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Mobile app development companies in india


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Mobile application development companies in India. Android application development companies in India iOS development companies in India. Web application development companies in India. Hakuna Matata development companies in India and Chennai

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Mobile app development companies in india

  1. 1. Mobile App Development Companies In India
  2. 2. Stats From Mobile Industry ● Mobile is the next hot space that is still being explored in India. ● By 2017 India will have over 314 billion mobile Internet users. ● Over 75% of people in India use mobile Internet. An app should be created keeping those 75 percent people in mind. ● There are two ways to create an app and they are, Create an new app for all people Create an app for the existing website
  3. 3. Here are some of the best app designing companies in India
  4. 4. Hakuna Matata With over 9 years of experience in the mobile application development space, or you can call them pioneer in the field of mobile application development. Now they have introduced a new technology called CB4UBD(See Before You Build) where one can visualize the complete UI before the completion of app development. Advantages of CB4UBD are 1. Complete framework before development 2. Competitor Analysis 3. Risk Factor Scrutiny 4. Minimum Viable Product 5. Less Investment With that you can easily pitch to an Angel investor of Venture Capitalist.
  5. 5. App Studioz Founded in the year 2006 app studioz has been creating web and mobile applications. The are a united platform for application development and their strength is platform based application design and development. They work on Mobile Audience as a Service platform to create better user interference and user design.
  6. 6. Prismetric Established in the year 2008 with the vision of providing customized technology solutions to clients and hassle free product management Prismetric provide good quality solutions. Prismetric provide CRM, Open source customization including mobile game development.
  7. 7. Riktamtech Web application and web design was the first service offered by Riktamtech and expanded their area to mobile application development. Understanding the key concept and producing a conceptual wire frame and developing a product is the good way to start a development, in that Riktamtech operates in a step by step structured way to develop an app.
  8. 8. syon infomedia Started with an aim to become an international media house syon infomedia has a clarity in creating a product combined with responsibility and passion. Facebook application development, contacts and plugin development for social media are the other solutions Syno infomedia offer.
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