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Airport lay over time


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Airport lay over time and what to do with it? What is a good amount of it?

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Airport lay over time

  1. 1. March 11th, 2013 Published by: mikemooreAirport Lay Over Time depending where you are. Let’s say your about over the wing Decide, Commit, Succeed! about 1/2 way back… Then take Massive Action! You can look forward to the lay over timeLay Over Time How Much do Yes stuck right by the old trusty engines… Don’t You Love theYou Need? drone of the turbine! Rrrraannggg Rrrraannggg Rrrraannggg They go throughout the hole flight. Guess I’m lucky I get stuckLay Over Time How Much do You there all the time, I don’t know if you can relate?Need? How to Use the time You Ok, back to the lay over time once you deplane this will take 15Have! min. If everything goes smoothly. Then check your connector flight info…What to do With the Lay Over Time Do this even if they gave You this info on the plane. I have hadYou Have! the gate change more than once… This will waist all your lay over time…. For sure when they change it will be on the otherSo how much lay over time do You Need? It is a great idea to side of the terminal… lolgive yourself at least 45 Lay Over Time vs. rushing like a Mad Man! After, checking the board for your connecting flight you have 15 min. Left of your lay over time. With this in mind we Rush to our destination gate… It’s funny how the time can go so quickly with your lay over time. So relax and enjoy it won’t be as long as you think… Most of the time… lol   Too much Lay Over Time, You’ve Got Options! With all the technology today there are servile thing to do. Today’s smart phones can keep You occupied for quite a while. Lay Over Time can be passed with an iPad or laptop. Playing your favorite games or apps mabe a movie would be to your tast. There is always the trusty iPod music up.min. to 1 hr. in between flights. This lay over time may seemlike it is too much time however this time diminishes quickly…Just 45 min. Lay Over Time can go by so quickly whentransferring planes… By the time you get out of the plane 1
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