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our customers prefer to scroll, consume and interact
on their smartphones. That's why social media works better than websites.

That´s why we developed cooala: Publish your own snackable content and curate fantastic contributions from fans and influencers. With cooala it's quick and easy. Colourful, interactive and mobile optimised. And you build your owned reach and become independent from social networks.

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cooala - turn your website into a social hub

  1. 1. Turns your Web Site into a Social Hub, +41 (78) 600 888 2,, cooala Ltd, London (UK) / Biel (CH)
  2. 2. Marketers and users prefer social networks to websites. It costs a fortune to reach out to users. Why not build your own reach? (1) Ben Elowitz, Wetpaint / ComScore, U.S. Time Spent 2010-2011 Facebook +69% Web -9% (2) Facebook Organic Reach from 25% (2011) to 2% (2015), Facebook Ad Revenue £181m to £686m (Ogilvy 2014, Facebook) Details see appendix 2
  3. 3. Websites as interactive, mobile and snackable as Facebook.
  4. 4. cooala is a social CMS that turns static web sites into vibrant social hubs. Engagement 1-2 Minutes more on site Retention 3-4 revisits per month Traffic +3000% more social traffic Costs 50% to 90% cheaper than building campaign micro sites (1) Arosa Lenzerheide (2) Arosa Lenzerheider, IKEA (3) Arosa Lenzerheide , (4) Cell Agency, IKEA
  5. 5. Publish snackable, social content. Curate user content from social networks. Super fast setup, cloud based. 5
  6. 6. Short posts & blog posts Events & offers Videos & galleries Polls & votings Publish
  7. 7. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs Direct user uploads XML data / API Curate
  8. 8. Drive organic traffic to your hub Automated newsletter Boost your reach with Facebook Ads (soon) Spread
  9. 9. Measure
  10. 10. 11 Unlimited publishing with a great set of content types. Planning a short a promotion, a photo contest or Q&A campaign? 3 or 6 month campaigns possible. All content types incl. all future updates. Custom Domains and custom tracking. Value £/CHF 299 per month* Enterprise £/CHF 699 per month* Campaign £/CHF 4090 for a 3 month campaign* à 2 month for free when signing until 15th December 2016 (*) no installation costs with a minimum 12 month contract All features:
  11. 11. Mike Schwede, The Biz Guy Serial Entrepreneur since 21. Marketing advisor, influencer, tech background. Chris Roth, CTO MSc ETH Computer Sciences Chris developed the big scalable stuff for UBS, SBB, Swisscom etc. Fabian Bürgy, UX More than 15 years experience as a digital creative. Strong agency background. Artist /stone sculptor. David Prais, Advisor (collider) Dir. of Global Marketing at Gateway, set up sold to AOL 1999. Ben Stähli, Front-end Dev Agile web developer, Pythonist, and Djangonaut, musician. Matthias Löffel, Developer@Heart Will eventually be replaced by his own code. Vanessa Wüthrich, Office & Support Business background. Now studying computer science Andy Tait, Advisor (collider) King of Business Development; he got in early, grew and sat on the board of publicly-listed Superscape.
  12. 12. 13 This mountain resort increased user engagement and social traffic.
  13. 13. 14 IKEA is saving 90% of their costs and can setup campaigns within a few days.
  14. 14. 15 P&G / Always Photo contest where girls could show how strong and cool they are (via Uplaods, Facebook, Instagram)
  15. 15. 16 Cell AG This agency can create micro sites within days instead weeks with 50% less costs.
  16. 16. 17 A content hub with owned and earned content
  17. 17. 18 à Book a demo now We will show you 1. How other customers are using the hub 2. How easy it is to publish and manage content 3. Tell me about your challenges.