Anti-Aging Skin Care


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Anti-Aging Skin Care

  1. 1. Natural Skin Care Products to Help Reduce the Effects of Age Anti-Aging Skin Care Products
  2. 2. Ageless is a Dramatic Innovation in Anti-Aging Skin CareThe Ageless alternative to Botox, our ATXWrinkle-Away Serum contains a non-toxic anti-aging formula made with scientifically-provenAcetyl Hexapeptide-3, reducing the intensity ofmuscle contraction and reduce fine lines andexpression wrinkles.Powerful active ingredients trigger the skinsnatural power of rejuvenation.Ageless Skincare Products offers all the Benefitsof Nature’s Beauty.Ageless is the wow factor that gives you velvety,creamy lustrous skin.Say goodbye to crinkles, folds and crows feet.
  3. 3. The Ageless brings the most advanced and scientifically proveningredients to reduce wrinkles and help make you look younger.Clinical test show our advanced formulas effectively reducewrinkles almost immediately once you begin our skin careregimen.
  4. 4. Our Wrinkle-Away Serum is thealternative to Botox injections. Ournatural botanicals and antioxidantshelp firm, tighten and lift damageskin to give you a youthfulappearance.
  5. 5. Skin is the largest organ on the human body.It is a dynamic, ever growing organ which keepsgood things in and damaging things out.Our skin also controls the temperature of thebody and provides a protective barrier to thebody, especially to protect us against the Sun.
  6. 6.  Air pollution Sun damage Alcohol Cigarette Smoke Stress Toxic Environment
  7. 7. As we get older components of our skin, collagen and elastinworsen setting the stage for the appearance of wrinkles, creases,folds, and furrows. Some people know them as “crow’sfeet”.The breakdown of these components, accelerated bysun exposure and gravity, result in sagging skin. Skin iseasily damaged, by external factors such as sunlight, pollution,harsh soaps and chemicals and by internal causes such as cigarettesmoke and diet.
  8. 8. In aging skin cells, antioxidants are in short supply. The free radicals generated areleft unchecked and cause damage to cell membranes, proteins, and DNA. These freeradicals eventually break down a protein substance in connective tissue (Collagen)and release chemicals that cause inflammation in the skin.It is a combination of these cellular and molecular events that leads to skin aging andthe formation of wrinkles which inevitably make you look older.
  9. 9. With dozens of options to choose from, finding the Anti-Aging skin careproducts that will give you the results you want can be a daunting process—and expensive.Cost is one of the worst predictors ofeffectiveness when youre shopping for anAnti-Aging skin products.The Good Housekeeping ResearchInstitute found through some expensive Anti-Aging products do deliver results, although the institutealso found that many of the most effective treatments costunder $50.Knowing what to look for can make the process much simpler. Natural Ingredients, Effective Results
  10. 10. What does that mean in skin care?  Petroleum Free  Free of Harsh Chemicals  Free of Mineral Oil  Paraben-Free  Free of Animal Ingredients  No Animal TestingAgeless works and is good for your skin.
  11. 11. Active Ingredients That WorkThankfully, there are several products that help to reduce theeffects of long-term sun exposure and the damage that it causes.More than 80 percent of aging adult skin results from tanning andsun exposure during the teen years.The perfect tan can result in many health issuesand conditions, including cellular damage,wrinkles, brown spots, and even skin cancer.UV rays actually increase the rate of skin aging andcause the development of melanoma.
  12. 12. We are proud to say that all of our products:•Are 100% Paraben-Free• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines•Never Tested on Animals• Naturally Derived Ingredients• Medical Grade, Contains No Fillers• Are Hypoallergenic• Restores Collagen• Helps maintain collagen quality• Prevents breakdown of Collagen• Increases skin suppleness• Increases elasticity
  13. 13. The Ageless alternative to Botox, our ATX Wrinkle-Away Serum contains a non-toxic anti-aging formulamade with scientifically-proven Acetyl Hexapeptide-3,to reduce the intensity of muscle contraction andreduce fine lines and expression wrinkles. Reducesdepth and size of wrinkles and fine lines and relaxingmuscles.Ageless Skincare Products offers all the Benefits ofNature’s Beauty
  14. 14. The Disappearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles.Helps Restore Skin’s Natural Clarity and ElasticityImproves Overall Skin ToneHelps Improves Skins FirmnessReduces the Appearance of Rough& Dry Skin
  15. 15. Exfoliators & Toners Wrinkle-Away Serum The Alternative to Botox InjectionsMoisturizers Join our Ageless Rewards Program
  16. 16. Ageless works and is good for your skin.