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Mike walsh hadr_toomanychoices_20191107


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HA/DR Overview of options and discussion points for SQL Server

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Mike walsh hadr_toomanychoices_20191107

  1. 1. Too Many Choices! HA/DR: Mike Walsh, Founder, Straight Path Solutions
  2. 2. Please silence cell phones
  3. 3. everything PASS has to offer Free online webinar events Free 1-day local training events Local user groups around the world Online special interest user groups Business analytics training Get involved Free Online Resources Newsletters Explore
  4. 4. Session Evaluations Submit by 5pm Friday, November 15th to win prizes. Download the GuideBook App and search: PASS Summit 2019 Follow the QR code link on session signage Go to 3 W A Y S T O A C C E S S
  5. 5. Welcome!
  6. 6. Let’s Talk About A few Customers… “You had one job” OOPS! Enterprise budget, SE needs. “But you need Enterprise Edition to run this way” How many DBs are too many? …. If you have to ask….
  7. 7. That’s Why We’re Here Today There ARE choices. SE? EE? Cloud? Hybrid? VM based HA? Log Shipping? AG? FCI? Third Party tools?!?!? There are ANSWERS. But I won’t sit here and say one is always right. Leave exploring the options. We have 75 mins. We’ll have Questions. This is 101.
  8. 8. Our Goals Today - Challenge assumptions SE? EE? Cloud? Hybrid? VM based HA? Log Shipping? AG? FCI? Third Party tools?!?!? Realize there are ANSWERS. But I won’t sit here and say one is always right. Leave exploring the options. We have 75 mins. We’ll have Questions. This is 101.
  9. 9. Mike Walsh Founder/Consultant Straight Path Solutions That Link has the slides/notes/etc. SQL Server MVP
  10. 10. Our Plan 1. HA/DR From 30,000ft 2. Talk to the Business! 3. Licensing Implications (and a big change announced late last week) 4. Put it all together
  11. 11. HA/DR from 30,000 Feet: Options in SQL Server, Options out of SQL, HA vs DR.
  12. 12. Some Terms • RPO – Recovery POINT Objective – “Are we up yet?” • RTO – Recovery TIME Objective – “Is all my data there?” • SLA – Service Level Agreement – “ • HA – High Availability (See next slide…) • DR – Disaster Recovery (See next slide…)
  13. 13. High Availability Disaster Recovery HA is not DR • Oh No! • Local/Isolated Failure • Data Center/SAN ok • Most folks expect up < 15 minutes • Oh ^&(#!!! • The Big One • Switching Regions • Most folks understand longer RPO/RTO
  14. 14. SQL Server Availability Technologies Technology Notes Failover Cluster Instances Table data here Always On Availability Groups (EE) Table data here Always On Availability Groups (SE) Table data here Log Shipping Table data here Replication (yeah I went there) Table data here
  15. 15. Outside of SQL Server HA/DR Ideas Technology Notes VMWare/Hyper-V HA Table data here VMWare Replication & Snapshot Technologies for Site Recovery Table data here SIOS DataKeeper like tech to combine with FCI Table data here
  16. 16. Don’t Forget to Dance • So MANY ways to combine tech • Let RPO/RTO/Business guide to right areas • Ask the right questions of business and technology • Mix and match to suit your needs and budget • Some of my favorite dance cards:
  17. 17. AG Only • You can achieve HA or DR with this. • One common approach is 2 synchronous in main data center/1 asynchronous in secondary • (I prefer MANUAL failover to DR anyway..) • Requires EE. But with licensing changes, that’s big $$ saved.
  18. 18. FCI – but with more.. • The Internet: “You can’t span a SQL Failover Cluster across data centers” • Also the Internet: “That guy? He would never win, what a joke candidacy!” • I LOVE these. I even drew a picture on the next slide. • DR potential here (need a good pipe) • FCIs are a little easier than AGs (2019 fixed some of these!)
  19. 19. FCI + Replication • No.. I’m not crazy. • Standard • Three nodes. • FCI for AG (even if on a VM or no SAN) • Replication for Read only reporting (but with indexes)
  20. 20. Other Assorted • FCI + AG – Can get in trouble if not careful. Feels complicated. • Log Shipping – FINE DR approach based on RPO/RTO • Inside of VM/Cloud Based/Etc – something had to be cut!
  21. 21. Talk to the Business!!
  22. 22. Be A Consultant • What’s the Desired Future State? • Where are we today? • What’s the gap and how do we close it? • What do we do first? • Document it. Get Buy In. • Do it.
  23. 23. Listen… But that means you have to … talk …. to the business. Remember: • They’ll want some weird stuff. • They’ll get mad when you give them the price tag. • They’ll think it’s a bit easier than it is.
  24. 24. Give the People What they Want People like choices. Maybe something like this – Name RPO HA RTO DR? Approach Notes Cost Super <5 <5 Yes, same RPO/ RTO SQL AG 3 node, synchronous To get same RTO in DR situation means $$$ on pipe and latency/etc $$$$$$ Std. <5 <5 Yes <1hr RPO/ RTO SQL AG 3 node Sync + Async? Maybe Log shipping? Zerto/SRM/etc? Lots of options. Point here is you have to make your own list! $$ - $$$ No 24hrs 24hrs + One full backup a day. Not really HA/DR $
  25. 25. Questions to Ask Put this all together and drive home the important questions. • What about patching downtime? • Do we really need EE? Especially now? • Read only workload offloading? Or is RCSI/best practices sufficient? • What else?
  26. 26. But Wait! There’s More!
  27. 27. There’s a Change in the Weather • Go thank Microsoft. • Lots of reasons to love SQL Server 2019 • A few license changes/clarifications related to HA/DR: • CHECKDB/Backup/Monitoring of Secondaries • More Nodes (.. Well one)
  28. 28. Moving Pictures…
  29. 29. Before We Go!
  30. 30. Add It Up • Ask the right questions to assess your needs. • Evaluate your licensing needs and performance needs. • Plan your approach (can you squeeze an upgrade in?) • Get On It – Achieve HA and/or DR. Right now – With the licensing changes, and tech available. There’s no excuse not to.
  31. 31. A Face In The Crowd • What’s keeping you up right now? (related to SQL Server HA/DR) • Anyone going to go and implement something we discussed today?
  32. 32. Thank You Mike Walsh @mike_walsh for resources/links