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  1. 1. “Tweet Me Nicely”A Guide To Social Media In The Hospitality Industry
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Cattlebaron@mike_said_what #CBTrain
  4. 4. Marketing Is About Perception It Is NotAbout Reality
  5. 5. Try andimagine that The SA Post Office Is a living breathinghuman being
  6. 6. In your mind is The SA Post Office Male or Female?
  7. 7. In your mind how old is The SA Post Office?
  8. 8. In your mind where does The SA Post Office live?
  9. 9. In your mind what does The SA Post Office drive?
  10. 10. In your mind what does The SA Post Office drink?
  11. 11. In your mind where does The SA Post Office Spend itsleisure time?
  12. 12. In your mindwould you be seen out in public with The SA Post Office?
  13. 13. The SA Post Office Male 60-80 or “ancient” Nowhere near you! Toyota Corolla or A Bakkie Klippies & Coke, Castle or TeaAround the braai, fishing, TV or Loftus Absolutely NOT!
  14. 14. Not Even TheBest Marketing In The World Can CreateCustomers Out Of This Air
  15. 15. Even the best Ladies & MARKETING Gentlemen… Introducing efforts, inisolation, cannot Ilan Smith just make new Entertainer customers appear out of Illusionist Extraordinaire! nowhere!
  16. 16. The world of marketing ischanging before our very eyes and there areseven key trends that are driving this!
  17. 17. TREND No 1 Is a trendtowards honesty & transparency in marketing & business.
  18. 18. TREND No 2 Is a trendtowards lessinterruption marketing.
  19. 19. TREND No 3 Is a trend towards showing our customers andnot telling them.
  20. 20. TREND No 4 Is a trendtowards the useand distribution of online video through channels like YouTube.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. TREND No 5 Is a trend towards targeting & marketingsegmentation.
  23. 23. TREND No 6 Is a trendtowards having an integrated marketing strategy.
  24. 24. TREND No 7 Is a trend towardsSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Your Website! “More people have seen the top of MountEverest than the 3rd page of aGoogle search!”
  27. 27. Google Keywords!Let’s test the power ofselecting the correct keywords.
  28. 28. Fix Your Website!1. Get Rid Of The FLASH2. Drop The Friggin MUSIC3. Stop Hiding Your CONTACT INFO4. Update Your MENU/INFO5. Avoid PDF DOCUMENTSBonus Tip THINK CUSTOMER
  29. 29. The Corporate Blog… Is a trend towards targeting & marketingsegmentation.
  30. 30. Your LinkedIn Profile… Is a trend towards targeting & marketingsegmentation.
  31. 31. Your Facebook Profile/Page…Is a look “insideyour company” it is the slightly softer side, the human website.
  32. 32. Who better to explain the magic of Facebookthen our now resident illusionist Ilan
  33. 33. Your Twitter Profile… This is the“cocktail party” side of your business. Becareful what you put out there!
  34. 34. Your YouTube Channel… This is the“information” side of yourbusiness, the real insight.
  35. 35. Foursquare…Location basedmarketing. Theopportunity to thank, rewardand entice your customers.
  36. 36. GOOD MEDIUM POORWEB SITE CUSTOMER BRAND TRAFFIC TO SEARCH ENGINE COMMUNICATION EXPOSURE YOUR SITE OPTIMIZATIONFACEBOOK A central and open communication Using pages as a persona allows For many Web sites, Facebook has Google and Bing have both indicated portal, Facebook is the hub through companies to position their brands on emerged as one of the top traffic that they are using "social signals" asA social-networking site where users which businesses want to drive social other relevant pages. For example, sources. While the "viral potential" is part of their ranking algorithms,can add friends, send messages, and interaction. Positive or negative, Starbucks‘ page itself can now post on lower on Facebook than others, pointing to Facebook and Twitter, inbuild their own profiles companies can use Facebook to get large coffee-lovers pages. nothing is more consistent at driving a particular. While the links themselves their messages out and to receive steady flow of traffic to every are “no-follow," the search benefits customer feedback. message or post. exist, especially in instances where "Query Deserves Freshness."TWITTER Twitter is the ultimate outbound It isnt what youre saying on Twitter It isnt what youre saying on Twitter As with Facebook, Twitter has been messaging tool. Inbound customer that exposes your brand. Its what that exposes your brand. Its what singled out as a component ofA micro blogging site that enables communications are quick and to the you can get others to say about you you can get others to say about you Googles and Bings social component.users to send “tweets,” or messages point, allowing for simple monitoring that has the real impact. Getting re- that has the real impact. Getting re- The links are "no-follow," but theof 140 characters or less and management of conversations. tweets and interactions can do more tweets and interactions can do more social component is real and expected for brand exposure than any other for brand exposure than any other to become more prominent over social site. social site. time.LINKEDIN Not the primary focus, but you can LinkedIn is great for personal LinkedIn continues to improve its Very high page rank, almost potentially engage customers by branding and showing the standing in traffic generation by guaranteed to be a ranking on theA social-networking site for business encouraging employees to answer professional prowess in your encouraging sharing through every first page of search results, especiallyprofessionals industry-related questions people organization. Encourage employees to new feature it has rolled out during for your individual post and become known as an expert maintain complete profiles to show the past year. It isnt as consistent as employee names. High SEO value for in the field. off your solid team. Facebook or as viral as Digg, but its vanity search for your name, but that getting better. is about it.YOUTUBE Whether you seek to entertain, Your YouTube branding is second only YouTube is growing in the traffic- Very good for building links back to inform, or both, video is a powerful to Facebook when people are generation segment, particularly your site because the videos rank veryA video-sharing Web site where users channel for quickly responding to researching your company. Be certain through in-video messaging through well. YouTube channels are a tried-can share and upload new videos customer complaints and showing that the messages are frequent and annotations and URL branding. Clicks and-true way to send some really your social-media savvy. It is also the that they align with what you want as on content links are still minimal, but good exposure and SEO back to your best venue for reputation "repair" if your perceived company persona. even those numbers have seen a brand. things go wrong. recent rise.FOURSQUARE This service is available to users with Foursquare is good for branding as Very good for building links back to Currently not used as a tool for search GPS-enabled mobile devices, such as those checking in at your location will your site because Foursquare allows engine optimization but these areA is a location-based social Smartphones. Users "check-in" at more often than not post their check- you to offer information on your site early daysnetworking website, software for venues using a mobile website, text in on other social media platforms and your location. Foursquare allowsmobile devices. messaging or a device-specific for the placement of links and short application by running the application links in your messages. and selecting from a list of venues that the application locates nearby.
  37. 37. Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All 1. Establish Clear Goals 2. Listen To Your Market3. Build Channels And Platforms 4. Engage With Your Market 5. Participate In Conversations 6. Don’t Ever SPAM!
  38. 38. Offer Perceived As Trust Products Or An Expert Services Your Brand! Outstanding Familiarity VisibilityMakes You Increases New Demand Credible Referrals Relationships Higher Prices
  39. 39. It’s Question Time Mike Said Strategist 082 449 Cattlebaron @mike_said_what #CBTraining
  40. 40. Let’s Build• A Gmail Account – How And Why• A Facebook Account – Personal or Business• A Facebook Page – How And Why• A Twitter Account – How and the extras @ # DM• A LinkedIn Profile – How and Who• A YouTube Channel – How and What• A Foursquare Account – How, Who and Why• A Foursquare Location – How and Who (• Useful Tools – Bitly – Tweetpic – Tweetdeck – iPhone Apps