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87 cool things, even few from Google.

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87 Cool Things

  1. 1. Advertising Week 2009 87 cool things, even a few from us
  2. 2. Advertising Week 2009 Google Creative Lab Does not sell anything. Is comprised of creative people. Likes idea people and tech people and those who are both. Should not really be giving speeches.
  3. 3. Advertising Week 2009 bit.ly/87coolthings link....
  4. 4. Advertising Week 2009 Today's list of stuff. 1. stuff we like 2. stuff that's probably worth knowing about 3. stuff we made
  5. 5. Advertising Week 2009 Three Ways of Thinking of Google 1. when you are creating experiences 2. when you want people to go experience those experiences 3. when you are thinking of both simultaneously (recommended)
  6. 6. Advertising Week 2009 future = glorious mess! why? the cost of experimentation is approaching zero. Launch: Mar '09 Uses: YouTube (just cool) url: thru you
  7. 7. Advertising Week 2009 "API" API = All-Powerful-Imaginatorium (not really. API = application programming interface) Screen shot from Churaumi-Hakken Aquarium site (using the YT API). It is down now - but while it was up we were spellbound. Launch: Jun '09
  8. 8. Advertising Week 2009 yooouuutuuube Take something cool and make it insanely cool [click to play video] Launch: May '09 Uses: YouTube API url: original Alice
  9. 9. Advertising Week 2009 that's not cool Cool user-focused teen site powered by YouTube (without anyone knowing) Launch: Jan '09 Uses: YouTube API url: thatsnotcool
  10. 10. Advertising Week 2009 karaoketube Using youtube API and lyrics databases to create on-the-fly karaoke Launch: Nov '08 Uses: YouTube API [now in disrepair] url: karaoketube
  11. 11. Advertising Week 2009 sprint Integrated top-to-bottom campaign with UGC Launch: Dec '08 Uses: YouTube API, url: clock demo now campaign
  12. 12. Advertising Week 2009 animoto Animoto lets users generate and post videos of their photos Launch: Dec '08 Uses: YouTube API url: animoto
  13. 13. Advertising Week 2009 citizen reporting & iran The citizen is the spokesperson Launch: Jun '09 Uses: YouTube url: Reporter Center
  14. 14. Advertising Week 2009 bylaurenluke A passion for make-up and a webcam Joined: Jun '07 Uses: YouTube url: BBC feature bylaurenluke on youtube
  15. 15. Advertising Week 2009 nike five Maximizing all the assets, out-takes, making-of's, edits and phone-cams ^^ Rooney gets nutmegged by a kid Launch: Feb '09 Uses: YouTube (just cool) url: nike football
  16. 16. Advertising Week 2009 webbys The Webbys create a homepage with all the content from the 2009 awards. Launch: Jun '09 Uses: YT Flash gadget url: Webbys '09
  17. 17. Advertising Week 2009 HP or YT? Make YouTube your own... A complex and highly engaging online video contest from HP with online editing tools Launch: Aug '09 Uses: Giant YouTube Contest Gadget url: you on you
  18. 18. Advertising Week 2009 cavalcade YouTube channel where users dub Seth McFarlane cartoons. Definitely funnier. Launch: Sep '08 Uses: YouTube Contest url: cavalcade
  19. 19. Advertising Week 2009 nintendo Warioland : A 2008 YT channel takeover that brought the house down Launch: Sep '08 Uses: YT Flash gadget url: warioland on YT
  20. 20. Advertising Week 2009 "Annotations" Make your entire website out of videos on YouTube. Cool. Launch: May '09 Uses: YT annotations url: booneoakley.com
  21. 21. Advertising Week 2009 where's Dexter? Involve your viewers... & find Dexter Launch: Sep '09 Uses: YT annotations url: where's dexter?
  22. 22. Advertising Week 2009 yt street fighter Classic use of annotations to create games Launch: Jan '09 Uses: YT annotations url: StreetFighter BBoy Joker
  23. 23. Advertising Week 2009 interactive parkour Choose your route and moves for the free-running, roof- climbing crazy people Launch: Aug '09 Uses: YT annotations url: Livewire
  24. 24. Advertising Week 2009 mosaic A music video made of thousands of stills from classic YT videos - each still is annotated so you can click to watch the older videos Launch: Apr '09 Uses: YT annotations url: Mosaic
  25. 25. Advertising Week 2009 sour A music video made only using fans of the bands and (believe it or not) shot entirely on webcams Launch: Jul '09 Uses: YouTube (just cool) url: Sour
  26. 26. Advertising Week 2009 yousuckatphotoshop Cos we still love it Launch: Jan '08 Uses: YouTube (just cool) url: Yousuckatphotoshop
  27. 27. Advertising Week 2009 inBflat User generated content turned into user-generated composition tool Launch: May '09 Uses: YouTube (really cool) url: inBflat.net
  28. 28. Advertising Week 2009 handdrawn A beautiful stop-motion portfolio playing with digital identity and object. [classic] Launch: Aug '08 Uses: YouTube (just cool) url: evelien lohbeck
  29. 29. Advertising Week 2009 postit creative YT : Jun '09 TV : Aug '09
  30. 30. Advertising Week 2009 photo creative YT : Apr '09 TV : Sep '09
  31. 31. Advertising Week 2009 shadow creative YT : Aug '07 TV : Aug '09
  32. 32. we are here...
  33. 33. Advertising Week 2009 portfolio maps designers create portfolios using maps Launch: n/a Uses: Maps API url: microtyp.org blaubo.com Stas Kulesh
  34. 34. Advertising Week 2009 scribblemaps Make a map into a sketch pad Launch: May '09 Uses: Maps API url: scribblemaps
  35. 35. Advertising Week 2009 zappos Let people watch other people buy stuff and then link it through to the store... Launch: Apr '09 Uses: Maps API url: zappos
  36. 36. Advertising Week 2009 nation of go BF Goodrich building driver communities around maps using geo-tagged mobile tools Launch: Sep '09 Uses: Maps API, MyMaps YouTube url: nation of go
  37. 37. Advertising Week 2009 mapmyrun Map your run before you start, share, and see how far you want to go Launch: Nov '08 Uses: Maps API url: mapmyrun
  38. 38. Advertising Week 2009 my tracks Map your run or ride after you've finished and get statistics Launch: Aug '09 Uses: Android; Maps API url: my tracks
  39. 39. Advertising Week 2009 tate art map British public document the national art treasures for Tate on a map mash-up Launch: Jul '09 Uses: Maps API url: artmap
  40. 40. Advertising Week 2009 TM Monopoly Play monopoly world-wide Launch: Sep '09 Uses: Maps API, SketchUp API url: monopolycitystreets
  41. 41. Advertising Week 2009 ohio is a piano Makes all the counties of Ohio state into piano keys and let people play tunes (randomly or by data set) Launch: Jul '09 Uses: Maps API; Flash url: ohio is a piano
  42. 42. Advertising Week 2009 hong kong pixel maps pixel maps of Hong Kong built into Google maps API Launch: Jun '09 Uses: Maps API (just cool) url: pixel maps
  43. 43. Advertising Week 2009 real world racer Race around the (Google) Earth with old school computer game controls < > ^ v Launch: Nov '08 Uses: Maps API (just a game) url: realworldracer
  44. 44. Advertising Week 2009 uniqlo fashion map Follow a jacket across the map as it is modeled by 1000 Tokyo residents each with their own style. Launch: May '09 Uses: Maps API url: uniqlo
  45. 45. Advertising Week 2009 WoW map The World of Warcraft in Google Maps Launch: Mar '09 Uses: Maps API url: WoW map
  46. 46. [deep breath...]
  47. 47. Advertising Week 2009 make history Create a virtual memorial to 9/11 using Street View imagery and layers of digital storytelling. Launch: Sep '09 Uses: Maps API, Street View url: makehistory
  48. 48. Advertising Week 2009 DIY streetview Why wait for the StreetView tricycles? Create your own authentic experience. Launch: May '09 Uses: Sticky Tape url: Office Streetview
  49. 49. Advertising Week 2009 interactive projection Affect the space between message and recipient in a highly personal way. url: environmental projection
  50. 50. Advertising Week 2009 building projection cool building projections Feb '09 Apr '09 Aug '09
  51. 51. Advertising Week 2009 goollery.org A collection of Google-related projects from around the world Launch: Sep '09 url: goollery.org
  52. 52. Advertising Week 2009 daytum Give people new tools to track and monitor their lives and ways to share. Watch that data change the world Launch: Sep '08 url: daytum
  53. 53. Advertising Week 2009 stweet Mashup geo-coded mobile tweets with StreetView or Maps so that you can see where other people are twittering from Uses: Streetview API; Maps API; Twitter API url: stweet twittervision
  54. 54. Advertising Week 2009 go ogle Mathematical composites based on Google image search. Uses: Image Search url: meggangould.net
  55. 55. Advertising Week 2009 montage mashup Use image search API to generate art & wallpaper Uses: Image Search API url: montage-a-google
  56. 56. Advertising Week 2009 we tell stories Books are books until you start thinking of them differently – here books are journeys. Launch: Oct '08 Uses: Maps API url: we tell stories
  57. 57. Advertising Week 2009 wordle.net source: Obama's Inaugural Address url: wordle.net
  58. 58. Advertising Week 2009 augmented reality 101 US Postal and the Augmented Reality tool to tell you if your parcel is big enough. Launch: Jun '09 url: AR for USPS
  59. 59. Advertising Week 2009 cooler AR Mobilizy (Wikitude) Winner of the Android Developer Challenge Launch: Aug '08 Uses: Android url: mobilizy
  60. 60. Advertising Week 2009 sky map Celestial knowledge tool on your phone Launch: Jun '09 Uses: Android; Maps url: sky map
  61. 61. Advertising Week 2009 touchable holography Geek out moment. Launch: Aug '08 url: siggraph09 pdf: abstract
  62. 62. Advertising Week 2009 wave Yes, it's a 1 hour and 20 minute software demo. And yes, you should watch it. Launch: Jun '08 url: wave
  63. 63. Advertising Week 2009 android android. it's open source. anybody can use it. sound familiar?
  64. 64. Advertising Week 2009 your crystal ball Search = interest. What interests people? When? Where? Really? Find out. insights for search google trends domestic trends SbKT YouTube Insights Blogsearch Google Analytics
  65. 65. Advertising Week 2009 voice search what happens when you don't have to type any more?
  66. 66. Advertising Week 2009 translate what happens when language barriers fall? url: translate.google.com gmail translate
  67. 67. Advertising Week 2009 fast flip letting news sites be read like news papers Business Week NY Times
  68. 68. Advertising Week 2009 video chat ... inside your email
  69. 69. Advertising Week 2009 app engine Hosting web apps is for dummies
  70. 70. Advertising Week 2009 your location You are here.....so why don't you.....
  71. 71. we made this...
  72. 72. Advertising Week 2009 favorite places Collect the favorite places of notable people around the world and make it mobile... Charles Veley? Yo-Yo Ma? url: Favorite Places Mobile
  73. 73. Advertising Week 2009 chrome experiments Market to your strengths. Chrome is fast, so we proved it. launched: Mar '09 uses: chrome & javascript url: homepage gravity talk browser balls twitch sphere chromedrones wavy
  74. 74. Advertising Week 2009 radiohead Find someone great and do something completely original with them (...like giving away their IP) Launch: Jul '08 url: code home user videos
  75. 75. Advertising Week 2009 symphony Allowed musicians worldwide to audition for an international orchestra Launch: Apr '09 Uses: YouTube url: Home Page Mash-up Video Summary Video UGC Video The concert
  76. 76. Advertising Week 2009 symphony Be ready to fail... [4hrs before event]
  77. 77. Advertising Week 2009 symphony. fail? [4hrs before event]
  78. 78. Advertising Week 2009 symphony. triumph! [event]
  79. 79. Advertising Week 2009 gmail stickers
  80. 80. Advertising Week 2009 bit.ly/87coolthings (yes it's the whole presentation...) (...until we speak to legal) thanks... questions? mailto:creativesandbox@google.com