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Being Single Thinking Double


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This is a single dad's guide to raising confident children in today's modern world.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Being Single Thinking Double

  1. 1. A Modem Mame. A ' [A Guide, To Raising A Dawgwev ‘ (Web) mikeands. asha. wordpress. com (TwiH*er) @mike-s. aid_wha+ (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  2. 2. A Litte About US Me= Divorced FatHer*, 53, 0ut30IN3, FUN L0V'N8, S0cIaL Media JUNKIB 3He= 11, beautIFuL, confident, FUNN3, atnLetIc, 3raceFuL, lnstagraivmer This presen+a+ion was inspired by hundreds oi? arfides I have read and pidures I have seen on +he in+erne+, BUT mosf impOf+OinHy H’ was inspired by a young ady who has +augh+ me +0 ive and ove my iPe. L4’ ‘ “'5 ~ * Note: She has a wonderFu mofher and sis+er, bo+h M" o{-‘ whom are a huge parf oé‘ her ii! -‘e and who she is. APfer H years 0? marriage we caed 1+ qu; +s bur +ha+ has nor st-opped us raising her 1-oge+her, and if shOUd never stop you. (Married or Divorced, 1-hey need you both)
  3. 3. F OI‘ Starters Qive Her tfle 3iF1; 0|? Love She wOm‘I's you +o iove her, more ‘fhan anyfhing you can buy her. Happy peopie do now‘ aiways have +he besf of everyfhing, buf fhey do know how ‘fo make +he bes+ oi? ‘ every+hing. Whenever you can, iook her in +he eye and +e her you iove her. i_O+s. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*| +er) @miLe_said_wha+ (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  4. 4. Scary +hough+, bur +he kind oi? ‘ man you are +o her +oday wi have an impac+ on +he +ype oi? man she chooses +o marry +omorrow. I if you do if right she’ wan+ +o manry someone pfe; Hy much iike you one day. Un? orfuna+ey, ii? ‘ you do if wrong, +he same ruie wi appiy. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*| +er) @mike-said-wha+ (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  5. 5. Discover Tfle Music tflat b0NdS 30:1 Bob Dyan’s "Forever Young" is just one oi? ‘ +he many songs and s+ories we share. I kinda bai-He +o i-‘eei +he meaning in songs by Tayior Swii? ’f, One Direcfion, Cody Simpson or Kaiy Perry, buf she oves +hem and I jus+ have +o ‘fry and sing aiong (very badiy) mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*| +er) @mike-said-wha+ (Insfagram) cimikesaidwhaf
  6. 6. I 7,. , 1.. . ‘ V p , ‘ . L ‘xx/ «F - « A I I [J (I Ii ‘ I L ‘ _« ' "~. _ 7 . ‘ __ _i ’ i ; Q ‘ oi ' I. 4- , IFA_ L. F ‘l ‘ L; I a a __ I am no‘? exacfly Frank Medrano (Googe him) buf I know my way around +he gym and +he park monkey bars. I wan+ her ‘to be grace? u, I wan+ her +o be a iady, I aiso wan+ her +o be sirong bo+h physicaiiy and men+ay, I wan‘? her +o do rea push ups and have +he confidence +ha+ a+he+ic abiiify brings. mikeoindsoshoi. wOfdpress. cOm (fwiH*er) @mike-said-wha+ (Insfagram) Lamikesaidwhaf
  7. 7. Make | >LeN123 OF Me| v|o['ie3 Witfl Her I i? you wan+ +o be in someone’s +hough+s +omorrow, you have +o be in +heir ives +oday. I am 53 years oid, I may oniy be around ano+her '10 years. So i+’s "go big or go home" For me. I wan+ her +o make +he mos‘? oi? ‘ everyfhing, I wan+ her head i5‘ied wi+h memories and yes I warn‘ +o be parr oi-‘ +hem. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi~Her) @mike_said_wha+ (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  8. 8. ‘ies ‘IOU Cari | -|e| _p Her to | -|eLp 0tHerS We need +o ‘reach our giris +ha+ as imporfanr as +hey are +o us, i+’s nor a about +hem. Remarkabie +hings happen when +hey reaiise +ha+ rhe whoie worid does nor revoive around ‘fhem. Teach +hem +o give wi+h an open hearf, +o stand back, +o go second, +ha+ o+her peopie are imporram‘ +oo. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*| +er) @mike-said_wha+ (Insfagram) cemikesaidwhaf
  9. 9. It's Not a cfleice, Give Her QUaLi1'.3 Si QU’clNtitg I+’s +he age oid deba+e, do +hey wan+ guaiify or guan+i+y +ime. In/ e +he answer is simpie, +hey wan+ BOTH! She wan+s pen+y of ‘rime wi‘rh you, az. y days in +he park, paying games, ea+ing dinner, making s+ui3‘i‘, warching oid movies. .. wha+ever. Jus+ be +here and whiie you are +here, make i+ abour her. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*Her) @mike_said_wha+ (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  10. 10. LearN about FaLSe NaiLS, Hair 8: on-Ier StuFF I P i+ maHers +0 her, i’r maHers +o me and ii? We ‘. mpoi+an+ +o her +hen i+’s impoi+o. n+ +o me. I can heip her pick our i3‘ase naiis, I can even appiy ‘rhem. I can brush her hair and do a pony+ai even ii? ‘ I can’+ s+ye i+. Some+imes she's a ’romboy jus+ i‘or me and some+imes I am a giri jus+ For her. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (‘rwii-fer) @mike_said_whaf (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  11. 11. To me she is +he mos+ beaufii‘u giri in ‘rhe worid, inside and our! Bur I am her dad, I am supposed +o +hink +ha+. Pr is my job +o remind her +ha+ beaufy inside is more imporfan+ ‘rhan beaufy oufside. I need +o ‘reach her +ha+ i+’s no+ abour makeup or being a size zero, i+‘s abour her hearf and her soui. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*Her) @mike_said-wha+ (Insfagram) @mikesaidwha+
  12. 12. T'3Ke Hel‘ ON 3N adveNtUre. .. Every day Or in a nursheii "make Every Day An Advenrure" For borh oi? you. There is so much +o discover, so much +o enjoy and i+’s nor in fhe price oi? fhe ouring. Try camping, hiking, ‘burn a visir +0 fhe park info a game. Whiie you are a+ i+, cap+ure everyfhing you can, you wiii both be giad you did. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (fwiffer) @mike_said_wha+ (Insfagram) temikesaidwhaf
  13. 13. DoN't HoLd Back ON Her WHeN_SHe Grows Up Soon she is going +o be growing up. .. Heck, +ha+ +hough+ scares me. Teenage years, periods, boyifriends, good days and bad. Thinking abour i+ is di$‘i‘icu+, doing i+ wi be even harder bur I am pre‘Hy sure she wi need me a+ i? i¥*l'een, jusr as she needed me at Five. I inrend +0 be +here For her. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*| +er) @mike-said-wha+ (Insfagram) iemikesaidwhaf
  14. 14. Take care oF 3oUrseLF Now, sHe Needs god. She needs you aiive, she needs you hea+hy, she needs you wi+h her For as Tong as possibie. Take +he +ime and make +he ei? ‘Forr +o keep yourseii-‘ hea+hy. Be +ha+ dad carrying his kids, paying wi‘H +hem, chasing ‘fhem, if wi add so much +o borh oi? your Iives +oday, +omorrow and For years +o come. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (+wi*| +er) @mike_said_wha+ (Insfagram) cemikesaidwhaf
  15. 15. 7* e IT F T ,7 I I I i"I II’ N i: ~i'i *. i'. I I I. I ‘ I A s 7 . ‘,: Tr". ‘ rr —, fir"? ,. . . ~r I I, I K “ ' F fr“ ‘ is xi“, » P I. ‘ . |‘: ~ IN I Iii ‘I I have a +he greaf advice, bur sometimes I ge+ if wrong, very wrong. When I do, I have earned +o ask her For her Forgiveness. I have earned +o admir my misrakes and in +ha+ I am +eaching her +ha+ I am ony human and so is she. We are earning +o accep+ each o+her's shorrcomings. mikeoindsoshoi. wOfdpress. cOm (ehviffer) @mike-said-wha+ (Insragram) Lemikesaidwhaf
  16. 16. .. .do not need to be visited on your chiidren or your chidren’s chiidren. You can be the man you want to be and you can be the Father your daughter needs you to be. It's not easy but it's Oi conscious decision and you can do it. Sometimes you may need some heip, piease ask, it's out there. mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (twitter) @mike-said-what (Instagram) Lemikesaidwhat
  17. 17. A Modern Man’s Guide To Raising A Daughter (Web) mikeandsasha. wordpress. com (Twitter) @mike_. said. .what (Instagram) omikesaidwhat