Internet Marketing Strategies For Orthodontists


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Internet Marketing for orthodontists can be a very effective way to attract dozens of new patients to the practice per month. Implementing marketing strategies is a wise use of marketing dollars.

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Internet Marketing Strategies For Orthodontists

  1. 1. azne t m arke t m m/o rtho do ntists-heres-ho w-to -get-mo re-patients/Internet Marketing For Orthodontists - Attract More PatientsMike PedersenIf you’re an orthodontist, you have huge potential to growyour practice via the internet, with the right marketingstrategies in place.With each new patient ranging f rom $4500-$7,000, you canquickly add a tremendous amount of monthly and annualrevenue to your practice.My son recently had braces, and it was a little longer thanwe’d hoped, but we’re happy with the result, and he smiles alot more, so that’s a good thing.T he orthodontists I talk to and it’s been dozens and dozens,have said the majority of their new patients come f rom ref errals of local dentists near their of f ice. T hat makesa lot of sense, but what about all those internet searches f or an orthodontist in your locale?I can assure you there are more than enough on a monthly basis searching f or braces in your area to add asubstantial amount of income to your practice. Imagine if your new internet marketing plan helped you attractand get signed up 10 new patients a month on top of what you’re currently producingWe’re talking about easily $50,000 or more per month in new revenue. Wouldn’t that be worth looking into acomprehensive Internet Marketing Plan to achieve this?Educate ThemGetting braces f or your child, or yourself is not an impulse purchase. Either it takes a strong ref erral f rom adentist you trust, or a f riends orthodontist, or a website that answers all the questions you have pertaining toorthodontic procedures.T he best way to educate a visitor on your website is through articles (blog), and videos. T hese 2 f orms ofcontent marketing are powerf ul. If done with a strategy in mind, they can help you build what we call an“authority” website that reassures visitors your the orthodontist of choice f or your area.T he more questions you can answer using these 2 mediums, the more phone calls you’ll get f rom the Internetand your website.Email MarketingA very ef f ective way to keep your practice in the “top of the minds” of your prospective new patients is emailmarketing. T hat is of f ering some kind of f ree white paper in exchange f or their email address.Now you’ve got multiple opportunities to email highly valuable content to them to help them make an inf ormeddecision to go with you and not your competitor.Craf ting email content that engages and initiates an action is an art, so don’t take this lightly. T hey gave youtheir email address without knowing you, so don’t blow it by sending out sales pitches, or crappy content.
  2. 2. Video MarketingT his is where you can take the lead and “own” your area f or braces. Video on the web is exploding, and mostorthodontists are slow to embrace it. T his gives you an upper hand if you take the bull by the horns and startproducing videos. Video marketingYoutube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by the biggest search engine(google). Because of this, we prof essionals in the search engine optimization world f eel google is f avoringvideos, and ranking them on the first page.I know this… as we have dozens of videos on the f irst page of google, f or competitive terms. T he powerf ulef f ect is that you’ll see a little thumbnail of the video in the search results, so it catches your attention, andmore people are apt to click on it.Do You Need Help At t ract ing More Ort hodont ic Pat ient s From The Web? Cont act Us TodayTo Schedule A Compliment ary St rat egy Session+Mike Pedersen has been an Internet Marketing Specialist f or 13 years, and is now helping localdentists attract more patients using strategic Internet and Mobile Marketing plans specif ic to theneeds of the practice.