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Www disabledparents-net

  1. 1. Skip to Content The Internets One-Stop Resource for Parents with Disabilities Menu Wheelchair Infant/Toddler Carrier Submitted by Joel Home What Is the Parent Conceived: Malka Goldberg Empowerment Network? Design and technical specifications: Yossi Mor, professional engineer Learn about the first and best e- mail community for parents with Fabrication: Yad Sarah workshops, Jerusalem. disabilities. Resources for Parents Photo1 with Disabilities Wheelchairs generally have adjustable Books/Audio armrests, to accomodate variation in Medical heights. Malkas chair has had four Information Web Resources holes, two on each side, drilled into the Adaptive/Adaptable tubes in the frame in which the Parenting Products armrests slide. A spring loaded pin has Organizations been added to each armrest. The Toys and armrests can be positioned either up or Recreation Magazines and down, with the the pin engaging the Periodicals corresponding hole. The picture shows the right armrest in Our Stories Read articles written by parents the up position and the left arm rest in with disabilities, on various the down position. The bottom hole on aspects of parenting. the right is circled in red. The top hole, About This Site with the pin engaged, is circled in Other Disability Links green. Feedback The carrier itself also has spring loaded pins that engage holes on the front of the Send an E-mail armrests. The hole in the front of the right armrest is circled in blue. Photo 2 This is a side view. Again, the bottom hole in the armrest support tube is circled in red, the top hole, with the pin engaged is circled in green, while the front hole where the carriers own pin engages is circled in blue. Photo 3 The carrier is made from a standard Gerry brand backpack child carrier. It has been cut up and the straps removed and re- converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. attached in various places. Thebackpacks original aluminumtube was replaced with asturdier steel tube that is itselfwrapped with foam paddingand covered in vinyl.The pin to engage the hole inthe front of the armrest is circledin blue.The tube supports the front of the carrier. The back of the carrier is supported bystraps around the armrests. The yellow arrows point to the buckles for the right sidestraps. The left side straps are also visible. The additional strap visible is one of twothat can be used to strap the baby into the carrier. We almost never do this.Photo 4 Both armrests are in the up position and the carrier has been inserted. The carrier pin engaged in the hole on the front of the armrest is visible. The yellow arrow points to where a carrier strap goes behind the upright of the armrest.Photo 5In operation. As you can see, we dont generally strap the baby in. The original carrierhas a sling seat for smaller babies, which can be removed as the child grows. Thisremains in the modified carrier.And yes, the baby is sold separately. ;-)Back to Adaptive Parenting Aids converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. The Web Access Symbol indicates that this page is designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. For moreinformation, see "About This Site" or contact the National Center for Accessible Media. If you have any accessibilityproblems with this page, let us know by sending us an email. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com