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Sql server baselines


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SQL Server Baseline collection. SQL Server performance metrics. Using PAL with SQL Server for perfmon data.

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Sql server baselines

  1. 1. SQL Server : Performance and Baseline Measurements Mike Walsh – Linchpin People
  2. 2. Mike Walsh  SQL Server MVP since 2011  Seacoast SQL User Group  SQL Server Consultant  Partner at Linchpin People  Blog:  Straightpath SQL Blog  Linchpin People Blog
  3. 3. Agenda  Baselines – What/Why/How are they?  Tools and Scripts  PAL  Wait and IO Statistics Collection  “Glenn Berry Scripts”  Telling a performance story
  4. 4. PAL – Part 1  Performance Analysis For Logs  Perfmon  Template Files  PAL Demo  Show the tool  Talk about perfmon  Start collection and kick off a workload
  5. 5. Baseline & Benchmark Discussion  While our workload runs.. Let’s talk about baselines…  What are they?  What can they do for us?  How can we review and use them?  Why should you all be collecting and reviewing them?
  6. 6. Wait Statistics  What are they?  What do we do with the information?  Trending vs Static  DEMO  Look at wait statistics  Look at interval wait statistics
  7. 7. File/IO Stats  SQL Server’s View into Latency  Doesn’t always match perfmon… Why?  Perfmon doesn’t always match SAN stats… Why?  DEMO  Looking at Static Stats with Glenn Berry Scripts  Looking at interval stats
  8. 8. How’s Your Server?  Glenn Berry Scripts – Are you shooting yourself in the foot?  Quick Talk about the Linchpin People WellDBA™ Exam  (not marketeering.. Talk about why it’s good to check your own servers from time to time.. No matter how you do it.)  What we are looking for that affects performance  DEMO  Running through Glenn Berry Diagnostic Scripts Live  Looking at CPU-Z for CPU Power Saving (it really does kill performance!)
  9. 9. PAL Part 2  Workload is probably done now.  Let’s talk about how to use PAL to analyze our log file.  Instead of talking, let’s show it…  DEMO  Hopefully use the real file from the workload  If not review some already staged files (ala Julia Child)  Look at the insight in PAL for us  Pay attention to the lessons you can get just using PAL (e.g Forwarded Records definition and solution.. Batch Requests/sec ratios to other counters, etc)
  10. 10. Putting it all together  What’s the performance story from everything we looked at?  Getting into monthly or quarterly reviews  Picking counters to trend the story over time  Batch requests/sec – busier now than then?  User connections then/now  Basic metrics then/now – capacity planning proactively  Fixing where it hurts  When isn’t it the database/code?  When isn’t it the server?  When is it both? (hint – most of the time)
  11. 11. Resources  Blog Posts/How-To Videos  My post on using PAL to generate template with video walkthrough.  My post on how to use CPU-Z to look for dangers of CPU Power saving with video walkthrough.  Old post of mine talking about some other free tools that are great.  Brent Ozar post on doing some perfmon analysis in Excel/CSV format.  Old PAL/Baseline blog post on my blog.  Glenn Berry Diagnostic Scripts  PAL  John Sterrett Wait and IO Statistics Interval Scripts –  Waits File/IO  Great Books  Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting (still great– even now)  Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting.  DVD Store –What we used to generate load on the server. Great blog post walk through on setting up from David Klee.  Relog –Tool we discussed to turn blg into CSV (so you never have to store in CSV format from perfmon…)  CPU-Z –Tool I talk about in the presentation and blog post above.  SP_Whoisactive – Anytime I deliver this session I imagine I’ll always mention this amazing script from Adam Machanic. Link goes to lots of posts on his blog about the tool and download link.