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Attention Dentists: How To Attract More Dental Patients Using Twitter


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Dentists - you've got to jump on the Twitter and social media bandwagon. This is where many of your patients are connecting with each other, so you need to get active and engage with them. They will spread the word, and you will attract new patients.

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Attention Dentists: How To Attract More Dental Patients Using Twitter

  1. 1. Attention Dentists: How To Attract MoreDental Patients Using TwitterIf you own a dental practice, and desire to attract new patients, you’ve got to implement Twitteras one of your marketing and engagement strategies.Here’s some Twitter statistics I want you to comprehend:•Over 500 million users•Over 200 million active users monthly•60% access twitter via mobile•30% higher interaction rates between 8am - 7pm•Tweets with image links get 2X the engagementThese are just a few, and I’m sure you’re wondering how thatcan help your practice, but what I want you to take from this...istwitter, if used properly, can be a powerful tool in yourmarketing arsenal.I want you to also put yourself in the minds of your patients, tounderstand how you can get their engagement on this socialplatform.Mobile Users On TwitterRemember the above statistic?“60% access twitter via mobile”I want you to take a moment, and look inyour waiting room. What are most ofyour patients doing?If I were a betting man, I’d say they wereburied in their smart phones.What’s this mean to you?
  2. 2. Encourage them to tweet, right then and there, that they are at your dental practice. Make iteasy for them by having a professional looking laminated social sheet with your facebook,twitter, pinterest and and other important page links.So for twitter, you’d have a statement telling them to tweet your office on their twitter, and you’dhave your twitter handle (ie. @familydentist), prominently on the sheet right after you ask themto tweet.I’m sure if asked, many would do just that.Here’s a tweet I just did. See below.The result is all their friends (that tweet above will go out to over 6,000 followers of mine)finding out who their dentist is, and going to your twitter page to see if you have a fun,professional and socially active practice.They will then click the link to your website if they like what they saw on Twitter.If your dental website is optimized to get the phone call, there is a good probability you will getthat call, all from being on twitter, and engaging with your patients.If written more on this topic right here!