Attention Dentists: Get Your Google Authorship


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Google owns the game in search, and authorship is the new game they want you to play. If you don't get set up with your authorship now, you will have a hard time ranking in google moving forward.

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Attention Dentists: Get Your Google Authorship

  1. 1. Google Authorship For Dentists - You Gotta Do ItWritten By +Mike PedersenInternet Marketing Strategist For DentistsIf you own a dental practice, and you’ve done anymarketing on the Internet, you know that Google isthe big player in town.Over 70% of all searches on google have a localintent. That means when someone is looking for adentist, whether they are new in the area, or, wantto make a chance, they are going to search onGoogle.There are only 3 spots in a google search you can be found on. That is the adssection at the top and right side. The Google+ Local Business Listings. And theorganic, or natural results, that are located below the business listings.Owning Your ContentGoogle loves fresh, uniquely written content, that is added on a consistent basis.Preferably at least once a week. The best spot to add content to your dentalwebsite is a blog.There is a very effective way to prove ownership of your content, and get Googleto love you. This is called Google Authorship. This is where you link up your G+Profile to your dental site using specific code.If you don’t do this correctly, Google won’t show authorship, and they may have aharder time trusting your content.Google Authorship AdvantagesWhy do you need to go to all this trouble to get authorship? The main reason isGoogle will regard you as an authority in your niche, given you write greatcontent, that is useful to the marketplace.
  2. 2. The reward is in higher organic rankings; traffic to your website; and more phonecalls to your practice. So is worth the effort.Another very important result is Googlewill show an image of the author in thesearch results.Look to your right, and you’ll see I’veoptimized one of my dental clients toshow authorship.And look...his result is the ONLY one onthe entire page showing his image. Doyou think people are more apt to click onit?I would think so!Because most dentists are not aware ofthis authorship, you can gain “first tomarket” advantage, like I have all myclients doing.This will result in you winning the searchwar on Google. Ultimately, getting all thephone calls to your practice.Want to read the rest of this article?Click here to learn more.If you enjoyed this article, don’t be shy to share it on Facebook, Twitter, orGoogle+.