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What is a Mueller Map?


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What is a MuellerMap and how can I use it?

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What is a Mueller Map?

  1. 1. What is a MuellerMap? A MuellerMap is a Google Map Mashup. It incorporates either video or a slideshow and places that on a map point!
  2. 2. MuellerMaps are Different The traditional way to create a Map Mashup is with a MySQL Database. The MySQL database must then be hosted and accessed on a server. It's easy to see that's going to be a problem for the average person. Hey, we're not all Bill Gates or Steve Jobs!
  3. 3. Updating a MuellerMap The MuellerMap is different. It runs from data on a simple spreadsheet! In fact it runs from a Google Doc – making it “Cloud Based”, simple to use, and accessable virtually anywhere! If you can enter data in a spreadsheet you can add points on a MuellerMap!
  4. 4. Updating a MuellerMap On your spreadsheet Each Row is a new point Enter 5 columns of information That's it The Code does the rest!
  5. 5. Updating a MuellerMap Since it's a Google Doc You can also enter data by a simple form! To remove a point on your MuellerMap Just delete the row on your spreadsheet! How simple is that?
  6. 6. The Info Tab The other thing that makes a MuellerMap different is the 2nd Tab or Info Tab. You custom design the second tab to provide additional information or your contact information.
  7. 7. What can you do with it? Real Estate Listings Neighborhoods Points of Interest Collection Points Office Locations Video Trip Journals Really... How could you use it?
  8. 8. How do I get one? Just go to Fill out the form. Once again, Very Simple! Any questions? (925) 456-4567 @MikeMueller on Twitter