Corrie francis parks, animator


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Research I did for Electronic Arts , a 3 week module in 1st Year BVA, Otago Polytechnic.
I like Corries work, and loved "Conversing with Aotearoa"

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Corrie francis parks, animator

  1. 1. Research for Electronic Art module Mike Nixon BVA 1St Year
  2. 2. I choose Corrie Francis Parks ( , after discussing my choice with David Green , my main tutor for the Electronic Arts 3 week module. The reason I choose her was a friend suggested looking at a DVD she had of her work , which was a short film she produced called “Conversing with Aotearoa”. LINK FROM This film really appealed to me because I saw animation techniques used in a light and playful way , to help get across a narrative, rather the techniques being an end in themselves like some of the animation I was shown recently at Otago Polytechnic .Most of those animations seemed to me to be about animation for its own sake for the large part , interesting to animators , but often jerky , and jarring to me. Far too much going on , not enough space but can’t name one in particular . I did my research on Corrie using information from her website, and also contacting her personally, as I needed to check some of her references , she will possibly use my work to market herself which is fine as long as there is a link back to me as researcher !.
  3. 3. Bio Lives in Aspen, Colorado. Corrie was born in Massachusetts, but grew up in East Bay, San Franciso. Education Date : 1997-2001 Dartmouth College. Near Vermont in the US BA with a special major in Animation Date 2002 :University of Southern California. In Los Angeles,US MFA in Animation and Digital Arts.
  4. 4. Further Travels And Life Education : Cameroon,Africa : 5 months in 2002 to work with the Summer Institute of Linguistics, creating illustrations for literacy publications and teaching art to children in remote villages. In her spare time was exploring jungles and savannahs. New Zealand : 15 months in 2005/2006 , as a Fulbright Fellow. While there she tramped through the rugged backcountry researching an animated documentary about the wilderness experience (Conversing with Aotearoa). “Corrie works and teaches internationally, but is always circling back to the Roaring Fork Valley. “ Quote from I asked Corrie about this and she replied “I live in the Roaring Fork Valley because is is the perfect mix of culture and outdoors. Aspen is a center for the arts, film and music because it has close ties to LA and NY. It is also an active, outdoor community with a strong cultural history of people living within the mountains (at least a far as mountains in the US are concerned). Both of these aspects appeal to me equally so it is the perfect place.”
  5. 5. Discussion of Techniques Corrie uses a wide variety of hand-drawn techniques. She also uses stop- motion photography, motion graphics and digital compositing. Stop-motion photography – A process of using fast film and/or shutter speed to "freeze" the motion of a subject. Ref : Motion graphics - A static two-dimensional shape ( logo, symbol, illustration, image or otherwise) for on screen use. The shapes are then key framed/transformed over time using colour, scale, position, rotation and/or opacity. However motion graphic pieces differ from animation, as they are traditionally drawn frame by frame, where each frame changes slightly to give the illusion of motion. Often other visual effects are applied, or combined with other elements such as video footage. Ref :
  6. 6. At the point, if I really feel it’s not working in some way, it’s not resolved; I walk away and leave it. Although this is the first time I have heard the word resolved used, in relationship to painting. I think in retrospect, the feeling of it not being resolved, is associated with feelings of boredom, frustration, its over etc . But its how to move to the next level, which is the issue. Its not being honest with myself, and admit something is wrong. Having done that, the next and obvious step was and is, moving forward and taking steps to resolving it. Feedback from David suggested that the strengths were in the black, using more black, in a negative space kind of way. I also thought, after a comment from Eddie, that my one of my original motivations and game plan, was suspect.In short , I had planned to “blow” apart Pak N Save, as an example of an ugly squat square building, and have beautiful things like trees and harmonious curvy buildings emerge. In a way it would metamorphism into something else. So what I did was remove the final reference to it , as it didn’t fit the new intent .
  7. 7. Digital compositing - Digital compositing is the process of digitally assembling multiple images to make a final image, typically for print, motion pictures or screen display. It is the evolution into the digital realm of optical film compositing.– Ref : Corrie also makes the following comment on www.corriefrancis,com “Her animation emphasizes the integration of digital and traditional mediums and a dialogue between technique and content. She has worked with sand, paint on glass, cut-outs and hand-drawn mediums. “
  8. 8. Dorothy thinks my strengths in film were more in the poetic , and this is something I might explore more in the future, setting a poem to music, images , to take it other places , or take music and set the WORDS of a poem to it ..Having written and performed my poetry , am now learning music to compose my own music .
  9. 9. TECHNICAL NOTES :Premiere Pro CS4 It is NOT backwards compatible with CS3 as used on the MAC based computers at Otago Polytechnic I tried to render it on a MAC and got a major error, it wouldn’t load the project . IN/OUT Points Use IN/OUT points to quickly develop clips of sound and video From existing ones, Shortcut keys I and O ~ key switchs the window to Fullscreen, handy for previews