estimating the overall pricing </li></ul>
  20. 27. Straight Up Technologies (SUT) transformed the offices of Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) through the design and implementation of a Cisco Small Business solution. SUT currently manages the MJE network, providing around-the-clock network surveillance through Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System (CSIDS) to detect, report, and terminate unauthorized activity. Video conferencing and a wireless infrastructure were also installed into Mr. Johnson’s home office, integrating remote collaboration. On top of our work locally, we also recently traveled with MJE to provide network, design and wireless support for their out-of-state initiatives such as their Corporate Retreat in Hawaii.
  21. 28. &quot;With today's technology we can do a lot of things...&quot; Michael Bay. Straight Up Technologies (SUT) has fostered relationships with Hollywood's elite influencers and garnered a solid reputation when it comes to provisioning networks for the industry's biggest names, including blockbuster director ( Transformers , Armageddon , Bad Boys ), Michael Bay. SUT designed, implemented and currently manages the IT infrastructure of Bay Films, Platinum Dunes and the Los Angeles home of Mr. Bay.