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Unreported marketing

  1. 1. Alex Jeffreys Presents "UNREPORTED MARKETING" what the gurus won't tell you ... A MarketingWithYou.com Production 1
  2. 2. This report is supported by IM Trustworthy. Welcome to the internet marketing niche ... Hype - Hype - And More - Bloody Hype ... Right? Please note, If you're in search for more hype, then please close down this document, because what I speak of within is the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me god! Introduction: The Key to Success are in Your Hands Right now within this report is the knowledge to be successful online. This report is different to many of the other free reports out there, as it is written to teach you, not sell to you. Nope, there's nothing for sale here! and no affiliate links either. instead It's the shovel you need to mine internet gold, written by someone who actually cares about helping people. You can expect: No Gimmicks No Hype No Bullshit Just me, Alex Jeffreys, keepin' it real. I plan to help bury the bad in internet marketing and bring out the good. Ontop of that ... This document you have here in front of you, is a stand-point for my online brand and company, and there is no going back on what I've said. My aim with this document, is to make you a ton of cash, save you years of wondering what to do, and to stop you being lied to by the so-called gurus out there. I will not sit back and watch that happen ... 2
  3. 3. I will be predicting some major shifts about to happen within the internet marketing world. There are some massive changes going on right now and trust me I'm not writing this report for fun But I know what I'm about to share will help a lot of people make a lot of money guaranteed. If you are at all skeptical then you should review my previous eBooks here: http://www.marketingwithalex.com/ebooks.html You will see what I predicted happen in the past , how it come true - and how I stuck to my word. In this report you should know full well that I'm not here to bullshit you or pull the wool over your eyes. There is no denying that there are a lot of snakes in the IM niche , even more now than ever before. I am not one of them. I will leave all that crap and BS to them. now I have your full attention... I'm making a movement within the IM niche, where you can join me - or stay lost. Many readers of this report will become millionaires and that's a guarantee. But most will stay broke – the choice now is yours. 3
  4. 4. All the information you need is here and it couldn't be shared at a better time. Within this report you'll not only read about my story, but also learn about thousands of other people's lives that I've changed for the better. But the one thing I want to point out to you as you start reading this document is ... YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT, JUST GET GOING AND YOU TOO CAN MAKE MILLIONS. If I can draw a good enough picture, you can trace it, copy it and succeed. You will find there is nothing left out. Instead, it includes everything that everyone else leaves out. Right now – I'm guessing that you don't even know what you don't know. So to start … Just Who is Alex Jeffreys? If you don't know who I am - my name is Alex Jeffreys. I'm a 30 year old internet millionaire from Cardiff, Wales in the UK. But who cares who I am – what you should care about is what I can do for you. That's the point – I have endless successful case studies you can see many of them here www.mycoachingstudents.com and I have an unquestionable track record of teaching others how to make a full time living online selling information online. Google me, you'll soon get the picture :) OK so It's time to speak out again .... Back in December 2007, I wrote my first eBook called Post Launch Profits and throughout that whole eBook I spoke of my struggle making my very first $100,000 selling information products. Then in my next few reports, I spoke of the struggle of other people that I saw in the marketplace and how common it is to see people struggle online. You can get the guru trilogy here: When I wrote Gurus Dream I predicted that I would make millions of dollars (I never had before writing it) and it came true, not just for myself but for my coaching students too. now we're going from millions of dollars in gross sales into millions of dollars in net profits. 4
  5. 5. I have a whole back-end solution to wealth, beyond making money online – and i'll be sharing this information with you shortly ... I'm about helping people. I Will Reveal The Good, the Bad and Ugly Sides of IM but understand this ... When you come to a crossroad - you can turn left or you can turn right, you understand what ever you choice will change the path of the rest of your life. This report is that decision: do you sit here and read this now or continue being peddled crap by so called gurus? That choice after reading this report is up to you. Do you take this as entertainment, or as the one thing to change your life to become an online millionaire? hold that thought .... You can see that this report will impact your life from my previous track record and I have a lot to live up to, but... A wise man once told me to leave the marketing place better state than when I enter it. So within this report I'm going to teach you the exact formula that every good person I know uses to make BIG money online. Plus I'm going to expose what the BAD guy's are doing to make BIG money online. I’ll expose this to make you wiser - and steer you away. Because trust me, although doing it the BAD way is easier - it will be a MYTH in a few months and be banished from the internet for GOOD (and good riddance). I am happy and will become VERY rich from what I'm about to teach you, but even better so can you. since April 2010, when I wrote Gurus Nightmare, A LOT has changed. It has shocked me how bad the IM industry has got and also how much the internet laws are tightening up (and this is and can only be a good thing). within this report I talk about my recent struggles, how I once again overcame them and how you can take advantage of this information. 5
  6. 6. At the same time this report exposes the state of the internet marketing industry and how this means lots of money in your bank account (if you are ready). Are You Ready? This is Actually a Life Changing Question So let's dive into this ... It doesn't matter what stage you are in your internet business - if you are a newbie or a millionaire marketer - within this report you will learn things to take your business to the very next level starting right this moment. There is no better time to start than now. You may say it's not a good time to start now and that is common "procrastination" talk. But what you will learn (and sometimes it takes years to learn this) is there never is ONE good time to start. Now I want to say one more thing before we begin. You can be lazy - make excuses why you CAN'T begin or start now. It's your life... Whenever you say that you can't, then you aren’t ready and will not begin. But I promise you, choose to do just one thing in this report today and once you get a little taste of success, you will never go back. so hear this loud and clear .... There is a huge difference between finding something and creating something. Your internet riches will only start when you are "READY" to create it. The main thing is after reading this report you are going to be armed to the teeth to be READY. Deal? OK ...So many people say to me “it's okay for you Alex you're already successful, so you can make money at the push of a button”, then they continue to say “ but it's hard for me just starting out.” In a way they are correct, it is hard to start building a million dollar company, if you have no clue. But it's also a lame excuse at the same time, I think these people forget that I too was once in that position. 6
  7. 7. You see, I don't have a degree in marketing, but I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my life's education. I now know how to create products - do product launches, have mass control and social influence. Now let's forget about the money in the bank - let's say I have $0... The cool thing is I'm educated in how to make money for life, and that knowledge is powerful. If you don't have the same knowledge, you need to become educated and let me guide you. This education wasn't handed down to me by by parents and I didn't learn this in school and I certainly wasn't invited to internet marketing. I was just so pissed off with my current reality that I finally become "READY" to make the changes necessary. I got myself a mentor who then guided me on my journey. But still endless people use this [excuse] daily to me, just so they can procrastinate and not get started. So what I did was something MAJOR to prove you can start from the beginning and see success quite quickly. I took someone out of her 9 - 5 day job to try out an experiment that could have easily backfired. I asked this lady to follow my instructions which were ... To create a cartoon character out of thin air to prove how money is made online, even if you are a nobody, then nobody can ever give me this excuse ever again. The results were outstanding... - A NOBODY cartoon character quickly started to make money and had thankful customers. - This cartoon character has built a mailing list that still grows on auto-pilot to this very day - Cartoon character has affiliates driving all his traffic sending him business. this Cartoon character also has a fan base that are ready to buy what he recommends, whenever he sends out an email to them! But with that said: Within this report I'm not going to teach you a get rich quick dream. I've always been a person who believes in teaching the get rich forever system. 7
  8. 8. But the point I'm trying to make here is ... If a cartoon character can make money online , why can't you? Do you have some excuses for me? I don't have the time. I don't know how to do it. I 'm too stupid. I'm too busy. It's too hard. I've no experience. if you do have excuses ... List the excuses you have by writing them all down on a piece of paper. This will help you get all those excuses out of your head right NOW. Hear me loud and clear ... Whatever excuses you wrote down are the very things that are stopping you from making money online. Eradicate them and move forward. 'How?' you ask. Turn these excuses and obstacles around by overcoming them and by asking for advice from proven mentors and successful internet marketers. then take that piece of paper and tear it up into little pieces, burn it or bury it! problem solved ... If you still feel this won't work for you, I have plenty of case studies to share with you of people in worse situations than you making their first money online, then quitting their jobs after working with me though this exact process. Just to really make this crystal clear, as I know what many people will be thinking something along these lines ... 'Alex, you created this cartoon character to make money, but you have experience that I don't have.' The truth of the matter is: I had NO input to this cartoon character, on a day to day basis - I just told Sally Neill what to do and she did it. If you say you don't have full time to do this - Sally was also doing other things : 8
  9. 9. (1) Running NSA (New Super Affiliate) 20% of the time (2) Creating the training material - to teach others step by step (proof it works) 50% of the time (3) Working with my affiliate army (this was a MAJOR project) 20% of the time (4) Running her own blog – www.SallyNeill.com 10% of the time So the input of work to make this guy money was limited, but it was FOCUSED. So when so many people fail online, we got a cartoon character to make money. A lot of my customers got embarrassed when I showed them this, because they had tried for years and then we created a cartoon character in front of them that made money fast. Did this cartoon character make millions? Nope. But you don't go from zero to millions - we all started small and grew. We only took the cartoon guy to a certain level, then the rest of my training takes it from there ... The Epidemic of Lying Gurus I told you I'm going to be real in this report... Right now as it stands, you are a prospect and other marketers want to keep it that way. At first you might not like what you read, but I promise you this report is not a dig or and neither do I aim to pick fun at you. But it might come as a wake up call, which is for your benefit and your benefit only. My hope is by the end of this report you'll understand this message is really an uplifting one, because it can make you a lot of money online. So where you are right now is where you are. If you can not get any further, then you have hit your glass ceiling Dan Sullivan calls this the 'ceiling of complexity'. Whatever stage you are at, you are at a ceiling. Heck I'm at one myself trying to break through it and have several multi-millionaires working with me to help me tackle the growth spurt we're aiming for. Most reading this are at the ground trying to get past step 1, but there’s that glass ceiling. You don’t know who to trust, right? You can see through the ceiling, but can't reach the next level. You are lost - going in circles like a dog chasing its tail. 9
  10. 10. A perfect example of someone who has made nothing online yet is someone who only reads sales pages and emails sending them to free offers, which later end in a sales funnel. They don't yet have mentors so their knowledge is jaded and manipulated by whoever they are reading emails and sales pages from. Every day they come home from work they open up their email in-box to read hundreds of BRAND NEW get rich quick schemes. They are being marketed to in their email in-box and information is moving so quick and with such bad time management, they don’t know what to decide on. So these people go from seminar to seminar, product to product and get stuck with technology and have endless objections, excuses and reasons why they can't get going. They blame others and go back to their email in-box. This email in-box is their comfort zone. It feels good for them to scan their emails, thinking they are being productive. But because most people online are receptive to anything that flashes fast money and have no clue what they are in need of, or no clue what they are looking for, they end up buying the products in hope as they feel they have no other choice. That is such a bad way to spend your time online. Look I used to be there. I know how it feels. I have mentored thousands of people in this same position too. But what you must be clear on is this: This is what I learned and what I teach... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAST MONEY. THERE IS ONLY MONEY. I have a model and only consume information that fits that model. It's called focus on making money forever ... But once again, most people are focused on their need which is paying the bills - and they have heard so many overnight get rich stories they start to accept (hope) it's true. 10
  11. 11. They don't see that they are the problem and really can't expand their mind to the scope of the business they really need to build. So when these people think they are buying a SYSTEM, in fact all they are buying into is a FAD that would bolt onto the SYSTEM. The other thing that holds people back is they are not willing to change and really don't BELIEVE they can have the success. So this means they are comfortable and complacent. And it's the norm, it's human nature. Most of what I have said represents most of the readers of this report. Just imagine this for a second, let's look at the market from an outsider perspective... Isn't it STUPID how people act when they are all caught up in this mess? to believe you can click 2 buttons and money will magic out of your computer. Heck I've been there too and how stupid do I feel? (STUPID – believe me) But I learned from these lessons and changed the way I do things. I stopped chasing my tail like a dog and started from the start, ignoring all the noise out there - following my mentor's advice, and it was good advise - as a couple of million dollars later - helps "trust me" ... and my students success stories helps even more ... Where Does the Right Education Come From? This knowledge wasn't passed down to me by my parents either. I had to learn this stuff in my bedroom alone. And coming from no school education and being dyslexic, it was really hard to start an internet biz. growing up as a kid I was a school drop out my teachers called me a dreamer (I like to think I was a visionary). But something I did learn in school was the pen was more powerful than the sword. But I was so bad at writing that I left school and worked on building sites. 11
  12. 12. daily I would be filling skips of muck and rubble ... and at the end of the day look like a tramp how dirty I would be, This went on for almost ten years, until one day a friend told me about this thing called eBay. That was back in Feb 2004. I had not heard about it at that point, well I'd never been on there, at least. From that moment on I was hooked and got myself a PC and started looking for get rich quick schemes every single night after work. It wasn't until June 2005, when I walked into my bosses office and stuck up my middle finger saying I quit. In that time between Feb 2004 and June 2005 I read every free eBook / sales page / video course there was about making money online. 99% of it was crap and distracted the hell out of what I should have really been doing. By June 2005 I had been through so much crap, I got myself a business mentor and started building my first 6 figure online company in the off-road motor bike niche. But I was intrigued with Internet Marketing, and how powerful it was to business, so in March 2006 I got on the plane and flew from London, UK to Alabama, USA where I attended my very first internet marketing seminar. What I learned there was life changing... Tim Knox said “if you can make money you can make money - but if you can teach people how to make money then you can make ten times more money.” From that moment on I stopped making money on eBay and started to teach my eBay system. it took me time (what doesn't that's worth it?) - heck time is the only thing on our side. November 2006 I finally launched my very first information product. - "Easy Profit Auctions" just one year later - November 2007, I had made over $115,000 selling my information. and I started being quite good at making money by selling information. So people were asking how I did it... so I then released a free eBook called "Post Launch Profits" telling my story of my early struggles and how I overcame them. I released that report thinking no one would like it - but to my delight a smash hit and it propelled my business to the next level. 12
  13. 13. So this one free eBook started making me thousands of dollars a week - and I was working just a few hours at the most And because I was sharing this information on my blog and via my emails – EVEN MORE people were asking me how I was doing so well So I released "Post Launch Profit Secrets" - yes the secrets behind "Post Launch Profits" What you will notice is ... that I was learning something and applying it, then sharing it with others. The main point here is ... Look at every rags to riches story - they all took ACTION at some point. Keep it Simple Stupid – A Wise Business Principle When I started working with the guru to the guru's Rich Schefren, he told me that I was affecting my business growth. Rich said “get out of the way of the business”. At first I couldn't understand this as I was the person driving the business forward. Then I realized that was exactly why I was holding my biz back, I got out the way and let other people do the stuff needed to drive my business forward and my biz sky rocketed Justin Harrison told me “business is simple, it is people that make it hard”. Simple is not always easy. The formula is simple, right? Drive targeted traffic to related offer. But to put this together you need to have a whole host of things going on • Market research • Foundations • System set up • Converting offer • Traffic flowing Because of this people don't know where to start or what to start on. but my friend peter parks say's it best - "the Juice is worth the squeeze" so it's time to learn learn ... 13
  14. 14. I say it like this ... most people are busy trying to build an internet business and most people never even get something set up, as it normally takes longer than expected. More often than not - it's because they are following some false claims from suspect gurus. Then there are the people who do actually build something, who are then left wondering how to make money with it, because they don't know how to run it. You see I learned this back in 2008 when I started coaching people. I started coaching people how to run an internet business not how to build one and that is the secret to why I have such a good success rate with my coaching program. Let me make this VERY clear ... I don't build my internet business , I just run it. So the question in this section is ... Do you know how to run an internet business? If not, that is what you need to learn and pronto. And keep it simple stupid. What do you need in place to make money and be a success? I will give you an example. After all, there are a million ways to make a million dollars, but a great lesson from Mike Filsaime was there are a few things you should do to make a million dollars "Success comes from the perseverance of doing 14 activities 4000 times - not 4000 things 14 times" ~ Chet Holmes So for online success you need three things: A product of value A sales page/video Traffic Forget about all the ins and outs; that is the MEAT, that's what you need. Don't know how to create a product? Learn. Don't know how to create sales video? Learn. 14
  15. 15. Don't know how to drive traffic? Learn. Once you have learned it - no one can take that from you. Look millions come and go, but education makes the millions keep coming. I was interviewed the other day and the interviewer said I have asked 12 gurus this one question - “what would you do if you had to start again?” He said that the answer to this question would help his end users. I turned his question on its head - I replied Quote: no my answer will not help your listeners as they haven't been there done it and I have. So for me to start back up, I would wipe the floor with your listeners. I would be starting at start with an advantage I'm internet marketing educated, I'm stronger because of "my hard times", wiser because of "my mistakes", happier because of "my sad experiences", and smarter because of "my moments of confusion". So let me answer the question in a different way. If I had one of your newbie listeners, how could I turn them into a millionaire? And here is how you too can be that millionaire listener. You see for me, I have experience, expertise and I'm educated. You are not. So you really need to forget about the millions for the meantime, but know they can come in good time. Back in 2006 when I had my first 100k YEAR I was buzzing. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 I have had $100k DAYS! I was just more experienced as time went by. But back in 2004 I wasn't even looking at 100k in a year, I just wanted to get started and make 1k month. It all comes down to learning the right education, which I can give you. 15
  16. 16. Your LIFE mission statement I'm a man on a mission: At just 12 years old I said I would be a millionaire by 30. Since then I have been a man on a mission, with a burning desire inside my belly pushing me forward. (At times in building my internet business, you should know that I have cried my eyes out in frustration.) I can count a few occasions I have curled up in a ball and cried and if it wasn't for my wife picking me back up and helping me back on my feet, I would have quit years ago. Thankfully I have had the support. Most top business men say they made it because of the women behind them - and that is true for me. Now let's look at mine and your missions of LIFE. At 12 I said I’d be a millionaire before 30. Even though I'm not a cash millionaire today (at 30): • I have the education how to make millions • I have made millions • I have a 7 figure brand I could sell (so I have million in assets, which means I have the potential to be a cash millionaire). But let's forget about money in the bank at the moment, what I'm getting at guys is this ... I would rather the education how to make millions than have millions just put in my bank. you see money comes and goes but education stays with you for a lifetime, and no one is taking this from me. What about you? If you haven't decided on your life mission, please understand ... Your mission is really critical to your business. It's critical to you getting stuff done every day, It's critical to you getting to where you want to go in life and doing what you came to accomplish on this planet. 16
  17. 17. Your mission is so critical to making things happen. I think a lot of people when they enter into the world of making money are without a mission. it’s kind of like getting dropped off in the middle of the desert and trying to find a destination with no map and they're just walking around in circles getting nowhere. Do I want to go that way, do I want to go the other way? I don’t know what way I want to go. They end up getting lost and nothing seems to really make sense to them and they become confused, like sheep. That’s the core state of an individual who has not clarified their mission. Understand this ... Your mission is your map to get where you want to go, because once you have your mission you just know what you need to be doing everyday. Even if you don’t know what you need to be doing everyday your mission is like an "6th sense" that changes the world around you. It’s like if you don’t know how to do something, the information enters your life and you figure it out, or you know some guidance pops up, or a teacher pops up to show you. If you don’t have a mission right now, it’s the most important thing that you can really have. IMPORTANT WAKE UP CALL: So many people leave comments on my blog saying: “I will be a millionaire this time next year, but I haven’t made anything for past 5 years, but it will happen now”. But it won't! I personally read and think these people are delusional (on the most part). (Although it is possible - my newbie students have gone from nothing to millionaires, but it takes a certain kind of person.) Look I'm not here to put a cap on anyone’s success or offend anyone ... But I say that to make this point. When I was 12, I believed that mission of 18 years ahead of me I had the burning desire within my belly, I knew it was going to be a reality. At 26 I was still broke - but by 28 I had made my first million. So take some time to reflect on this area of your life. 17
  18. 18. It’s not something that you just create overnight, no you need to really reflect on it. You need to really sit down and ask yourself: “what it is that you want to contribute, to either to yourself, your family or life itself, with your time on this planet?” Find out what that is and how your business fits in and you will never be unmotivated again. You will be as motivated as humanly possible to get as much done as possible , because it’s critical to your mission. So that I think has to be without a doubt the single biggest force and motivator behind myself becoming an internet millionaire. Remember at 12 I was thick as two short planks and 16 I was a school drop out. But I carried this belief and mission statement with me all those years and posted this online MANY YEARS before I made my millions. Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you cannot make it if you don't have a mission statement - HECK who the hell am I to say that! I've seen totally broke and useless people come into my coaching quit their jobs, who now are making thousands of dollars a day online. You can do it if you believe you can and only when you are "READY". But I am going to lay it out there... If you have no real reason why you want to make money online , you will not make any. Your laziness will always outweigh the need for money, UNLESS you have a real reason. Onto the next one ... So just a few weeks ago I turned 30 and my mission was complete. So I sat down and reflected about life and asked myself what do I want out of life moving forward. My new mission is one of personal development, which includes: • to become a better person • to be healthier & wealthier • to achieve excellence • to be a better lover to my wife • to be a better father to my children 18
  19. 19. • to be a better son to my parents • to be a better business man • to be a better mentor • to have more time for others in general. • to cherish moments that I once lost when I was busy on my previous mission from a young age. You see on my first mission I had neglected stuff, like health and family, so I'm fixing this now as I still have time. Now let me be clear I left millions of dollars on the table so not to neglect what was most important to my core. But still the time and effort I put forward to learn how to make millions and then apply it - was hard work. Anyone who tells you different is lying to you. (Of course I can NOW tell you it's simple to make BIG bucks - cos I'm finally educated how) I learned you need a mentor I learned business 101 I learned build online asset (mailing list) I learned list building I learned adding value I learned email marketing I learned marketing I'm now an educated online millionaire and along the way I was applying what I learned and getting better as I learned the next steps. I had mentors to show me next steps and explain why I should be focused and this kept me focused. My mentors have included: Mike Filsaime – taught me to build a mailing list (the biggest online asset) Andrew Fox – taught me about email marketing Rich Schefren – taught me business strategy John Carlton - taught me Copy Writing After that, I was never the same in direct response marketing – I don't go for all this crap and fads - I'm interested in the everlasting education, and i've invested tens of thousands of dollars into these guys and many more tens of thousands into other A level players too. 19
  20. 20. Through 2006 – 2011, I have been making 6 figure years. In the past 3 years, these figures are in the millions and I haven't worked that much - and kinda got lazy with my new found success. In fact $1m was made in 21 days. I started to make a transition from product launch to consistent biz model by the middle of 2010, I got out of product launches as a business model - yes it's great to see the massive amounts of money rush into your business ... and for me It was a tough transition and really hard work. I put everything into it - as I know the desired outcome of a consistent business is much greater than one of just product launches. as you should already know ... I'm in the UK and at 2:36am while writing this report late last night - a message from Rich Schefren pops open on Skype, who lives in Florida USA. “You about”? he said: We then spoke for the next 5 hours about both our lives, our businesses, our clients and the market place. one thing that struck me on the call as he was telling me this PERSONALLY. "The entrepreneur journey is one of uncertainty" and that is the same for EVERYONE all the way up to Branson. He then continued to say that the internet marketing niche is full of opportunity seekers looking for a sure thing. I couldn't have said it better myself - basically everyone wants results, but they don't want to do something about it; the hard work. That is MAINLY the reason for this push button traffic bullshit that people fall for time and time again. That is the hole in the internet market. However, take heart as even in this opportunity driven world, people actually break free and become raging successes Me and Rich are examples of two people who were lost and guilty of buying all the get rich quick schemes back in the early days. It wasn't until we woke up and got down to work that our lives changed. Okay so we spoke about being "READY" a few times, right? 20
  21. 21. Most people never understand this and always wait for someone to help them. But that will not happen until you are REALLY ready for the change, then that person appears in your life. “When the student is ready, the master appears. ~” It's Not Your Fault (YES IT IS!) Have you ever thought the gurus are like magicians? I recorded a video about this that caught a lot of attention a few months back {link to blog post} THE BIG PROBLEM How many sales pages have you read? I have personally read thousands. Have you ever considered that in these sales letters, you're being lied too? MOST of them will say this sentence... "It's not your fault". They all tell you something has eluded you - that is just a marketing ploy. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it is your fault and on many levels too! Now look most people tell you “it's not your fault” when they are selling you a pipe dream. I can say that it is your fault - I have done my market research - I have written the" guru trilogy" on it. Let me just get down to the facts and show you why it is your fault, then give you the correct path to real online success so you can correct this today. It's freaking so simple. You now know even a cartoon character made money online. Trust me, this is not what every other fake guru is pushing online. To be honest most of the wannabees don’t even know a lot of this shit. if this has sunk in then you are more than likely in panic mode right now, 21
  22. 22. I want to take all that pressure off your shoulders and tell you this ... You are heal-able at every stage. If you want the real reason why you are not making money online. Here it is: We covered ... Most sales pages say IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT, they always say how something is eluding you. Most of these sales pages are there to SELL YOU not teach you - fact. I have given you this report for free to TEACH YOU. So God help everyone reading this message, who doesn't take action. So take it on the chin. Yes it is your fault! Stop blaming other people and MAN UP about the situation Cry if needs be - I did (I cried my eyes out on a few occasions back when I found this stuff out). I was in search of something that wasn't real and it was me that had to change - (I cried because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it.) But the main thing I did was MAN UP and take blame for being a fool believing all that crap. I then got a game plan on - grabbed myself a mentor and took charge of my life with proven advice. Business 101 says ... If you don't have a plan, you plan to fail. So if YOU have no plan - get a proven one. If you DO have a plan, are you working that plan? “Business 101 says procrastination is the route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.” ~ Ambrose Bierce Are you making progress or getting nowhere? It's cool at whatever stage you are at right now. 22
  23. 23. My hope is you can just get it off your chest. Cry if needs be, then move forward. You've got to be brave and make your mind up. If you're willing to learn you will learn. When you fail – it' s your test and it's a test to see if you can be stopped. Are you ready to stop and say you failed? Or... Are you ready to make the changes and see success? There are two sides - failure and success. so if you are "READY" Pledge to yourself now: I will NOT fail. I will not let it happen Signed: --------------------- Now place that pledge on your computer and keep to it. The Joy and pain of Automated Income It's so relieving to leave the world of procrastination behind you and truly build an internet business of substance that brings in cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year on auto-pilot. As I made that statement, I should paint the clear picture that happens to EVERYONE who finally takes off with their internet business.... Once you make $100 a day on auto-pilot, you start to want $200 days, then when you hit that you want $1000 days... These wants will make you fall victim to working full time building your internet business to the next level. Most people are never content and want more. 23
  24. 24. I promise you as you grow, so will your greed and ambition, and entrepreneur drive unless you KNOW what you want to achieve before you set out, and don't get greedy. It's true that satisfaction is hard when there is so much more on the table. if you need $100 a day it's simple when you know how. ( but when you get there you will say hmmm ... imagine if I could have $100,000 day's like that Alex Jeffrey's) and you will work - not because you have to but because you WANT to. People say don’t YOU need to work. They say push a button and you wake up in a mansion, with a super model, the private jet on standby and luxury cars on the drive. The biggest myth online is you don’t need to work The truth is that the internet lifestyle = gurus with offices working 18 hours a day. That's a fact. And for the record, the guys who have lived in the mansions and have all the fancy cars soon opt out of that lifestyle for a reality check, and enjoy a more quite lifestyle somewhere on the beach. So lets look at this MYTH you don't have to work: Do you receive emails from the gurus? Do they have sales pages to sell? Do they have products to sell you? Do they have affiliates promoting them? Do they have bonus packages too buy via there affiliate links? You may say - well they outsource all this Alex Okay that is a fair judgment, but that means they would have had to learn the skill of delegation and project management. Don't let these people fool you any longer: They have businesses. They have taxes. They have staff. They have offices. They have overheads. They work long hours selling dross to unsuspecting people via website sales pages, which trick you into thinking you can make money overnight, without doing any work. But let me make this point very clearly - very soon the internet will not operate like this. 24
  25. 25. These kinds of things will be something of the past and the people who got in early (like today) stand a chance of being rich. The rest ... will just wonder what could have been. REMEMBER: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. “ Mark Twain The people who wake up to this and take the correct course of action are the ones that become rich. "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" — Zig Ziglar The Digital Divide in the Market Place So we have spoken about the market (you), lets now talk about the market place... Man this place has totally changed over the past couple of years. This is something that I haven't really ever spoken too much about in my guru trilogy. But most people out there are full of shit, they don't care, and are very scheming taking people for their last buck. Over the past 3 years the internet marketing space has become a lot larger and more people enter to sell their CRAP. Because of this, especially in the past 365 days, the market place has become very fractured and dis- jointed - it's called the digital divide. This past year there has been a digital divide between the people who give a shit and the people who don't meaning ... - do you sell things that help people? - or do you sell ANYTHING to make money? This past year the market place has fallen victim to a lot of: • dodgy products • dodgy emails • dodgy marketing • dodgy people So when you see people selling the push button traffic crap, they are in the mentality of just getting paid and don't care. 25
  26. 26. I know a lot of the people who are selling the push button traffic junk. When I think OFFLINE, these are guys are people who you could talk too and have a beer with at a seminar, but when you look at their behavior online they are people with no ethics or moral fiber. It makes my toes curl. You'll never see me promote that kinda crap. Anything I recommend is of value - ALWAYS. I don't just promote something to get paid, but many others do. We call it the churn and burn mentality. They churn new customers and then burn them and churn more new customers and burn them That folks will make you millions, but is not a good business model and it's the easy way out. This time next year I don't even feel it will happen anymore, as the internet police are clamping down HARD on this type of action. The internet marketing niche is becoming governed tighter than ever now. Internet Marketing Economy When the world went into a recession back a couple of years ago (2008) I become RICH. I made my first million in the recession and thought the internet was recession proof. Oh how wrong was I! Just a few days ago I was talking to a millionaire student of mine - Bob Yeager. He explained this interesting concept to me: Corruption and greed have taken too much money out of internet marketing economy . He explained that every community has its own economy, so what happens if people take from economy and don’t put back in? It collapses and there is nothing left. That's what has happened to the IM niche, there is only so much water you can take from a well. These people selling push button traffic have been making tens of millions a dollars a month from this niche and the well is now drying up. 26
  27. 27. As the fake gurus marketers didn't provide what they said they would, so there is no chance the economy will grow. (There is still money in the IM niche - of course) I’ve made plenty each and every month, but people are more wary who they spend their money with if there is no brand awareness online. - that's why it's important to start right away and the correct way .. or soon there will be no way in. This is what Bob Yeager (Founder of The World Entrepreneur Success Training Program)has to say about me: “I've been watching Alex for years through his reports, one of his coaching courses and his interactions with others on the Internet. Just recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex for more than an hour and I came to a realization. You see, I've spoken with many of the Internet "Gurus" out there and usually find myself thinking I wouldn't befriend or begin to build a relationship with them, because they tend to see their customers as sheep and do not grant them the respect they deserve. After speaking with Alex, who is obviously a profound thinker and marketer, I realized his number one objective is to help people, and he is truly genuine. Alex is definitely one of the authentic coaches out there and a true entrepreneur, with passion and a strong desire to help those he teaches. He does lead by example, and many others in the IM industry could really learn something from the generosity of this man. When you have the opportunity to be coached by Alex, GRAB it up! He will definitely find a friend, a mentor and a profound guide that you will be better for knowing.” Thanks bob ... you see folks, my model is not to sell you but to teach you and the people who have been burned for a long time, then come see me saying I wish I found you years ago. I reply I have been here the whole time - it's just you weren’t READY then. On top of being lied too ... These fake gurus can be accused of being the blind leading the blind. Sometimes these people do have good intentions, but have absolutely no clue. I could even be a bit guilty in this area myself. 27
  28. 28. You see we all teach people how to make money online and then they flap their wings and go out and start teaching others. This has been going on for many years, even before I started online myself. The more and more success stories we churn out, the more things get watered down. They go and teach others, who go and teach others, who teach others and basically at some point they are just people TRYING to make money selling make money advice. Because of this ... Out there on the internet are millions of money making websites and most of them were put up by people who have never made any money - and the information on them is utter CRAP. Each and every day people are buying into this crap, which was created to sell to them not teach them. When I started out, I went through this myself for the first two years – so I feel for the people there right now. In order to succeed, you need proven mentors with proven track records - not hyped up sales pages and false promises. Let's just look at business failure in general... Most people fail online, just like most businesses fail around the world. The main reason is because they go out to take, take, take, when really you should go out and give, give, give first of all. Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process - Jim Rohn, For the many years I have been online, this is where MOST people trip up. They believe to become successful making money they need to see the money come in - so they chase money. If you've known me for any length of years, you'll know my quote is “don't chase the money let the money chase you”. Let me tell you if you get this one thing from the book, you will never have to fail at making money . It's worked forever and is the law of the universe - not just the internet. Give And You Shall Receive The day you realize the truth behind this quote is the day that your life turns around. 28
  29. 29. Now, are there going to be times when you give and don’t immediately receive? Of course! But somehow, some way, and from somebody you are going to receive as much or more as what you gave. As you sow so shall you reap. With the internet it's one to many, so as you give one thing to many people and a % will return – so the return is always greater than investment. Let's look at this document you are reading, it is being passed all around the world as you read it - tens of thousands of people will get their hands on it. But here I am typing away weeks before it's going to ever be read by anyone else. What I'm getting at here is ... I have put a lot of hard work and energy into this document that you are reading. I have spent months of research, weeks of taking notes and many nights writing the darn thing, Here is a quote that should let you see why I've done this: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Let's go back to the dark place that most people within internet marketing are at right now. A lot of people try and skip this stage because; (a) they need money NOW (b) they don't know how to give value. So think about this - this is where you should focus all your time and energy. How can I give value to others? As good old Zig put it... "You can have everything in life that you want, if you just give enough other people what they want." — Zig Ziglar Just so you can really understand, from my own failure to realize this at first: 2006 - 2007 I made $115,000 selling my stuff 2007 - 2008 I made $500,000 giving my stuff away free (And it's made me a TON more ever since) 29
  30. 30. “The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now" — Zig Ziglar Now if it is money you want, then then you need to understand the cause and effect of getting it. Become educated on giving value and having a real business model behind that to receive the payments. THIS IS A PROVEN SYSTEM!!! Back to Those Conniving Gurus... How many times do people ask you to enter your name and email address for something FREE online? See ... it starts off the buying process. Let's start off with a wake up call ... If you believe you can click two buttons and become a millionaire then get a grip It's called supply and demand baby!!! Since I wrote the Gurus Nightmare and a lot has changed within the IM market place. You see ... One of the MAIN things I spoke about in Gurus Nightmare was how gurus can not hide online any more, because of their names being all over social media, so customers could EASILY leave bad comments about their products or services on the social sites and public forums. Well what happened next shocked me... A lot of Clickbank websites with crappy products were being shot up with actors, so you didn’t know who was behind the product and couldn't burn them on social sites. Of course a lot of ADVANCED marketers saw though this straightaway ... But newbies were taken to the cleaners and even though these products were being sold for $37 a pop, they were being sold in the tens of thousands of units. This is kinda the process, you might have been through it yourself ... Even though the product would sell initially for $37, the average customer value would be way above $37. Let's use Stanley as an example... 30
  31. 31. Stanley would see this website and think “wow I'm going to finally be rich if I just spend $37”. THEN as soon as he enters his credit card details he would be hit with an UPSELL saying, the product you just bought will not work unless you use this, just $97, then Stanley would feel like he has to make that next order. As soon as he does - he is hit with a hidden forced continuity, so basically right now Stanley doesn't know it, but he will be billed another $97 per month until he cancels his credit card. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call "churn and burn" Then of course Stanley will try and use this product and make no money and the marketer who sold it to him will now email him daily with new offers via email. So Stanley becomes another VICTIM and his value is a few hundred dollars, not just $37 for that initial pipe dream he was sold. Now trust me ... I have seen PLENTY of people become online millionaires selling this garbage and I could have made a FEW million myself doing it, but it's not what I'm about or what my online brand stands for. So I've left millions on the table - and I recommend you do as well. There is a better way. Let's be clear ... This report is not to slam the people doing this, but instead to wake you up to the marketing that is going on around you and wise you up to what up until now has been "unreported" This document is about how to make a lifetime of riches - not just churn and burn customers. As we're on the topic if you think you can push a button and make money, why are the push button traffic sellers working 18 hour shifts selling this shit - if they could just push a button and be rich? Let's break this down ... • These guys have a Wordpress plug-in created for $50 bucks (this is what is MEANT to be the TRAFFIC machine) • They create a fictional character so they can't get SLAMMED online. • They pay a pro copy writer $10,000 to write a fiction story that will sell as many people into buying the product – which will be based on LIES (the copy writer job is to convert as much traffic as possible, so most of the hard work is left out of the sales page and most of the reality is left out of the paid product). 31
  32. 32. • They'll have their affiliate army drive traffic, as it will make everyone who promotes this crap a whole heap of money. The only thing I personally like about this push button crap and I have seen this from the start is there is going to be a MAJOR backlash - its actually taking place right now. The internet community is going to grow up and smell the roses. And that is a good thing for me, as most people won't be looking for fast riches (that don't exist), but instead look for people to teach them how to build a real online businesses. And just so you know I'm the GOTO guy when it comes to coaching people from scratch to start making money online, in the fastest time possible. Add Value and Be One of the Good GOTO Guys (or Gals) add value and you will do well ... If you do not add value then you will get high refunds (like all these CB launches) and if you add no value then you will never get repeat business. They say in business, it is hardest to get the first sale and it's easier to sell to repeat customers. So if you add no value, you are really going to have a hard time in business. Don't know how to add value? if not Learn - and pay an interest. Now with all this push button crap, the formula they are following is supply and demand. This is what the market wants and they sell it - evidently it works. But they got the business model wrong. Rich Schefren said it best to me ... “marketing gospel says to sell people what they want not what they need, hence push button traffic.” In business, Rich has a way of teaching people with his free material to start to want what they need. He has build an 8 figure company by doing this, and when I paid him $10,000 to coach me, I model this exact formula. You see I’ve never bullshit people . 32
  33. 33. I tell it how it is and educate people why they should buy my stuff when they read my free information. Not everyone wants to buy my stuff of course and not everyone can afford it and I don’t accept just anyone. But you get the picture right ... I give away free stuff to the masses and then a % will want to continue to work with me and pay me for it... and happily pay me for it, I may add. Because the ones who do get into my coaching programs have such a better chance of online success. reason - I give you what you need. now imagine this ... Everyday my free material is out there teaching people - teaching people why they should want what I have for sale ... and on the backend of my Guru Trilogy I banked well over $1m from these free reports. Are you with me? I explain this the best in Newbies Nightmare: http://www.marketingwithalex.com/ebooks.html Check that out after you have finished this report ... ... I promise you it will be a GREAT lesson in marketing yourself online. Keep Shifting Your Comfort Zone and Spiral High I slipped into one easy money and good lifestyle and didn't focus on growing my company. Sometimes you are comfortable with where you are or you get too busy to do something about it. Man, do you have to step out of your comfort zone, to grow an internet business. As humans we do as we like. We have too much freedom and no direction. For example, as we are free spirits we go to the toilet when we need, eat when we like, go to the gym as we please, log onto Facebook at random, or read email to pass time. So after a hard day of working, many people come home from work - log online as a release - a dream world with some entertainment, and imagine the millions that are possible 33
  34. 34. Most people don't want to put hard work in to make it a reality You see as humans we are also getting on with our lives on auto-pilot, without going into detail the frame of mind is called "unconsciously competent" So this coupled with the fact you don’t want to do hard work is a recipe for disaster and you will procrastinate from doing anything and have excuse after excuse why it's not your fault, whilst being sucked into the hype spending money on the "Gurus Dream" Now I'm not picking on you here, I am just telling it how it is and until now it's been "unreported", but to show you how this is reality I'm going to strip bare. I want to quickly tell you this with my own personal story of getting into shape in the gym. Laziness is a disease - and I was lazy Getting fit is just like business. Getting fit is all about numbers. In my case, I messed up and I let my body slip . This reason is I have been comfortable where I am and let myself slip from all the good eating and drinking alcohol. I haven't had much work to do - so the hangovers had become more frequent, and the vacations turned from 7 days to 3 months at a time. Let's just say life was good. But one day I looked in the mirror and said holy shit you've let yourself go (fatty)! But I didn't instantly do something about it. This went on every day for MONTHS. but I was kinda delusional to the fact and I would continue to eat crap and drink excessively. it wasn't until one day I said sod it I'm going to get back into shape and I decided that was enough of the excuses. I become "READY" about 8 weeks ago now. Until then I was on a downwards spiral with my health. Now this might sound like a simple fix, right? 34
  35. 35. I'm aware of the problem and all I need to do is diet and exercise more ... sounds simple. So, what is a healthy diet? We all have our own variations, but in essence it means lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, plenty of protein, low carbohydrates, and keeping your fat intake low – simple! OK, maybe simple to say but going about doing this in your daily life is HARDER. It becomes a lifestyle change - a conscious shift of the mind. so about 10 weeks ago ... I was on the phone with Tom Beal and I said I've been trying to diet and stop drinking he stopped me and said "there is no trying my friend there is only doing or not doing When you are "READY" you will do it" Before this I would try and eat the diet food, but once again fail and binge on crap, because that was the habit that I had gotten into. It is exactly the same for an internet business - or any business for that matter. you can TRY and do something - but if it's not a daily habit you will fail. So my mission was on. The plan was to get my weight down from 175 pounds to 158 and my body fat down from 23 to 18 BMI and to go from 34 inch waste to 32 inch waist. It sounds simple enough to talk about, right? But this weight hasn't fallen off me over night, hell no! It's going to take a while to see results. Today I'm at 169.6 pounds. here's a blog post I wrote the very day I become "READY" {personal shit blog post} PLEASE DO NOT READ THAT BLOG POST IF YOU DO NOT LIKE FOUL LANGUAGE OR PROFANITY. I wrote that at a time in my life when I was ready for a change ... (viewers discursion) Anyway let me tell you the cleaner and shorter version here ... A business is complex, just like the human body. Let me explain exactly where I'm going with this... 35
  36. 36. Are you fat or fit? A wise man once said to me: “do you go on vacation to get fat or get fit?” My answer was “to indulge in the local flavors and get fat.” A while after and giving this question some thought, I realized that my life was a vacation. I have no boss, no schedule, I can work from where ever and whenever I like. With this much freedom sometimes not a lot gets done. You can go on upwards spiral or downwards spiral. And boy had I taken a downwards spiral! I said earlier laziness is a disease - and I had let it set in. In my life I was always talking about going to the gym and not drinking booze, but I would find myself in the pub with friends more often than sweating in the gym. Same scenario for business ... I find myself planning to do stuff than actually doing stuff. You may be able to relate to this... So I decided to change my health around... Day one in the gym: I felt really self conscious as I took my top off and my beer belly was out on show. I wasn’t in that good shape. But I'd done nothing to help myself get fit. In fact, I'd done the total opposite and not trained for months and binged on fast food and alcohol at every given moment. Then and there I stood stripped bare and how could I blame anyone else for this? Day one of training with my Personal Trainer he said I could get into shape in 8 weeks . He give me a unique plan and then we had our first day session. throughout the session i was dizzy ... and as soon as i got home I was physically sick. laying on my bed in shear pain - the excuses set in. 36
  37. 37. There is so much to learn and keep on top of like: diet, vitamins, targets, focus, attention, drive, discipline, goals... It was just too much hard work. I didn't want to push forward, I don't have time for all this, but I still wanted that change more and I was mentally"READY". SO I THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT I COULD DO I knew swimming was best for exercise and I enjoy swimming, but still knew ... I can't go swimming for one day and expect to be fit. it was going to take a lot of work and daily effort. But I wasn't going to stay this way anymore, so my swimming training started. That same day, I went for a swim and I enjoyed it. So I continued swimming daily, then I started popping into gym before swimming, then I started eating better and taking supplements, then I stopped drinking and focused on losing weight, I started to weigh myself every single day As a result of this I got into a better shape, better sleep pattern, my sex life increased and my work level and focus level increased too. More money and a healthier life is the outcome of this action and discipline. So you see, just that one thought to go swimming one day sparked off a series of events, which become a whole lifestyle change. I lost myself for a while, but I didn't lose my vision and I'm back on track - going for it again. I'm so into swimming these days that I have studied the elements - of water resistance, breathing, and strokes, and have a DVD collection of swimming training material. I'm now like a fish and doing hundreds of lengths every week and my muscle tone is growing fast - and my body fat is going down fast too. it's like meditation when I swim too - it's great. Everything I'm talking about here is about change and is just the exact same as building an internet business. EVERYTHING! I know what its like starting out 37
  38. 38. Same with my business - its going to be hard work but so worth it. It's grueling at the start, but that's why everyone isn't super successful as they are not willing to start. But what about you? You're "READY" right - it all starts in the mind. These days I do not want to go a day without swimming, as I enjoy my training that much now. just like i don't want to go a day without checking on my internet business as i enjoy that so much too, I'm glad to say that I have turned things around over the past 8 weeks with daily training. just notice I didn't get instant results, but I know what I'm working towards and what I'm doing is proven, and I started to enjoy it and now can't go without it. But I still have a constant fight of keeping to being the best I can be, keeping to this routine and staying healthy. I have to have the discipline to say no to a bar of chocolate in bed Just like I have to be disciplined to say no to surfing Facebook, when I'm meant to be writing my report. I hope this is a wake up call for you, because no one in this world can fix me, or my online income if I'm not willing to fix it myself. are we cool? What internet marketer tells you his company failed? None, apart from me! In 2010 I was ambitious to grow my company, my brand was ready to scale up and and I took on the full growth of my company, without being educated or without someone holding my hand with a watchful eye over me. Also I wasn't exactly in the best physical shape to do it - partying all the time and hangovers were more common than not. But since I written and created : • How to Milk the eBay Cash Cow • Easy Profit Auctions 38
  39. 39. • Post Launch Profits • Post Launch Profit Secrets • Guru's Dream • Newbies Nightmare • Gurus Nightmare • Marketing With Alex • Forward To Marketing • Alex's Inner Circle I've always kept it real and I've made into the millions of dollars by running my online business that way. But last year my company failed, WHY? Because I didn't have the correct information and I didn’t act accordingly. I started throwing money at the problem and invested 6 figures trying to fix a problem. What I later found out was the problem was ME! Ultimately I'm in charge I'm the CEO and I can't blame anyone else. Yes, there were many factors and other people included, who I could point fingers at but at the end of the day it was down to ME to make shit happen. It was a horrible experience - but a good learning one too (most probably the best learning I've had so far). I'm going to tell you straight I’ve been working hard to turn this around. I’ve been in the office a lot working on FOCUSED stuff and not being distracted by the usual crap like Facebook or email etc. Now I predict some HUGE things about to happen as a result... In Gurus Dream I talked about my U-Turn and right after it dumped $332,054 into my Paypal account a few days later .. That's the most money I had ever seen prior to that point. A Word of Warning: Don't Become a Busy Fool So let me give you a valuable lesson here: People who want more can't resist doing more - hence the expression 'a busy fool'. People tend to do too much and not get anything done. 39
  40. 40. back in 2010 my business was booming online and we were ready for expansion and to take on new clients. So we upgraded, which meant I had added a lot of new stuff into my life that I didn't understand. As we grew and expanded, new software, new processes, new systems, new team, and new products were added and with that came so much complexity. it was unreal. I was actually living the dream lifestyle, but my business wasn't running or making any money. It was a mess A TOTAL MESS. From the outside you would not suspect a thing, but internally it was HELL. As we started to grow, my expenses were going up and my income was going down. You see my company was out of sync, disorganized, had no order, systems or processes - etc. I tried and tried to make it grow, but it didn't work. The reason why it didn't work was I wasn't educated in how to grow it. Previously I'd built a million dollar company, but going beyond that was new waters. I’ve taught thousands how to start making money and plenty how to quit their jobs and a handful to make millions. But for me growing from $500K - $1m a year up to $1m to $10m, it was my first time and I got lost. I was kind of shy to ask how do this and felt comfortable at my current level. This is not only me teaching you, but also me being accountable and ready to make the conscious decision to focus on making this transition. I could see other people around me doing what I so wanted, so I give it a go, but when in the heat of the moment - so much was going wrong, it almost put me out of business. Very little money was coming in, as my existing business model was product launches, and as we weren't doing any product launches as we were in a transition to consistency model and it took its toll on me and the company. With a team of 2, we grew to 7 and I become busy IN the business. I was re-active not pro-active I brought on the team to support me, but what happened was I ended up supporting them. 40
  41. 41. I couldn't spend any time working ON the business, so we were doing a lot but nothing was actually getting done. My bank balance was going down fast and we struggled for months trying to fix this. We become busy fools - and it boiled down to me being an untrained project manager managing projects by stabbing in the dark. Instead of doing stuff that would bring in money - creating products and creating marketing materials - I was doing everything else apart from that. Hiding from the fact as it was just hard work in the struggle of growth. I would spend weeks working with teams over the websites, graphics and all the systems and frameworks. There was lots going on - endless meetings, lots of talk but nothing got done. Everything just added to the confusion. The reasons why this happened, because I was so caught up in my bubble, were: • I didn't have a real plan. • I was out of sync • I didn’t know the numbers • People were not giving me stuff • Teams were not proactive but reactive • I was busy making them stuff to do and there were no boundaries As a result, it got messy. Instead of my business flourishing like it should have, we were retracting. I had a series of panic attacks (I thought I was having a heart attack) and that was the end straw for me. Up to that point I was like the hamster on the wheel, but when I thought I was dying I didn't think about millions. No, all I cared about was more time with my family. After that point I become much stronger and took back control of my company. We removed people from the team, got advice from my mentors and and took the CORRECT action. Now this month we have made more profit than any previous month online EVER without a product launch ... And I’ve hardly worked! 41
  42. 42. YIPEEEEEEEEEE !!!! I broke through the next ceiling of complexity And even though we spent months trying, it wasn't until I stopped doing all the crap and just focused on marketing, that the money rushed in like never before. Every month since we removed the team and put in the new systems, just myself and my assistant (back to two of us) we have grown the company every single month getting tens of thousands in profits. So what I'm getting at here is... What have you done this past year that has helped grow your internet business ? Anything? Have you been that busy fool? Have you put the blame on others? Have you been on the hamster wheel going round in circles? Have you wasted a ton of cash? Yep! I'm guilty of all of those. But I stopped being a busy fool. I stopped working in the company and started to focus working ON the company. You can be busy, busy, busy on day to day tasks and then when you look back over months you say I've done nothing. Don't let that happen any more - say NO. You could do more in a day than you have all year if you have • vision • focus • education • support The question is are you willing to get things started? As soon as I decided to make the changes, they happened. Again not overnight, but month on month we have grown and it's been so much easier than when I first tried or expected. 42
  43. 43. That's a result. As soon as I decided to fix my company, we made money right away. For you all this is the same - it's just you're playing at a different level to me and you have to get started in the game . But you can start TODAY just decide and let's do this!!! You've got to be brave and make your mind up. If you're willing to learn, you will learn. I got on the phone with Rich and laid it all on the table. He asked what I was doing... We learned that I was playing with systems and trying to manage chaos I was working in the business not on it. You have to work on your biz, not in it. For example... Work ON your business - create a system for customer service so anyone can do your customer service work IN your business - you do your own customers service You see what this comes down to is not what you do, but how you do it. But when there are 100 things going on, you get swamped and if you are not on top of your game, then you will get sucked in and consumed with stress! That's what happened to me. Rich pointed out I have no process and even though 6 months before I had started to take my biz from the product launch model to the consistency model - we were still not consistent by any means. All the internal chaos had slowed us to a standing halt. I made that newbie mistake of thinking I had nothing for sale and was working to make everything ready to sell , but as soon as I applied a process to sell I added tens thousands into my pocket again and that quickly turned to 6 figures net. 43
  44. 44. it wasn't perfect ... but it was making us money ... Now I'm making more money a month than ever before and saving most of it. It's growing month on month, as if it were magic. Rich said forget about the company, go to market and sell - nothing moves without the sale. That’s exactly what I did - forgot about being a busy fool and just focused on bringing the money thought the door, which I'm really well educated on, I did this by marketing. So the funny thing is I can now work A LOT LESS and make MUCH MORE. Everything is now in place. So I'm focused on one thing and one thing only - bringing money into the company. Anything else is a distraction. I was like this is too simple - then every day I was walking into the kitchen and saying to Katie we've made another $5,000 or $10,000 today. Quite quickly we have made 6 figures net profit again, without having to rely on JVs or product launches. Finally we have a consistent business running and tanking towards the millions of dollars net. How I did it you ask? I sent out emails to my list and then make money. The Simple Steps to Your Success Now you may not have a list, but you know you need one, so go about building one (and remember to add value so that people will flock to you). The simple steps to success are: 1. Create a framework 2. Create value 3. Create marketing material 4. Start marketing 44
  45. 45. With each of these steps, you need to become educated on them and have experience with this process, then expand beyond it. So now your journey is to learn these areas and apply them into your life. Productivity & Profit = how quickly you can have this in place. I want to make this real clear... Yes it had to start with me - I had to make the conscious decision and stick by it daily, but I also needed support. It's like in boxing... People think its two guys in the ring alone, but really they have a team to support them. They have guys in their corner, a promoter, someone doing their diet plans and a gym trainer, just for starters. And if you know the Mike Tyson story – the heavy weight champion of the world, you'll have heard of his trainer Tyson's Cus D’Amato. This is the quote inscribed on the gravestone of Cus D’Amato. “A boy comes to me with a spark of interest, I feed that spark and it becomes a flame, I feed the flame and it becomes a fire, I feed the fire and it becomes a roaring blaze.” This means that small changes compound into a massive change. Or if you look at the recent UK fighter Amir Khan's story... A short while ago he was fighting really well, then he got knocked down, so he went away and trained and come back bigger and stronger. From being down he worked harder than anyone else, so that he'd never be there again. (This is the one story that has inspired me to get back on my feet and fight for my life) That’s how I feel guys ... I want that feeling for you too. Think about the opportunity you have now with me, as the fight of your life... Instead of punching people, you punch a keyboard with your fingers and you have the chance to make this reality right now in the moment together ... Or what about a bit of poker ... 45
  46. 46. If you know poker you'll understand - what I say next... if you don't know how to play the game EXACTLY, how can you be in the game and win chips, if you can't play? It's the same with Internet Marketing. If you don't know how to play, how can you play? and how can you bring the chips home? I watched people play poker for years and never understood it, but the time I actually learned poker was when I put my money on the table, and i picked up the basics in around 5 minutes. I was interested to learn and observe. I learned the RULES. but still 3 years later, im still learning the game every hand. poker can change with every hand, with every table and with every new player. REALITY CHECK FOR ALEX JUST HAPPENED. When playing poker I like to think I can play - but rarely do I win. I rarely win as I play against people who are up to 6am playing the game most days. But I'm up to 6am playing the Internet Marketing Game, where i bring home the BIG chips without the gamble. Newbies need to learn the game, observe the surroundings and watch what goes on. I recommend you learn the game, while you play it. It's the only way I teach people. is your pot of chips the same as it was this time last year? Harv T Eker call's it a set point. at once point he was a millionaire - then two years later he was back at his set point having minimum amounts of cash in his bank as the previous 20 years. I was like holy shit – same for me. I grew so fast with income that I was scared of it, and i blew it on LUXUARY living. 46
  47. 47. Yes people you are scared of success, more than you know it. For me I lived the Rockstar lifestyle and blew most of my money fast - like most Internet Marketers do - (trust me i know um folks) I went freaking crazy - 5 star vacations all the time, flying first class -my life was a vacation. Who wouldn't do this right? Heck I hadn't just won the lottery I had done better... I knew how to make money over and over again. It was time to party! But that party lasted along time and I wasn't focused on my business and I went back to my set point = not a lot in my bank So I would do a product launch again. But I’ve explained that isn't the biz model I want, so I had to change to expect growth. and it was hard - but so worth going through ... (now i can look back sipping a beer with a big smile on my face knowing this time around is a whole new ball game) What I'm telling you here is ... more than likely you're at a set point with your bank balance - just review it over a number of years and that is where you sit consistently. my advice is to watch this and take daily small steps to grow it and be wise with your money. That is something NO ONE taught me when building my Internet Marketing biz - it was all about making the money, not saving and investing your money. That has become my new game now and my study of choice, saving and investing. and I'm going to keep growing my set point nonstop. In fact with this attitude last month we saved more money than we EVER have in our lives. And we just got started last month! I recommend that you also change your set point in your bank account too. If there is something i can teach you from my own lesson's with my set point is this ... Business is like golf... 47
  48. 48. The main thing with golf and a business is to keep your eye on the ball. You must always keep your eye on the ball, or you will soon enough go into the rough and if you haven't got your eye on the ball, you can lose it completely. If you have your eye on the ball, then hit it out of the rough and it's now your job to get onto the green and sink the putt . just because you've been in the rough it doesn't mean the game over ... with this knowledge ... I’ve gone back to basics. Now what I'm going to tell you like I have to thousands of my coaching clients. You should move "forward to basics" Reason: you are not even at the starting line yet. let me say it again ... In my business I need to go back to basics, but for most people it's forward to basics. I've met thousands of people just like you and wherever I am around the world ,they tell me that my reports talk direct to them. But when I get them in my coaching program - that’s where the magic really happens. Most are not at basic level yet- they try for years doing the wrong things, but on the first day working with me in my coaching they learn they are not even at the starting line. and i put them though "Forward To Basics" you see what happens here is most people coming online to make money from the internet have no business know-how whatsoever... A quick overview of what you need to know. You need to know what you are building and reverse engineer it, so you know the steps to get there. You need a proven plan before you start You need a support team to move you though it You need to have a guide/mentor to ask questions from For me personally I took my eye off the game got caught up in the rough and now I'm going back to basics. I'm not ashamed . It is what it is ... 48
  49. 49. I let my mind and body slip and my business slipped because of it. I had been on a downwards spiral and only I could step in for a wake up call and change my path. now this time around I've the marketing chops and business know how to tank ahead and I’ve been building my business back up using the time proven principles of business – many I have already covered in this report: I have a mentor I have a mastermind group I am accountable to other people I am ready to and for change I have made a pledge to myself I have the correct education I block out noise to stay focused I have clear map, a clear path and a plan I will never give up I enjoy the journey I always look for leverage points I ask for advice when I need it I get support when I need it I don’t try do it all alone I know my strengths (and weaknesses) I take consistent action I have a plan and record results I keep a journal I share and blog results I have a WHOLE HEAP of fun on and offline doing this above ... and provide an unreal lifestyle for myself and family from the outcome of the above ... THE CORE ELEMENT Do you know what really matters most? What you do with your time. Just recently I had to hug my nan at her younger brother's funeral and I hugged her, as she broke down kissing and waving him goodbye. I couldn’t help but tear up and think soon it would be her and me and sorry to say you too. So you really need to know what you want out of life and go get it. If it is what you are doing now then keep doing it, but if it is an internet business and the internet lifestyle to work where you please and make crazy amounts of money, then go do it! If that is really what you want - do you know what you would spend the money on? 49
  50. 50. Get clear on that and if it's worth it you will make it online. And I will be here for you if you need my extra support. Alex Jeffreys Psychic Prediction: An Insight into the Future There are two types of people reading this report. If you don’t want an internet biz and not willing to do what it takes - you are here for entertainment. If you are willing to do what it takes - then welcome to the internet goldmine. From the past, I can predict the future. In previous books I have written that there are two sides to business: Results and excuses There are two types of people reading this report and let me tell you their fortunes: (1) The one that goes after a quick buck, and is broke again soon. (2) And the other one takes time to build an online asset, which consistently brings an income in. I know this is a true statement from studying the demographics of my previous readers. The question is which one do you want to be? Let me stick the knife in to your future a little more to try and alter it with you, as you are now here in the moment with me ... Let me now take these two people and expand it to everyone who is reading this report: Most and I mean most people go after number one, but really knowing that they need to be number two. They don't know what needs to be done and each new learning opens up new learning. They try and keep their eye on the ball and don't feel successful, until the money is coming in. That’s what determines your success, right? That is correct, but there is an underlying factor - "the foundations" Here is the formula to make a lot of money online: 1. Get a mentor ( it's an investment ) 50
  51. 51. 2. Build a framework (outsource it) 3. Create value (leverage experts) 4. Drive traffic (go where traffic is) 5. Email marketing (this really is - push button riches) 6. Know your numbers (so you can increase them regularly) This Proven Formula = non stop income in any niche you apply. You can be wealthy for life if you get that into your life. Look, I have shared with you how hard it has been these past months. Yes, okay money has been coming in the hundreds of thousands and I'm at a different level than you, but I can relate to you even now as I go through the same emotions: • I was lost • I didn’t take control • I wasted time • I worried instead of did • I was my own worst enemy Now I'm back. I hope this report has opened up windows and sparked off ideas in your head to get something going now. It's not too late ... Remember one thought sparks off a series of events. It can only get better is what I'm saying. That is if you want it to? Now I've learned from my mistakes. Will you? Forget all the hype, let's get down to science... When you put in a proven framework, you will kick opportunity seekers asses! WHY THIS IS PROVEN TO WORK... 51
  52. 52. Everyone who sells anything online uses this education and knowledge. You can start small and you can start today... You just need a map, plan, support, desire and accountability to make the changes needed. Right now, it is likely that you have conflicting problems... You don’t know what to create You don’t know how to create it You don’t think people will like it You don’t have knowledge to share You don’t have knowledge to learn If you apply this information you have learned today reading this report, then you too will be unstoppable. Decide to make it a reality and have a good enough reason why you would make it reality. Grab a mentor to guide you in this jaded fractured place called the internet marketing niche. I like to tell my students to forget about making money. This is an education and you have the potential to make money as you learn, but focus on the training for now and the results will come. It's like in gym - focus on training and results will come. To succeed: 1. Make a decision to find a successful model to copy 2. Find someone successful to model 3. Review their client success stories 4. Learn from a trusted source 5. Think and digest what you learned 6. Know your desired end result 7. Reverse engineer to create your plan 8. Start at start – forward to basics Are you "READY?" Then it's time to step up and make a difference. You can start today. Give it a go. Share your story. 52
  53. 53. Inspire people to follow along. You can turn this into a million dollar business model 100% if you are willing. Remember nothing ventured nothing gained right? I hope this book has inspired you to take action and realize you are not behind or too late. But you can make a start NOW and become a success from here forward. What is the past is the past - learn from it and take it as one of life’s lessons. I promise you that I have learned more about business from my times of struggle, than in my times of fast riches. Imagine your life as a book and your pages until now are of failure, turn the new leaf and make your very own happy ever after. Times have never been easier to become successful sitting at home and making money. But it's what you do with time that creates the results. I'm telling you that this time next year will not be as easy as now and it's getting harder quicker than ever before. I hope you feel inspired that you can start today and make changes daily moving forward. You can go two ways: Towards or away – that is up to you. For now though my business is growing at a very steady rate, even now seeing into tens of thousands a day, with other people doing the day to day work. I have had the best mentors online EVER. And I want to give back ... I'm looking for people to become my next protégées. We've Covered A Lot Of Ground - Work Today, So What Happens Next? If you'd like to fast track your success like My Coaching Students have, Then I've put together something that should excite the pants off you!!! 53
  54. 54. Yes, I'm ready to pick up the tab for you, so keep your wallet in your pocket. just remember the saying goes like this: You have to be in it to win it ... I'm about to hand pick some lucky readers from this document, who manage to post their comments on the Unreported Marketing Blog Post here before the competition closes down in the coming days ahead . To take part all you need to do is tell me ... Why you would like Alex Jeffreys as y our personal mentor, who will take you by the hand and build your online business for you, in order to make sure you become the next success story. If you want to be one of the 5 lucky people, I hand pick to personally coach for free, then you'll click here immediately and tell me right now why you want this more than anyone else! Good luck everyone! im going to give away 5 spots to a $10,000 value coaching "Marketing With Alex" Coaching package that is currently closed to the public just for leaving your comments on the blog post here ... I will hand pick the 5 of you and give you access to my online business giving you 100% profits you make from selling my products whilst I hands on teach you how to run this bad-boy money machine .. And make sure to leave your story why I should pick you to personally coach you, by starting the comment with: "Yes, Alex I want you to be my personal mentor because ..." PLUS ... for everyone who leaves a comment ... not only do you have the chance to win $10,000 value coaching package but also for everyone that leaves a comment - im going to invite you to a private webinar where I'll show you live how to build a marketing campaign from scratch that will make you thousands of dollars all in under 90 minutes flat ... I'll show you everything I'd show my coaching students but you get it for free .. That's pretty cool information if you ask me! Just leave your comments here ... so with that said .. If you want me to do all the necessary for you and create your marketing campaign, so you can finally go to market and finally get the money you deserve, then i will pick 5 of you and totally 54
  55. 55. revamp your lives giving you my $10,000 value coaching program ... for just leaving your comments here. Don't miss the cut off point, as this is a $10,000 value and you have the potential to make a heck of a lot more when I coach you, VERY IMPORTANT ... You won't be my prospect, I'm going to give you something that delivers value to your prospect, you see you have been marketed to, now we need to deliver you a product that markets for you, and will be seen as valuable to your prospects. you'll get every front end marketing necessary, the value piece itself and the support getting it automated, the funnel, traffic blueprints and supporting extras we add on, as we take off from launch phase to post launch, where the money will be made on an ongoing basis. Remember, one day I started with nothing and then I made something ... So can you. This is more than marketing, it's a commitment. My commitment to you. Good luck everybody. Now tell me here why you want me to coach you more than everyone else. To Your Success Always Alex Jeffreys www.MarketingWithYou.com PS - leave your comment before the quickly upcoming cut off point and i'll make sure to read it personally and reply if needed ( good luck ) and cya on the free webinar next week ...once you leave your comment's here ...ciao for now folks ... cya !!! 55