Design and Your Bottom Line


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Design and Your Bottom Line

  1. Designand your bottom line
  2. Q What is a User Interface?
  3. ButtonsForms& ListsOh my!
  4. User Interface API Back End
  5. Designis the voiceless storyteller of your brand
  6. Q Why UI, Why Now?
  7. Websites & Appsare how your customers will experienceyour company and ultimately you
  8. Squeeze InThis train is only getting more crowded 8
  9. CacophonyBeing heard is no longer a guarantee
  10. Good Designseemlessly delivers desired information
  11. Poor Designcreates friction we don’t quickly forget
  12. Crap Designtells users that you don’t give a s**t
  13. Features Are Coolbut despite all the gadgets,some of us know it’s looks that kill
  14. 50MillisecondsYou’re judged faster than you could read this
  15. Here’s theGood NewsDesign is within your control
  16. Q So, What Do We Design?
  17. Purpose“ Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didnt stop to think if they should.”
  18. ExperiencesThink about your website as ifit is physical and emotional
  19. StoriesTransfer your messages organicallyand they will be remembered
  20. CommunityThe right community will be yourperpetual motion machine
  21. Brand ValueIt’s what they say about youafter you’ve left the room
  22. Q Where Will We End Up?
  23. Good DesignIs about less, not more
  24. Simplicitydoes not mean sparseness,it means clarity of intention
  25. 59 Links
  26. 11 Links
  27. Customer Support Design / UX (Product) Marketing
  28. Design / UX (Product)Customer Support Marketing
  29. Good DesignFosters LTV
  30. Advertising is the price you pay for boring Advertising is the price that you will pay for being boring
  31. Great Designaffords you lots of black turtlenecksis the price that you will pay for being boring
  32. Q Your Barebones Takeaways
  33. SeekExpert AdviceSame as legal, medical, or accounting
  34. EstablishFocusA single clear goal for every situation
  35. BuildFlowNot just more pages
  36. QuestionEverythingThrow out whatever does notadd clear value